Traditionalists & Pope Francis: Please Calm Down? – T. Marshall PhD, CT
Pope Francis, What’s in a Name? – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald
Myths about St. Francis and Chant – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café
Cardinal Scola Betrayed by Italians from the First Vote – Giacomo Galeazzi
Pope Francis Will Bring the Spirit of St. Francis of Assisi – Chris Bain, CH
Pope Francis & the Humility of Orthodoxy – Carl E. Olson, C thlc Wrld Rprt
The First American Pope – George Weigel
A Press Litany: Will Pope Francis Just Hold That Vatican Line? – T. Mattingly
Knights of Columbus Voices Gratitude for Pope Francis – CNA
Crd. Bergoglio 2007: after Summorum Pontificum, TLM within 48 hours – Fr. Z
Francis a Friend to Argentine Anglicans – George Conger, Anglican Ink
UK: Politico Thinks Vatican’s Black or White Smoke is Racist – M. Archbold
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