Egypt: Nuns Marched Through the Streets Like Prisoners of War – Fr. Z
One Small Way To Restore Catholic Culture – Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine
Oregon: Those Who Resist “Gay Marriage” Must be Rehabilitated – Fr. Z
Honoring the Gift of Children – Dcn. Mike Bickerstaff, Intgrtd Cthlc Life™
How to Find a Spiritual Director [Podcast] – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Cntr Tals
Maestro Conducts Symphony w/Back to Audience, Is Rad Trad – Eye. . .
The Church in the Middle East – Andrea Gagliarducci, MondayVatican
The Pope’s Theology of Sin – William Doino Jr., On the Square
Pope Francis’ Letter to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church – Byz Pulpit
Christian Atheism? – Jason Liske, Ascending Mount Carmel
The Marriage of Matthew 25 and 28 – Edward Looney, Ignitum Today
How to Destroy a Relativist’s Argument – Matt Fradd, Focus Blog
Yoga: What Is So Bad about Feeling Good? – Cheryl Dickow, Catholic Lane
On the Battlements of Culture – William M. Briggs, Stat’n to the Stars!
LCWR Calls Relationship w/Church: Delicate Weaving – Tanya Goodman
Bp. Th. Tobin Recognizes the Democrats are Anti-Catholic – D. McClarey
Whose Side Is President Obama On? – God & Caesar
Another Stuntsuit Against Vatican Dismissed, Media Mute – The Mdia Rep
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