UPDATE I (7-8-11 AD): Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to Fr. Corapi’s Statement

Father John Corapi’s Lawsuit Against Accuser (Full Text) – Jimmy Akin

Radio Audio: Commentary on S.O.L.T.’s Father John Corapi Statement – Jimmy Akin

. . .Diane M. Korzeniewski comments here. . .

Mercy & Forgiveness for Father John Corapi & His Fans – Mark P. Shea, C. A. E. I.

I Am Deeply Saddened at the News of My Brother Priest Fr. Corapi – Fr. Medley S.O.L.T.

Father Jekyll and Mister Hyde – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Miserere Mei, Domine. Reflections On Father John Corapi’s Drama – Mundabor’s Blog

Who Let the Black Sheep Dog Out? – Father Ben Bradshaw, Zeal

Why I Didn’t Convert for Father _____ – Brent Stubbs, Almost Not Catholic

The Walls Come Tumbling Down on Father John Corapi – Al Kresta

Will The Real Father John Corapi Please Stand Up? – Vanessa Barnes


Ordinariate’s Liturgy: If Ecclesia Anglicana Stayed Catholic – William Oddie, Cthlc Herald

. . .Catholic Herald: Ordinariate Receives Controversial £1M Donation. . .

Dum Vindobona Consulitur, Austriæ Expugnatur, Cardinalis Schönborn – Mundabor

. . .Cardinal Schönborn’s Archdiocese Promotes Blasphemous Exhibition. . .

. . .Chris Gillibrand: Criminal Allegations Against Cardinal Schönborn. . .

. . .Tancred: Pastor Uprising: Cardinal Schönborn Cites Schüller & Co. . .

Messaging Monk Keeping It Real on Facebook – Joel Davidson, Catholic Anchor

Should Anointing of the Sick Be Given Before Surgery? – Reginaldus, New Theo. Mov.

How Do We Build Truly Catholic Schools? – Father Christopher Jamison, Cthlc Campus

Distributism & the Current Crisis: The Scale of Government – John Médaille, Cthlc Lane

Cause of Father Kapaun, War Hero, Heads to Rome – Catholic News Agency

East-West Catholic Dialogue in D.C. – Charlotte Hays, The Daily Register

Good Night, Good Prince – John Zmirak, Crisis Magazine

. . .C. N. A.: Otto von Habsburg remembered as great defender of Christian values. . .

. . .Tancred: Otto von Habsburg Was Hitler’s Enemy Number One. . .

National Catholic Reporter Headline #Fail – Lisa Graas


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An American Pope In Our Lifetime? – Thomas Peters, Catholic Vote/American Papist

Vatican: S.S.P.X. Ordinations Are Illegitimate – David Kerr, CNA/EWTN News

Sri Lanka:  Communion in the Hand Abolished – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

Is There an Eclipse of Reason in Education? – Doctor Stacy Trasancos, Little Cthlc Bubble

Why Do (Some) Protestants Hate the Catholic Church? – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vngrd

The Parental Encouraging Of Sexual Perversion – Mundabor’s Blog

US: Ginsburg’s Non-Retirement a 2012 Pro-Life Election Opportunity – Steven Ertelt

The Arrangement of Stations of the Cross – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

What’s In a Name? – Mark P. Shea, Crisis Magazine

“Gay Marriage” and the Next Gulag – Doctor Jeff Mirus, T. C.


UPDATE II (7-8-11 AD): Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to Fr. Corapi’s Statement

UPDATE I (7-6-11 AD): More Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to S.O.L.T. Press Release

Press Release:

Concerning Father Corapi from S.O.L.T. Regional Priest Servant – SOLT News

In-Depth Analysis:

Father John Corapi: Why Were Warning Signs Ignored? – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

S.O.L.T. and Father John Corapi (Updated) – Elizabeth Scalia, Patheos/The Anchoress

S.O.L.T. Press Release on Father John Corapi – Father Joseph Jenkins, Blogger Priest

Sad, But Unsurprising, Part Deux – Scott Dodge, ????????? ????????

Short Commentary:

Of Father John Corapi and Casey Anthony – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Father John Corapi Crash – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Father John Corapi: The Last Word – Doctor Gerard M. Nadal, Coming Home

Quick Commentary:

An Unholy Mess, Father John Corapi vs. S.O.L.T. – LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy

S.O.L.T. Responds to Fr. Corapi’s “False Statements” – D.M. Korzeniewski O.C.D.S.

First Commentary this Morning:

S.O.L.T. Bombshell: Father John Corapi Cohabitating with Prostitute – Paul Zummo

Father John Corapi Resigns From S.O.L.T. – National Catholic Register

WOW! S.O.L.T. Says Father John Corapi Did It! – Patrick Archbold, Creative Mnrty Rprt


UPDATE III (7-8-11 AD): Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to Fr. Corapi’s Statement

UPDATE II (7-6-11 AD): More Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to S.O.L.T. Press Release

UPDATE I (7-5-11 AD): Catholic Blogosphere Reaction to S.O.L.T. Press Release

S.O.L.T. Bombshell: Father John Corapi Cohabitating with Prostitute – Paul Zummo, TAC

. . .National Catholic Register: Father John Corapi Resigns From S.O.L.T.. . .

Benedict, Will Administer Sacrament of Confession in Madrid – Sandro Magister, Chiesa

John Michael Talbot Releases His 53rd Album – California Catholic Daily

Anglicans On The Move – Charlotte Hays, The Daily Register

Where to Buy the New Missal – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Pope Saint Sixtus I and the Holy Mass – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Card. Scola: Kicked Out of Milan Seminary, Returning as Its Patriarch – The Epnyms Flwr

What Did Katherine Jefferts Schori Know About Pedophile Priest? – Mollie Ziegler, Gt Rlgn

The Accidental Catholic, A Conversion Story – Fred Noltie, Called to Communion

On The Matter Of Language – Mundabor’s Blog

Homosexuality & Marriage Under The Spotlight

Authentic Freedom & the Homosexual Person – Doctor Mark Lowery, Ignatius Insight

“What is Man? What is His Nature, His Meaning, His Duty, His Destiny?” – Carl Olson

Toward the True Pastoral Care of Those with Same-Sex Attractions – Fr. Roger J. Landry

Media Ignores Depravity at Gay Pride Parades – Susan Brinkmann O.C.D.S., Women of Grc

Same-Sex “Marriage” Advocates Are Far Too Spiritual – Reginaldus, New Thlgcl Mvmnt

Dangerous Directions – Jim Graves, Catholic World Report

Rick Santorum: The Devastating Impact of Gay Marriage on Children & Families – L. Graas

Bishop Tobin of Providence on Contrary-To-Nature Unions – Father John Zuhlsdorf

S.S.M. is a Demand for the Institutionalization of New Moral & Cultural Values” – C. Olson

Contraception & Homosexuality: The Sterile Link of Separation – Dr. Raymond Dennehy

This is Why so Many Actors are Homosexual – Kevin O’Brien, End of the Modern World

Historian Christopher Dawson Predicted the Demise of Marriage – Devin Rose, S. J. V.


Former CIA Analyst Discusses the Messages of Our Lady of All Nations – L. Graas

10 Points About Prospective Priests – Father John Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Question Begging & Leading Questions – Stanley D. Williams Ph.D., Catholic Lane

R.I.P.: Archduke Otto von Habsburg (1912-2011 A. D.) – The Telegraph

. . .Lisa Graas: Statement of Card. Martino. . .

. . .Theodore Harvey of Royal World: A Tribute. . .

. . .The Mad Monarchist: A Beautiful Painting of Otto von Habsburg. . .

Coup de Culture: N.Y. Times Pushes Consensual Adultery – Wesley J. Smith, Scndhnd Smk

When JP2 Nearly Recognized Israel, The Untold Story – Lisa Palmieri-Billig, La Stampa

Stem Cells Cure for AIDS? – Steve Weatherbe, The Daily Register

A Strange Fruit of Inter-Religious Dialogue – Mundabor’s Blog

Dubious, Misleading & Sometimes Dishonest Words & Phrases – Jane Mossendew

How to Destroy a Culture in Five Easy Steps – Joe Carter, First Things/On the Square


Catholics in Public Life, Revisited – Father Robert John Araujo S.J., Mirror of Justice

Andrew Cuomo, the Ted Kennedy of the Next Generation? – Doctor Deal Hudson

The Liberal/Conservative Divide in “Democratic” Politics & Culture – Robert P. George

A 4th of July Meditation on True & Distorted Notions of Freedom – Msgr. Charles Pope

Charles Carroll, Catholic Founder: An Interview with Dr. Bradley J. Birzer – Ignts Insght

Kindred, Dearer Than Life – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

Book Review: The Necessity and Limits of Politics – Father James V. Schall S.J.

Abp. Gomez: Faithful Catholics can Disagree on Role of Government – Cal Catholic Daily

Hell, Heaven, & Progressive Catholics – Samuel Gregg, Acton Institute/Acton Cmmntry

Is Rick Perry the Best of the Worst? – Steve Chapman, Crisis Magazine

The Case For/Against Rick Perry – Patrick Archbold, Creative Minority Report

Tim Pawlenty’s Ex-Catholic Piety – Jeremy Lott, Crisis Magazine

The Gifts and Perils of Rick Santorum – Hadley Arkes, The Catholic Thing


If Biblical Scholars Studied Early American History – Eric Sammons, The Divine Life

Father Aidan Nichols on the U.K. Anglican Ordinariate Liturgy – Pascal, Rorate Cæli

Monsignor Georg Ratzinger Also Marks 60th Anniversary – Gudrum Sailer, Zenit

Miracle Claimed Through Intercession of Venerable Pius XII – Father John Zuhlsdorf

John Julius Norwich Dredges Up the Same Old Slur about Pius XII – Francis Phillips, C. Hrld

Georg Cardinal Sterzinsky, Long-Serving Berlin Archbishop, Dies at 75 – Associated Press

Mexico: Priest Killed in Drug War Crossfire – The Monitor

. . .The Brownsville Herald: Bishop Daniel E. Flores Expresses Sorrow. . .

Chesterton Defines and Defends Patriotism – Carl Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop

Vatican City State & Holy See Back in the Financial Black – David Kerr, Cthlc Nws Agncy

French Dissident Catholics Meet Trouble Halfway – Mundabor’s Blog


Pope’s First Tweet Brings Vatican 50,000 Twitter Followers – Kevin J. Jones, C. N. A.

Altar Rail Returning to Use – Joseph Pronechen, The Daily Register

World’s Longest Serving Nun, 103 Year Old Sister Teresita – Dylan Parry, A. R. S.

Catholics and America’s Founding – George J. Marlin, The Catholic Thing

US: Independence, A Maturity in Freedom from Sin & Self-Destruction – Fr. Medley S.O.L.T.

US: Without Morals A Republic Cannot Subsist Any Length of Time – Donald R. McClarey

10 Things You Need to Know About Slavery in Islam – Catholic Lane

Cardinal Schönborn’s Archdiocese In Open Heretical Revolt – Mundabor’s Blog

The Work of Unity and Perseverance – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Lest We Forget What Pride Actually Is – Marissa K. Nichols, The Theology of Laundry


Reclaiming Our Patrimony: Latin Chant in Texas – Arlene Oost-Zinner, The Chant Café

The Spirituality of Faithful Love – Doctor Anthony Lilles, Beginning to Pray

Sacred Heart of Jesus Promises & The 9 First Fridays – Fr. Samuel Medley S.O.L.T.

Art and Scholasticism: Making and Doing – Daniel McInerny, High Concepts

Let the Children Come to Me – Elizabeth Hanna, Crisis Magazine

Radio Replies: Holy Water Apologetics – Rich Leonardi, Ten Reasons

Time for Novus Ordo Catholics to Step Up to the Mark? – Richard Collins, L. O. T. H.

Jesuit Jokes – Brandon, Siris

Kitsch and Catholicism – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head

Still Rebuilding the Greek Orthodox Church at Ground Zero – Mollie Ziegler, Get Rlgn

Catholic Pardoned 200 Years Later – Marianne Medlin, Catholic News Agency

A Contrarian Way To Invest Like A Catholic – Frank Weathers, Why I Am Catholic

The Conversion of Bob Marley to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – Chris. Stefanick


12 Degrees of Humility According to Saints Benedict & Thomas Aquinas – Reginaldus

The Trial of Saint Thomas More – Stephanie A. Mann, Supremacy and Survival

When Bad Advice in Confession Becomes a Crime – Doctor Edward N. Peters, H.&P.R.

Finding a Good Man (From God’s Point of View) – Anthony Buono, 6 Stone Jars

Do You Know the Seven Sorrows of Mary? – Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Confirm Thy Soul in Self Control – Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine

Dear U.S. Bishops: Please Love Enough to Speak of the Dangers of Homosexuality – L.S.N.

Spiritual Replenishment of Another Kind! – Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

A Shamelessly Triumphalistic Call To Arms – Mundabor’s Blog

Pastor Threatened by Bishop after Making Liturgical Changes – Father John Zuhlsdorf

U.S.: Veterans Fight for Their Religious Freedom – Lorna Cruz, Catholic News Agency

. . .Mundabor: No Christianity In The Cemetery, Please. . .

Jerusalem Underground – Giorgio Bernardelli, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Council of Europe, U.N. Addressing Sex-Selective Abortions – Grégor Puppinck Ph.D.

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