Women: Save Your Marriage, In Five Minutes – Leila Miller, LCB
Why the Anglican Church Is Dying – Matthew Archbold, CMR
John Wayne Catholics Throughout History – Donald R. McClarey JD, TAC
Unitive and Procreative: What is Marriage? – Donald Prudlo PhD, T&CF
A Visit To St. Augustine – Traditium
Overcoming Timidity – Matthew Olson, Answering Protestants
Getting On My Own Nerves – Leticia Adams, Catholic Stand
Pesky Reptiles & Other Creatures, Oh My! – Sr. M. Colombiere OCD, ICL™
Summer’s Last Feral Hurrah – Cari Donaldson, Aleteia
Nat’l Org. Fighting the Hookup Culture on College Campuses – A. Mena
Bringing the Gospel to Growing Catholic Latino Pop in U. S. – Desmond
A Catholic Flourish to ‘Holy God We Praise Thy Name’ – K. Pluth, Chant
Just Don’t Say It: Chewed Gum, Spit Cups, & Duct Tape – A. Mortus, IT
Bad Sports: Virtue & Vice at the Ballpark – Dr. Paul Kengor, Catholic Ln
An Evangelical Reviews Evangelical Catholicism – M. Noll, Cardus/Cmmt
Shanda Fur Die Breeders – Rod Dreher, Russian Orthodox Blogger
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