New Ordinations (Credit: Screen Shot from Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest via Liturgy Guy)

Use a Model Diocese to Produce an Over Abundance of Priestly Vocations

. . .It seems like the question keeps coming up & yet there seems to be little to no response from our Bishops.  Every year since 1965, the priest to faithful ratio has gotten worse.  There is not much more than hand-wringing going on to solve the problem.  The trend keeps spiraling downwards.  The seminaries of yesteryear are almost all closed, consolidated, or operating at minimal capacities. . .

by Father Donald L. Kloster,

via Liturgy Guy

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Kansas University Integrated Humanities Program Fruits (Credit: ChurchPop)

The Amazing Humanities Department at an American Public University that was Shut Down After Too Many Students Converted to Catholicism

. . .in the 1970s there used to be a humanities program at the University of Kansas that got shut down because too many of its students were converting to Catholicism. . .

from ChurchPop

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Roman Collar (Credit: CC0 via Aleteia)

6 Reasons to be a Priest

. . .just like his father before him, my oldest son entered seminary — & just like me, he didn’t stay.  I hope my other sons will give seminary a try also — & I pray that one is called to be a priest. . .

by Tom Hoopes,

of Aleteia

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The Dragon of Revelation by Giusto de Menabuoi (Credit: Community in Mission)

Why Is There Such Strong Hatred for the Church?

. . .the world hates us to the degree that we are true Christians. . .

by Monsignor Charles Pope,

of Community in Mission

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Ordinations (Credit: flickr)

Boom! The Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese Is Ordaining the Largest Class in Over 40 Years

. . .Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend’s large priest ordination class part of a growing interest by young people in religious life. . .

by Kevin Kilbane,

of News-Sentinel

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Three Horned Pig is Lucifer

God’s Chat with the Devil; The Vision of Pope Leo XIII

. . .while he was attending Mass in 1884 Pope Leo XIII reportedly had a vision & overheard a conversation between God & the devil, Satan. . .

by Daniel Demers,

of Catholic Stand

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Statue of an Angel (Credit: Catholic Stand)

To the People of Ireland & the World

. . .on May 25, A.D. 2018, a referendum will be held in Ireland on whether to repeal or retain the constitutional ban on abortion.  How the Irish decide to vote is of unutterable importance to all of us because the results of Friday’s election will have a ripple effect all over the world. . .

by Brian McShane,

of Catholic Stand

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