The Man of Sorrows in the arms of the Virgin by Hans Memling, A.D. 1475; (Credit: Wikimedia via Church Life Journal)

. . .the seismic shift in the orientation of creation, this cataclysmic re-location of the logos into the corruptible world of mortality took place not in a hermetically-sealed scientific laboratory or in the archetypes of myth, but in the flesh-and-blood of a human person.  And the person’s name was Mary. . .

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Ruins of Elgin Cathedral by David Roberts (Credit: Crissi Magazine)

The Suicide of the West: A Tale of Two Miracles

. . .“There is no God in this book.”  Thus reads the provocative first sentence of Jonah Goldberg’s latest release, The Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, & Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy. . .

by John Horvat, II,

of Crisis Magazine

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Dimissioni (Credit: Settimo Cielo via L’Espresso)

Pope Says He is Ready for Resignation; But on the Condition That. . .

. . .in an odd conjunction of coincidences, the words “testament” & “resignation” have recurred several times in recent days, on the lips & from the pen of Pope Francis, to some extent applied to himself as well. . .

by Sandro Magister

of Settimo Cielo

via L’Espresso

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Austen Ivereigh (Credit: Fr. Dwight Longenecker)

Austen (Ivereigh) Has Lost His Powers

. . .English journalist, academic, & papal biographer Austen Ivereigh seems to have become somewhat of a loose cannon–rolling about on a leering ship, firing shots every which way, but while the cannonballs are flying they rarely hit their target but can do extraordinary damage to innocent victims. . .

by Father Dwight Longenecker

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Official portrait of Mr. Jacob Rees-Mogg (Credit: Crisis Magazine)

Britain’s Next Catholic Prime Minister?

. . .unlike many Catholic Parliamentarians, not only does Rees-Mogg say he is a Catholic but he votes in Parliament the way a Catholic should on certain—non-negotiable—issues.  Furthermore, he is quite happy to tell the world this, &, refreshingly, without apology or equivocation. . .

by K.V. Turley,

of Crisis Magazine

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Professor Stanislaw Grygiel (Credit: Screen Shott of JPII Film via

A Friend of John Paul II: Illegitimate Theology Threatens to Undermine Humanæ Vitæ

. . .Professor Stanislaw Grygiel warns against theologians who ‘raise man’s weakness to the dignity of the principle of life’. . .

by Edward Pentin,

of the National Catholic Register

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Holy See Approves Opening Cause of Beatification of Iraqi Clerics Killed in ’07 – Alet.
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Fr. Patrick Conroy, S.J., 8 May A.D. 2018 (Credit: Sarah Silbiger of CQ Roll Call via The Stream)

Father Patrick Conroy, S.J.: The Pro-Gay Dissident in the U.S. House of Representatives

. . .in A.D. 2015, Conroy participated in the “Owning Our Faith” video series produced by the Paulist Fathers.  It was part of their “Out at St. Paul” LGBT ministry located at St. Paul the Apostle Church in New York City.  In the series of YouTube videos, several members of Out at St. Paul are profiled as they share their views on homosexuality & the teachings of the Catholic Church. . .

by Joseph Sciambra,

of The Stream

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The Dangerous Ideology of ‘Rational Suicide’ – Michael Cook, Mercatornet
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UK Government Breaks Promise on Catholic Schools – K.V. Turley, Natl Catholic Register
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