Catholic and Protestant Cemetary Just Too Cool and Too Sweet – Fr. Z’s Blog

Is Inculturation an Excuse for Pop Music at Mass – Jeffrey A. Tucker, Crisis
Church Architecture: Meaning & Uses of Term ‘Tradition’ – Mark Wilson
EWTN to Launch Major Daily Catholic News Program – A. Bernstein, WaPo
In All Things, Charity – Jim Blackburn, Catholic Answers
From Prison to PhD to Conversion – Scott Woltze, Thou Wilt Turn
SSPV Apologizes for Drone Attack on Taliban, Meant for OF Mass – TiberEye
Priest of the Lusitania – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
God Terms in Public Life  – R. R. Reno, First Things/On the Square
How does Cloistering Serve God at the Highest Level – Fr. John Bartunek LC
6 Introductory Thoughts on Assisted Suicide – H. H. Ambrose, St. Ptr’s Lst
Mormonism & Apostolic Succession – Mark P. Shea, National Cthlc Register
CNN Compares Catholic School Policy with Sharia Law Execution – T. Drake
A Win-Lose for Desecrating the Eucharist? – Motley Monk, The Amrcn Cthlc
AussieMite Apologizes for Bad Ad, Did They Really Mean It – Kathy Schiffer
Holy See Decries Intolerance ‘In the Name of Tolerance’ – Adelaide Mena
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