Bonaventure on Beautiful UglinessSt. Bonaventure on Beautiful Representations of Devils etc. – D. Clayton

Peter Kreeft: Simultaneous Rise of Militant Islam & Homosexuality – Cth Fr
Pp. Francis Gives New Hope to Catholic-Orthodox Union – John Burger
Reclaiming Liturgical Tradition: How to Avoid Liturgy Wars – Kate Edwards
Marriage Is a Path to Holiness – Jim Graves, National Catholic Register
Aurea Luce Hymn Revised By Pope Urban VIII (1632) – Zephyrinus
Junipero Serra & His Witness for Today – Abp. Ch. J. Chaput OFM Cap DD
William Morris as Inspiration for Tolkien’s Literary Art – Tom Riley, Crisis
Give without Taking – Thomas J. Neal PhD, Neal Obstat Theological Opining
Where is Your Joy? – Heather King, Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction
July: Month of the Precious Blood – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire
Requiem for the Ballerinas – Dr. Gerard Nadal, Catholic Lane
Straw Man Scientism – Qu Quine, Strange Notions
Kevin Williamson: Abortion After Texas – Paul Zummo, The American Cthlc
Dual Wielding the Bible & the Catechism – Edmund Mitchell, Catholic Stand
Marriage Lives in the Hearts of Children – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Catholic Leaders Decry U. S. Arms to Syrian Muslim Rebels – Peter J. Smith
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