Tiber Swim Team (Credit: Three Rivers Episcopal)

Hey, Southern Baptist Artist, the Tiber Swim Team is Calling!

. . .you know it’s really a week when I have to defend a Baptist artist whose artwork was rejected because it looked too “Catholic”. . .

from One Mad Mom

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Screen Shot of Sad Numbers in Drop in Vocations (Credit: Taylor Marshall Ph.D.)

Our Sad Decline in Priestly Vocations: Most Priests will Retire in A.D. 2015-2025

. . .I recently learned from Deacon Greg Kandra that Our Lady of Providence Seminary of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, has zero new seminarians. . .

by Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.

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Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Angelo Accattino to Bolivia (Credit: Screen Shot from

Apostolic Nunciature in Bolivia Officially Stamped Reception of Notarized Documented Evidence & Testimonials of Bishop Toribio Ticona’s Alleged Common Law Wife & Offspring

. . .Adelante la Fe has offered their own brief rebuttal of Bishop Toribio Ticona’s Denial. . .

by Steve Skojec,

of One Peter 5

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Anti Catholic Cartoon by Tom Halliday of the Sunday Independent, Ireland (Credit: Fr. Z’s Blog)

Anti-Catholic Cartoon Reveals the Spirit of the Recent Anti-Life Irish Referendum

. . .a lay reader today alerted me to an opinion cartoon in The Sunday Independent in Ireland.  That sad, earthly-enslaved nation repealed by referendum the 8th amendment to their Constitution, which protected the right to life of the unborn.  The Constitution, by the way, begins in the name of the Trinity & says, “humbly acknowledging all our obligations to our Divine Lord, Jesus Christ”. . .

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

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Cardinal-Elect Bishop Toribio Ticona & Pope Francis Embrace (Credit:

The Vatican is Asked to Confirm if Bolivian Cardinal-Elect Bishop Toribio Ticona is Married with Children

. . .In response to reports that Bolivian Cardinal-Designate Bishop Toribio Ticona, 81, has a “wife” & “children,” Edward Pentin asked the Vatican to confirm whether this story is true, & if so, whether Pope Francis knew of it before he named him Cardinal. . .

by Joan Lewis,

of Joan’s Rome

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New Ordinations (Credit: Screen Shot from Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest via Liturgy Guy)

Use a Model Diocese to Produce an Over Abundance of Priestly Vocations

. . .It seems like the question keeps coming up & yet there seems to be little to no response from our Bishops.  Every year since 1965, the priest to faithful ratio has gotten worse.  There is not much more than hand-wringing going on to solve the problem.  The trend keeps spiraling downwards.  The seminaries of yesteryear are almost all closed, consolidated, or operating at minimal capacities. . .

by Father Donald L. Kloster,

via Liturgy Guy

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Kansas University Integrated Humanities Program Fruits (Credit: ChurchPop)

The Amazing Humanities Department at an American Public University that was Shut Down After Too Many Students Converted to Catholicism

. . .in the 1970s there used to be a humanities program at the University of Kansas that got shut down because too many of its students were converting to Catholicism. . .

from ChurchPop

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