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Gov. Cuomo, Maureen Dowd, & “Gay Marriage”

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California Parish Denies Funeral Mass to Open Homosexual – Thomas Peters, CV/AmP

The Green Pope’s Dilemma – Doctor Jeff Mirus, Depth Analysis

And Many Who Are Last, Shall be First! Pondering the Great Reversal – Msgr. Charles Pope

Saint Irenaeus, Defender of the Four-Fold Gospel & Apostolic Diversity – Eric Sammons

Newman’s Road to Rome, Part One – Pat McNamara, Patheos/In Ages Past

Spanish Civil War: Oratorian Martyr – John Whitehead, Once I Was A Clever Boy

Mormon Convert: Thomas Smith – Why I’m Catholic

Sex Change Surgery for 1-5 Year Old Girls – Matthew Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Canadian Bishops on Same-Sex Attraction – Father Tim Finigan, T. H. O. C.


Archbishop Nichols (Westminster) on the Priest’s Role at Mass – Father John Zuhlsdorf

Father Corapi; A Newness Emerges From One Closed Door – Vanessa Barnes

Science & Theology: Partners in Truth – Stanley D. Williams Ph.D., Catholic Lane

Transgendered Kindergartens, What Could Go Wrong – Pat. Archbold, Crtv Min. Rep.

. . .Mundabor: feminism & human experiments in Sweden. . .

Vatican News Portal Will Launch With ‘Click’ From Pope – Lorna Cruz/Marta Jimenez, CNA

Patriarch Of Lisbon Tired And Emotional, Or Openly Heretical – Mundabor’s Blog

A Remnant of a Catholic Spain – Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, The Eponymous Flower

. . .more remnants of Catholic Spain here. . .

New Translation: The Preparation of the Gifts – Jake Tawney, Roma locuta est

How Can I Know The Will of God in My Life? – Fr. John Bartunek, Cthlc Spiritual Direction

The Dutch in the History of Biblical Scholarship – John Bergsma, The Sacred Page

Chesterton’s Stars & Stripes – Doctor Paul Kengor, Catholic Exchange

Fatima Conspiracy Theories are Damaging the Church – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald

How To Invest Like A Catholic – Kevin Schmiesing, Crisis Magazine

Reactions to “Gay Marriage” in New York State

UPDATE II: New York State “Gay Marriage” Fallout –

UPDATE I: Gov. Cuomo, Maureen Dowd, and “Gay Marriage” –

“Gay Marriage”’ Libertarians, and Civil Rights – George Weigel

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Bp. DiMarzio (Brooklyn): Gov. Cuomo, NY legislature, Contrary-to-Nature Unions – Fr. Z

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The “Landmark Gay Rights Resolution” That Wasn’t – Terrence McKeegan J.D., Cth Lane

What Same-Sex “Marriage” Has Done to Massachusetts – Brian Camenker, Mass Resistance

N.Y., Modernity, & Christian Citizenship – Matthew Anderson, On the Shoulders of Giants

“I’ve Been Down a Little Recently”: In N.Y. the Aftermath – Rocco Palmo, Whispers

Bishops Refocus Defense of Marriage – Christine M. Williams, The Daily Register

Reflections on the Setback in New York – Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum

Bp. Vasa: Gay ‘Marriage’ Supporters Misunderstand Sex, Human Nature – K. Gilbert, LSN

Eclipse of Reason on Display at Huffington Post? – Lisa Graas

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