9 Things to Know & Share about the ‘3rd Secret’ of Fatima – Jimmy Akin
Aquinas on the Special Crown of the Martyrs – Taylor Marshall PhD
Pp. Francis & Our Lady of Fatima – Fr. Peter West, Truth & Charity Forum
Divine Intimacy: A Book Every Catholic Should Own – Jason Liske, AMC
Pp. Francis Canonizes Martyrs of Otranto, Slain by Muslims – Fr. Z’s Blog
Then God Spoke to Me – Emmanuel Joseph, Catholic Stand
N. B. C. Worries New Saints WIll Hurt Islam’s Feelings – Pat Archbold
Remember the Devil, Say Pp. Francis & C. S. Lewis – David Mills, Frst Thngs
What Jesus Really Said About Sins of the Flesh – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Mag
Is the “Purity Culture” Sexist? – Marc Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic
A Primer on Rights, w/Reference to Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – Sco. E. Alt, L&M
Marriage: Government Tested, God Approved – Cindy Bird, Ignitum Today
Crd. O’Malley Urges Ireland to Stand Up to Abortion Lobby – Mary O’Regan
Abuse Report Finds 11 New allegations Against Clergy in 2012 – Ct Nw Ag
Alejandro Bermúdez Ups the Ante – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
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