Ave Maria TownAve Maria: A Very Catholic Town – Michael Durnan, Regina Magazine

Fr. Robert Barron on Protestantism and Authority – Mark Shea, NCReg
Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Offers to Merge Churches – Byz Pulpit
Kickstarting a Catholic Culture With Crowdfunding – Peter J. Smith, DRg
Who Advises the Pope? – Marco Tosatti, Vatican Insider
Sister Benigna Consolata Ferrero – Mystics of the Church
Chant as Free Culture: Legacy of Msgr. Schuler’s Resistance – Chnt Cfé
Salamanca Cathedral, The Old Cathedral – Zephyrinus
What Did the Pope Really Say about “Ideology”? – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Hermeneutic of Continuity & Reform In Art – T. S. Eliot, Mdr Amr Ptr
Video Profiles Qualities of Thomas Aquinas Col. – Adam Wilson, Ct Ed Dl
Book Review: “A Short Primer For Unsettled Laymen” – Jason Liske
Ottoman History Pgm Highlights Tension bt Religious & Secular Law – CH
A Catholic Guide to Thomas Hobbes: 12 Things You Should Know – SPL
Are Mission Trips a Waste of Money? – FMC, Ignitum Today
Reform & Renewal: Legion of Christ General Ch. Set for January – CNA
Cardinal Newman on Papal Infallibility – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACthlc
The Jonah Experience: Prophets of Life – Sr. Lisa Marie Doty FDCC, Ig Td
When Is a Baby Not a Baby? – God & Caesar
Recollections of a World That Is No More – Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine
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