The Culture Wars: Marriage Tuesday Extra

Antonin Scalia, Bad Person – Elizabeth Scalia, On the Square
Jesus, Marriage & Homosexuality – Leroy Huizenga, Catholic World Report
SCOTUS Misuse of Children to Justify Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – Rob. R. Reilly
The Court & Marriage: The Pretenses of Judicial Restraint – Hadley Arkes
We’re Not Called To Win Arguments, We’re Called to Love – Matt Archbold
Crd. Burke on the D. O. M. A. Decision:  ‘A Very Serious Matter’ – E. Pentin
Mock ‘Marriage’ and the Death of Freedom – J. Matt Barber, Catholic Lane
Replies to ‘Gay Marriage’ Arguments – Sam Entile, The Catholic Voyager
Religious Liberty & Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – Fr. Robert John Araujo SJ, MOJ
How to Build a Straw Man – Anthony S. Layne, The Impractical Catholic
For the 4th of July Special Edition click here.
For the THURSDAY EDITION click here.
For the FRIDAY EDITION click here.

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