Christian Crisis in Syria

After Today’s Suicide Bombing, What Fate Awaits Christians? – Ed West
Priest Dies During Rebel Attack on Franciscan Convent – Cindy Wooden
Suicide Bomb Kills Four in Christian Quarter of Damascus – Isobel Losseff
Pp. Francis Calls for ‘Wisdom & Peace’ in Middle East – The Catholic Herald
Editorial: “On Syria, That’s Enough!” – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
Facing Risk of Death, Priests Remain Faithful – E. Aguirre & C. Bunderson
The Martyrdom of a Syrian Monk – Mathew Block, First Thoughts
Vatican: Condolences for Monk Killed by Rebel Forces – Catherine Harmon
House Hearing on Religious Minorities – Mark Movsesian, First Thoughts
For the Attack on Marriage: Thursday Special click here.
For the MONDAY AFTERNOON EDITION (July 1, 2013) click here.

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