Special E. W. T. N. Roundtable on Papa Bene’s Resignation – NCRegister

The Reason Benedict Resigned – William Fahey, Crisis Magazine
The First Post-Conciliar Pope – Michael J. Miller, The Catholic World Report
The Pope Abdicates – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Msgr. Ratzinger: My Brother had Considered Stepping Down for Months – Cat. Harmon
In Papa Bene’s Home Town Dismay but also Acceptance of His Decision – Dam. McElroy
Papa Bene: Far from the First Pope to Resign – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Cth Culture/On the Cltr
Pope Benedict and the Holy Grail – John Darrouzet, Catholic Stand
Papa Emeritus – Dr. Edward Peters, In the Light of the Law
Why Papa Bene’s Big News is a Big Deal to Catholics – Ryan Eggenburger, Ignitum Today
Benedict XVI and the Mustard Seed – Fr. Christopher Smith, The Chant Café
S. S. P. X. Reacts to Pope’s Announcement – Fr. Z’s Blog
Preoccupied with Sex and Gender – Robert P. George DPhil, First Things/First Thoughts
Papa Bene’s Resignation is a First for Canon Law – Luca Rolandi, La Stampa/Vtcn Insdr
An Open Letter to Our Beloved Papa – Martina, Catholic Sistas
A. P. Frames Papa Bene in Some Warped Timeframes – Terry Mattingly, P/Get Religion
U. S. Vice-President & “Catholic” Joe Biden: I’m Not Running for Pope – Matthew Archbold
‘Your Pontificate Will Shine Like a Star’ – Estefania Aguirre, CNA/EWTN/Daily Reg
Papa Bene “Let Me Tell You the Story of My Council” – Giacomo Galeazzi, La Stampa/Vtc Ins
Tuesday Afternoon Update on Papa Bene and What Happens Next – The Editors, Big Pulpit
For the Tuesday Afternoon Edition Click Here – Chief Editor, Big Pulpit

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