Egyptian Pope:”My Countrymen Must Love Each Other” – CBN News

Guest Post: Holy Father (An E. Orth. Christian Looks West) Pt. 1 – MONKROCK

Catholic Catechism: Breathing With Both Lungs – J. Andrew, PoSE (EC)

Orthodox Bishops Weigh in on Roe V. Wade and Abortion – Red Riv. Orth. (OX)

Vladimir Soloviev: Convert to Russian Catholicism – The Holy Unia (EC)

St. Bridget of Kildare – Fr. Peter Preble (OX)

Why God Does Not Love Us All the Same – Ric Ballard, ECSR (EC)

On the Church Council – Again and Again (OX)

The Great Confusion – Fr. Vasile, Gladsome Light Dialogues (OX)

Silence – John R. P. Russell, Blog of the Dormition (EC)


EC = Eastern Rite Catholic
OX = Orthodox Church
OR = Oriental Church (Coptics, etc.)
RC = Latin Rite Catholic


The Hermit Who Lived With Snakes: St. Verdiana – Spiritual Life, Catholic Herald

The Nature of Mystery – John Morgan, Catholic Stand

L. A. Archbishop Relieves Cardinal Mahony of Duties – Catholic News Agency

St. Brigid of Ireland – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

Legacies: Mother Angelica or Cardinal Mahony – Patrick Archbold, Ntnl Cthlc Register

Bruce Guernsey: Practicing Poet, Lapsed Catholic – Katherine Infantine, First Things

Waiting for the Hat to Drop: Card. Mahony Relieved of Duties in L. A. – Fr. Z’s Blog

Harper Opposes Probe of 491 Babies Left to Die After Abortions – Steven Ertelt, Lf Nws

Cardinal Mahony Bearing Witness – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

Bishop Defends Protestant Law School Against Attacks by Homosexualists – P. B. Craine

We Were Right About Cardinal Mahony – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli

H. H. S. Mandate Revision Still Forces Catholics to Fund Contraception – Matt Archbold

Cardinal Mahony Relieved of Public Duties – Archbishop José Gomez, Daily Register

Catholic Politicians Betray the Faith Again – Matthew Hennessey, Crisis Magazine

L. A.: “There Is No Excuse”, Archbishop Gomez Goes Defcon 1 – Rocco Palmo


Abp Gomez Does The Right Thing – Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Jobs of the Future – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Food Stamps for the 1% – Mike, Lightning War

Notes From A Total Amateur – Pete Spiliakos, PoMoCon / First Things

Reflections of a Former Fetus – Jennifer Morse, Public Discourse

Jar Jar, The Ruin Of A Universe – Rod Dreher, American Conservative

US Youth Immobilized by Student Debt – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

David Cameron, Euro-Skeptic? – Peter Whittle, City Journal

Self-Interest Wins Out Over Society – Anne Sorock, Legal Insurrection

“Establishment Clause Appearances” Decision – Marc DeGirolami, MoJ

Islam and Constitutionalism – Sohail Hashmi, Liberty Law Forum

Response One: Human Flourishing – David French

Response Two: The Protection of Fundamental Rights – Asma Uddin

Response Three: Formidable Philosophical Obstacles – Robert Reilly


A Positively, Final Appearance – Michael Dirda, American Scholar

The Second Amendment and Racism – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Legal Challenge Filed Against New York’s SAFE Act – LoCo

Fox’s Decline – Rod Dreher, T. A. Cn.

Indiana Advocacy, Political, or Journalist Groups? – Eugene Volokh, Volokh

Illinois Pension Costs Choking Off Investments – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Damocles’s Sword of Sequester – Scott Galupo, T. A. Cn.

Next Recession Belongs to Obama – Jonathan Tobin, Commentary

Big Pharma: Crooks or Benefactors? – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Let Your Teens Be Adults – Anna Williams, First Thoughts / First Things

Fraudulent Electronic Relationships – Eugene Volokh, Volokh

ObamaCare: What a Deal! – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

What Sort of Despotism? – Alexis de Tocqueville, T. I. C.

A Very Personal Relativism – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl – Anna Broadway, On the Square / First Things



Forty Hours Devotion in New York City – Kenneth J. Wolfe, Rorate Cæli

Cardinal Arinze to Discuss Year of Faith at Christendom College – Tim Drake, CNS Blog

2013 Catholic Parish Website of the Year Contest – Clare Zajicek, Catholic Tech Talk

Sacred Liturgy & Sacred Music Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota – Shawn Tribe, NLM

The Age of Apathy – Chelsea Houghton, Catholic Stand

Boy Scouts of America Needs to Hear from You! – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

LA: Abp. Gomez Orders Reduced Role of Card. Mahony, Auxiliary Bishop Resigns – LAT

MPs Call Police after 491 Babies Born Alive from Failed Abortions, Left to Die – LSN


Was the Mass of Padre Pio Equal to the Mass of Fr Marcial Maciel – Dr. Taylor Marshall, CT

Crossing the Channel: The Witness of St. Edmund Campion – Th. M. Doran, The CWR Blg

Baltimore Ravens’ Matt Birk, a Catholic, Stays Centered on Christ – Trent Beattie

God, Science, and the Pro-life Movement – Elizabeth Hoxie, Ignitum Today

An Office Hymn for Candlemas: Let Zion’s Bridal Room Be Clothed – Kathleen Pluth

Church Militant: Forward March! – Jay Boyd PhD, Catholic Stand

A Day of Salvation that Wasn’t: On Reading Catholic Writers – Dr. Jf. Mirus, Cthlc Cltr

Quæritur: Blessing Chickens – Fr. Z’s Blog

Canon Lawyer: Bishop has Warned National Catholic Reporter – Carl Bunderson, CNA

The Heresy of Our Day, Bad can Do Good – Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave

The Latest From the “Pius Wars” Front – Michael Coren, The Catholic World Report

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity are Not Human Rights – Austin Ruse, C-FAM

And Now, the Boy Scouts of America Must Decide – Rod Dreher

Reflections of a Former Fetus and Former Incubator – Jen. R. Morse, Public Discourse

Female Parishioners Upset Men Not Asked To Set Altar Before Mass – Eye of the Tiber


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“The Lourdes of Germany”, Our Lady of Altötting – Kathy Schiffer, P/Seasons of Grace

Our Lady of Czestochowa Icon Touring Spain – Catholic News Agency

Solemn Pontifical Mass in Salzburg for the Feast of St. Sebastian – Shawn Tribe, NLM

UK: Clergy, Legal Experts Doubt Church Protections in ‘Gay Marriage’ Law – H. White

English & Welsh Bishops Briefing on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ to Parliament – Catholic Herald

Turkish Parliament Discusses Turning Hagia Sophia into a Mosque – The Eponymous Flwr

Tales from Londonistan: Stranger In A Strange Land, Her Own – Rod Dreher

Move to Impeach French AG on Order to Naturalize Children of Homosexuals – R. López

Boyz II Men & Russia’s Demographic Dive – Matthew Schmitz, First Things/Frst Thoughts


Another Parish Moves East – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Requiem for Sheed & Ward – Todd Aglialoro, Catholic Answers Blog

St. John Bosco, Priest and Patron of Youth – Jean M. Heimann, Catholic Fire

Opus Bono Sacerdotii: Help Priests Who Have No Where Else to Turn – Fr. Z’s Blog

Subsidiarity ‘From Below’ – Dr. Jordan J. Ballor, Political Theory

Book Review: Fill These Hearts by Christopher West – Simcha Fisher, Ntnl Cth Register

Can a Pope be Removed from Office? – Cathy Caridi JCL, Canon Law Made Easy

Vatican Archbishop Calls for Courage in Face of Secularization – EWTN News

U. S. Bishops: Redefining Marriage Creates ‘Engine of Conflict’ – Tom McFeely, Daily Reg

Navy Seal of Emotional Intel – Jared Tomanek, Catholic Stand

Pope Benedict XVI: Easy Annulments Undercut Value of Marriage – USA Today

US Justice Dept Enjoys Close Relationship with Anti-Christian Hate Group – B. Johnson

Cardinal Mahony’s La Cosa Nostra – George Neumayr, Crisis Magazine

David Blankenhorn’s Dead End New Direction on Marriage – R. R. Reno, First Things

Unraveling Saint Buddha – Traditium


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