The Counter-Reformation: Ignatius and the Jesuits – Fr. C. P. Connor, ISS
Marriage and Heaven: Why I Change the Toilet Paper – Colleen, CS
The Simplest, Most Direct Argument for God’s Existence – Brandon Vogt
A Case for the 10 Minute Homily – Taylor Marshall PhD, Canterbury Tales
Irish Vow to Fight New Abortion Law – Michael Kelly, Catholic Herald
After Rio, Prospects for Christianity Look Brighter – Michael Cook, Crisis M
“But Mary Is My Real Mum” – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Monastic Chant Forum at Quarr Abbey – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café
Woman Recalls Pain & Joy of Immigrating to America – H. Brockhaus, DReg
You Probably Think This Psalm is About You – Mathew Block, FT/FT
What to Make of Modern Neuroscience – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Misinterpreting Francis – Edward Pentin, Daily Register
Empowering Our Youth to Make a “Mess” – Terry McDermott, Catholic Ln
July 31, 1943: Death of Private Petrarca – Donald R. McClarey, TAC
“Joyful News” 1577 Tobacco discovered! – Nicolás Monardes, Tavern Kprs
Pope Francis Considers Declaring Pius XII a Saint – A. Gagliarducci, EWTN
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