Franciscan Fasting – Wolfsbane, ???????? ??? ?????????

Catholic Dads: Hitting the Bar. . . – E. Neubauer, 21 Century Pilgrim

Advent: Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum – Marcus Allen Steele

The Anglican Use Hook – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic In The Ozarks

Transcendent Morality – Ben, Two Catholic Men and a Blog

How to Market an Anglican Patrimony – Father Ed Tomlinson’s Blog

On Missing Advent Traditions & the Immaculate Conception – Emily C. Hurt, Ignitum Tdy

Google+ Launches ‘Communities’ With Great Benefits For Parishes – Catholic Tech Talk

What can Christians in the West do to Help Those in the East? – Robin Harris, Cthlc Hrld

Canon Law and Donations to the Church – Cathy Caridi JCL, Canon Law Made

Holy See Approves Ordinariate Deanery for Canada – Chair of St. Peter Ordinariate

Homeschool Review and Resolutions – Jennifer Fitz, Catholic Lane

Economics: The Church in America Matures in Christ – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture

For My Catholic Male Friends – Super Trad Mum, Saint Etheldreda’s Place

Twas The Night Of Nicea – Traditium

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