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Historic Anglican-Use Parish Faces Challenges in Bid to Join Ordinariate

by Nicholas Wolfram Smith,

of the National Catholic Register

The First Lady Says the Lord’s Prayer at a Trump Rally – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
The Benedict Option In Clear Creek – Rod Dreher, TAC
Cardinal Burke Firmly Rejects Account by Order of Malta’s Acting Head – Edward Pentin, NCRg
Card. Müller on the Ordination of Deaconettes: “Not Necessary and Not Possible” – Fr. Z’s Blog
Cardinal Müller: Bishops Should Not Give ‘Contradictory Interpretations’ of Doctrine – Cth Hrld
The Ambassador, Michael Novak, Lent a Hand – Pete Socks, Catholic Stand
If Catholics Not Faithful to Doctrine, We’ll Face Anglican-style Chaos – Fr. Lucie-Smith Ph.D.
The Rich Treasure of the Monastic Life – Jim Graves, The Catholic World Report
Thomas Aquinas College to Open East Coast Campus – Stephen Beale, Natl Catholic Register
Norma McCorvey Was Wrong, Then She Was Right; May God Welcome Her Home – Kat. Schiffer
Pakistani Catholics Now Living in the US Describe Flight from Persecution – Joyce Duriga, CH
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


How Christianity Civilized Mankind

by Bruce Frohnen,

of Crisis Magazine

The Problem of Ingrained Sin – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
The Hidden Power of Holy Water – K.V. Turley, Catholic Exchange
Give Us This Day Our Supersubstantial Bread – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand
Into the Breach With Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers – Jim Graves, National Catholic Register
True Poverty of Spirit in the Splendor of Worship: Why We Pay Deference to the Celebrant – PK
The Power of Sacred Space in Prayer (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
The Idea of God – Regis Martin S.T.D., The Catholic Thing
How This Couple Has Stayed Married (and In Love) for 75 Years – Catholic News Agency
Working Around the Impasse in the God Debate – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Pride and Humility, Vice and Virtue – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


(Photo Credit: ‘Forestwalton’, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

One Catholic College Temporarily Closes, But Another Springs Up

by Patrick Reilly,

of the National Catholic Register

12 More Surprising and Little-Known Facts on Fatima – Joseph Pronechen, Natl Cthlc Register
Quæritur: St. Patrick’s Day 2017 on Friday in Lent – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
The Jew in the Catholic Church – Edouard Belaga Ph.D., Catholic Stand
How Does One Have Faith in An Age of Doubt? Part I & Part II – Bloggin’ Brother
Super Awesome Saintly Sayings from Venerable Matt Talbot – Matt Vander Vennet, epicPew
Inside the Faces of Pride – Ken Kniepmann, Catholic Stand
The Courageous Witness of “The Lion of Münster” – Fr. Sean Salai S.J., The Cthlc Wrld Rprt
An Israeli Filmmaker Follows the Traces of the “Forgotten Holocaust”: The Soviet Shoah – Alt
Playing Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” with Only Two (Unusual) Instruments – Daniel Esparza, Alt
How One Organization Hopes to Revolutionize Orphanages – Hannah Brockhaus, CNA
A Child, A Stranger, the Body of Christ – Mike Eisenbath, Catholic Stand


Dear Bill Nye: Stop Promoting Abortion With Fake Science!

by Patti Maguire Armstrong,

of Catholic News & Inspiration

The Limits of Papal Authority – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic in the Ozarks
Review: The Nightingale; Wherein Fr. Z Suggests Good Movies – Fr. Z’s Blog
Your Virtue of Temperance (and Aquinas on Women Looking Sexy) – Taylor Marshall Ph.D.
The Power of the Mass: Why We Believe What We Believe – Wendy McMahan, Catholic Stand
The Powerful Faith of the Simple – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
This Female Nuclear Physicist Just Created a Fertility App – Catholic News Agency
Our New Sacramental Temple – J.P. Nunez, Catholic Stand
Meet the Amazing Catholic Boys Choir Bringing Beauty Back to the Church – ChurchPop
How to Cut Your Fundraising Costs by 99% (& More) – Brice Sokolowski, Catholic Fundraiser
On Earth as In Heaven – Bart Schuchts, Catholic Stand
Meet “Hanno”: Pope Leo X’s Elephant Pet – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia


A Relevant and Brief History of Islam

by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., M.D.,

of Hacienda Publishing

An Immigration Lawyer Defends Archbishop Chaput from Media Calumny – Matthew Archbold
An Ancient Philosophical Song Comes Back to Life After More Than a Thousand Years – Aleteia
The Catholic Schools Saved by Vouchers That Hurt Parish Donations – Laura McKenna
Does Morality Depend on Religion? – The Bloggin’ Brother
Healer of Souls – Erin Cain, Ignitum Today
Opus Dei’s New Head: ‘A First-Class Mind’ – Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register
So You’re in Love! Why “Living Together” Is Not God’s Plan for You – Kathy Schiffer, SoG
Dignitas: The Manners of Humility – Fr. George W. Rutler, Crisis Magazine
House Votes to Overturn Obama Abortion Funding Ruling – Patty Knap, Natl Catholic Register
Remembering Monte Cassino – Michael De Sapio, Crisis Magazine
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


The “Dark Heart” of Human-Robot Companionship

by Sister Renée Mirkes,

of The Catholic World Report

Mired in the Roiling Tar Pits of Lust – Edward Feser Ph.D.
Crushing Barronelle So #LoveWins™ – Rod Dreher, TAC
More News of The Religion of Peace v. Christians – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
How Can Imperfect Contrition Lead to Perfect Contrition? – Guy McClung Ph.D. J.D., Ct St
Fully Human: Body and Soul United – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
Washington State Florist: Was Stutzman Seeking Right to Shun All Gay Customers? – Julia Duin
German Bishops’ Spokesman Declines to Clarify Amoris Lætitia Guidelines – Mai. Hickson, OP5
Refugees and Catholic Social Teaching – Back Porch Theologian, The Porch
Cardinal Zen: I Fear the Vatican’s Ostpolitik With Communist China – Daniel Blackman, NCReg
Need for Catholic Health Care Has Never Been Greater, Says Cardinal – Tim Puet, Cthlc Herald
Obama Abandoned Syria’s Christians, Now Trump Can Save Them – John Zmirak Ph.D.


Breaking Cardinal Burke News!

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Cardinal Burke Goes to Guam, What’s Up With That? – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Back to the Future? No Thanks, I’ve Been There! Re: Fr. Stravinskas – William Riccio, NLM
‘Sexual Relations’ and ‘Conjugal Relations’ Differ Categorically – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D.
The Great Anti-Trump Crusade of 2017 – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
The Case for Chastity – Paul Kniaz, Catholic Stand
An Ontological Justification of “Getting in Shape” New Year’s Resolutions – Ryan Kraeger, IT
Rare Catholic Wedding Ideas Every Woman Should Use and Share – Mary Flynn, epicPew
Fr. Murray on Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s Booklet Defense of Communion for Mortal Sinners – Z
Commandments Aren’t Mere Ideals Which People Are Excused Cuz They’re Hard, Fr. Z Rants – Z
What Gender-I.D. Revolution Has in Common with the 1960s’ Drug Culture – Scott Beauchamp
Christian Florist Loses Religious Liberty Case, Will Appeal to US Supreme Court – CNA
Screwtape on the Neutralization of Effective Apologetics and Divine Callings – Dave Armstrong
Judge Neil Gorsuch: Defender of Religious Liberty – Joseph Sunde, PowerBlog via Acton Inst
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


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