If Atheists Can Go to Heaven, Why Bother with Faith? – Anna Williams
A Priest Reacts to Priests Reacting to the New Translation – Fr. Z’s Blg
The Liturgy of the Hours for the Rest of Us – Dan Burke, Ntnl Cthlc Rgstr
El Salvador Awaits Abp. Romero Beatification – Gio. Bernardelli, La Stampa
Pentecost Pilgrimage in Río de Janeiro – Shawn Tribe, New Ltrgcl Mvmnt
Resisting the Tide of Secularism – Ken Connor, Catholic Lane
St. Thomas Aquinas of Napa Valley – Donald DeMarco PhD, Crisis Mag
The Pope Can Learn from U. S. Constitution; Unitary Papacy – M. Fragoso
The New Birds and the Bees – Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse
Imagine No Opposition; It’s Easy If You Try – Frn. J. Beckwith, Cthlc Thing
An Ignatian Bishop of Rome – Gregory Vall, Homiletic & Pastoral Review
Book Review: Blessed, Beautiful, and Bodacious – Leah Jacobson, Igtm Tdy
Catholic School, Muslim Services – Rch. Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow
Interview with Fr. Guy Nicholls on Mass Propers – Kat. Pluth, The Chnt Cfé
A Chapel to Remember – Peggy Frye, Catholic Answers
Western Culture ‘Lost God’ Through Demise of Family – Adelaide Mena
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