Christmas MassFrancis: Christmas Is for Jesus, Not Parties & Shopping – D. Agasso Jr.

Come Home for Christmas – Patti Armstrong, The National Cthlc Register
Christmas with the Poor – Carlos X, Super Martyrio
Benedict XVI on the Christmas Readings – Matthew Ramage, Crisis Mgzn
The Sins of Christmas Time-Envy – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
Novena for Christ-Mass: O Oriens – David L. Alexander, Man With Black Ht
3 Ways to Cut Consumerism Out of Christmas – Theresa Noble, Igntm Tdy
Free Nativities for 2014 Public Display – Joseph Pronechen, The NCReg
“Dashing” Through the Christmas Season – Elizabeth Teixeira, Igntm Tdy
Once Upon a Time, 23 & 24 Dec. Were Days of Abstinence – Fr. Z’s Blog
Darwinism Can Survive Without Teleology – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Do We Have Free Speech? – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic
Wishing You a Vulgar Christmas – David Fagerberg, Aleteia
The Sins of Christmas Time-Greed – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
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