Michaelangelo GodWhat God Is and Isn’t – Fr. Robert Barron, Strange Notions

A Solution to the Degrading Catholic Culture in California – Regina Mgzn
5 Things to Say to Someone Considering Leaving the Church – A. Baratta
My Interview with Audrey Assad on Female Porn Addiction – Matt Fradd
Why You Should Receive Communion Kneeling & on the Tongue – Cth Ln
St. Gregory Palamas & the Place of Paradox in Christianity – Jason Liske
Pope Francis on Medjugorje and Other Links –
Divorce Stats Show Catholic Couples Less Likely to Break Up – Laugesen
The Philippines: Typhoon Aftermath Getting Worse – Fr. Z’s Blog
Bishops Create New USCCB Position to Aid Post-Abortion Healing – CNA
Culture Without God – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
The Mouth as a Lethal Weapon – Patti M. Armstrong, Cthlc Spiritual Drctn
False Prudence: Cowardice – Michael, Whiskey Catholic
Middle East Christians Faces Extinction, Says Govt Minister – Ed West
Natl Cthlc Ed. Assoc. Responds to Receiving Abortion Money – CED
What Is Revelation? – Jimmy Akin, The National Catholic Register
4 Things That Aren’t Reasons I Became an Orthodox Christian – Byz Plpt
Hawaii, Illinois & Beyond: Is Traditional Marriage a Goner? – B. Millegan
A Clockwork Obama – God & Caesar
The Evolution of Conscience in the Western World – Howard P. Kainz
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