Albert Anker Die Dorfshule von 1848 (Credit: Crisis Magazine)

Whose School Is It?

by Tom Jay,

of Crisis Magazine

Facebook Censors Oxford Scholar Fr. Hunwicke? – Fr. John Hunwick, FHME
Quæritur: How Long Does Holy Water Stay Blessed? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Holiness is Not About Being Nice – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
Catechesis, Not Marriage Tribunals, Are the Problem – R. Smith Ph.D., The Cthlc Thing
Why Did Washington Post Tweet a Debunked Hit Piece On Jesus – D. Marcus, Fdrlst
Pope Names Three New Bishops for Brazil, Ireland & Spain – Zenit
Southern Poverty Law Ctr. Ranks #MerryChristmas as Top Twitter Hate Speech – LSN
The Last Jedi & Our Pixelated Humanity – Greg Schlueter, Catholic Exchange
Police Fire Tear Gas & Arrest Altar Boys During Mass in Congo – Catholic Herald

The Brown Scapular: Mary’s Maternal Embrace of the Carmelite Order – Fr. Blackwell
The Pope & the Physicist: St. JP2 Perfected Niels Bohr’s Thought – Trasancos Ph.D., Rg
Why the West Keeps Getting It So Wrong on Iran – David Cowen, Catholic Herald
The Year of Paul VI – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex
Indiana Univ. Uses Brains, Livers & Kidneys from Aborted Babies in Experiments – LN

Judge Orders More Mediation to Resolve Minnesota Clergy Abuse Settlements – CNA

Physicians Cannot Serve Both Death & Life – Gerard T. Mundy Ph.D., Public Discourse


Pope Francis meets refugees at the Moria refugee camp on the island of Lesbos, Greece, April 16, 2016. (Credit: Paul Haring via CNS)

Why the Pope Needs Dialogue with Anti-Migrant Voters

by Alexander Lucie-Smith, Ph.D.,

of Catholic Herald

3 Bishops Issue Profession of Truth About Sacramental Marriage – Edw. Pentin, NC Rgstr
Why Was He Named Jesus & Not Emmanuel? – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
Three Notes on Kazakhstan Bishops Statement – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D., The CWR
Rep. Franks’ Scandal Exposes Corrupting Effects of Surrogacy – P. Jesserer Smith, NCRg
Caspar, Balthasar & Melchior? Where Did Their Names Come From? – Fr. Longenecker
Interview: A Priest on Periphery at Holy Innocents Church – K. Aldrich, Catholic Stand
Using Drone Warfare on the Battlefield of Sacred Music – David Clayton, NLM
Archeological Find Near Western Wall Supports Bible Accounts of Governors – N. Flory
Islam in the Public Square – William Kilpatrick Ph.D., Crisis Magazine
Fr. Douglas Bazi: Praying the Rosary in ISIS Captivity – Jean E. Seah, Ignitum Today
German Church Collected Record $7.1 Billion in Taxes Last Year – Edw. Pentin, NCRgstr
Podcazt 160: The Bishops of Kazakhstan Statement – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Vatican Creates an App to Help Prep Homilies – Aleteia
As Italians Vote in 2018, They May Not Get Much Help from Francis – J. Allen, Crux
Dumpster Diving for the Poor, How an Italian Woman is Feeding Hungry Families – CNA
Could Iranian Protests Bring Religious Freedom to Christians? – Michelle La Rosa, CNA


Andrew Walker, God & the Transgender Debate (Credit: Breakpoint.org)

Truth for a Transitioning Time: Andrew Walker’s God & the Transgender Debate

by Owen Strachan,

of Public Discourse

You Couldn’t Make This Up If You Tried: Sweden Jumps Ahead of the Zeitgeist – Fr. Z
The Story Behind Sex Change Surgery You Haven’t Heard – CNA via The CWR
PBS Tax Dollars Promoting Anti-Catholic Bigotry In Boston – TheMediaReport.com
Is Pope Struggling with Limits of Rhetoric on Anti-Christian Violence? – J. Allen, Crux
Blessing Smart Phones; I Rant About Blessings & Demons & Present-Day Silliness – Fr. Z
Catholicism is Impossible – Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today
Make the Sign of the Cross & Go In! – Don. R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
The Curial Sidelines – P.J. Smith, First Things
The Saint Who Showed what True Reform of the Church is Like – F. Phillips, Cthlc Hrld
What Would Canonization of Paul VI Mean for Liturgy & Liturgical Reform – G. DiPippo
Non-Infallible Teachings of Magisterium & Meaning of Obsequium Religiosum – Holmes
Birth Into the Covenant – Fr. Hugh Barbour O. Præm., Catholic Answers Magazine
Priests Make Use of Social Media to Reach Their Flocks – C.A. Smyczynski, NC Register
A Christmas Carol, Luigi Taparelli, Economics & Almsgiving – G. Van Son, Catholic Stand
Keynote Speeches: Rome Catholic Fundraising Conference 2017 – Brice Sokolowski, CF
A Prayer for Europe – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Tvesday Culture of Life Edition

Screenshot of March for Life (Credit: epicPew)

14 Reasons You Need to Attend the 14th Walk for Life in San Francisco

by Shaun McAfee, O.P.,

of epicPew

Gov. Slammed for Vetoing Dismemberment Abortion Ban – Micaiah Bilger, LN
Time to Stop Taxpayer Funding of Pro-Abort NPR & PBS – Michelle Malkin, Life News
Last Pro-Life Democrats in Congress Will Speak at the March for Life – M. Bilger, LN
Study: Majority of Women Who Aborted Baby, Their Lives Didn’t Get Better – G. Carr
Church Will Offer Plenary Indulgence for Attending 2018 March for Life – C. Chretien
In Virginia, a Closed Abortuory Made New – Julie Zauzmer, The Washington Post
Planned Parenthood, Birth Control & Heresy – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
How Twitter Protects Planned Parenthood From the Truth – Lila Rose, LifeNews.com
Pray This Powerful Novena to 3 Saints for the Protection of Life – Philip Kosloski, Alet.
London Abortuories Botch So Many Abortions Ambulances Called 500 Times – S. Ertelt
Ohio Becomes 3rd State to Ban Abortions for Babies with Down Syndrome – S. Ertelt


Pope Francis General Audience St. Peter’s Square 7 Sep 2016 (Credit: Daniel Ibanez via CNA)

On New Year’s Eve, Pope Francis Delivers His Silent Majority Speech

by John L. Allen, Jr.,

of Crux

Pope Shares Disturbing Nagasaki Image as a Warning Against War – E. Pentin, NC Rgstr
God Chose Mary to be His Mother – Deacon Mike Bickerstaff, Integrated Catholic Life™
A Short New Year’s Resolution: Be Not Afraid – Fr. John Catoir J.C.D., Catholic Stand
The Feast of the Circumcision 2018 – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Are the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ a Secret Catholic Code? – Stephanie Mann, NC Register
Pope Francis: What Will the New Year Be Like? – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican
Keynote Speeches: Rome Catholic Fundraising Conference 2017 – Brice Sokolowski, CF
Making the Traditional Mass Your New Year’s Resolution – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
About Those Christmas Animals – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Lane
Free 2018 Traditional Liturgical Calendar for Priests – Adfero, Rorate Cæli
The Glories of the Mother of God – Blessed John Henry Newman, The Catholic Thing
God Had a Plan: He Asked Mary’s Permission – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Blessed John Duns Scotus: A Christmas Theology of Love – D. Torkington, Cthlc Stand
Theresa May: Britain Should ‘Take Pride’ in Its Christian Heritage – Catholic Herald
Readings Explained for Mary, Mother of God – John Bergsma Ph.D., The Sacred Page
New Year’s Resolution #1: Pray for My Enemies – B. Kurland Ph.D., The Amrcn Catholic


Consecrated Virgin Jennifer Sergio (Credit: Today’s Catholic)

Indiana Native Dedicates Herself as Consecrated Virgin

by Jill Boughton,

of Today’s Catholic (Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend)

Will We Know Each Other In Heaven? – Charlie McKinney, Catholic Spiritual Direction
PBS: Seminarians Singing Chart-Topping Gregorian Chant – Dorothy C.McLean, LSN
The Mystery of Hell – Brent Withers, Homiletic & Pastoral Review
Helping the Souls in Purgatory – Fr. Thomas G. Morrow, Homiletic & Pastoral Review
20 Holy Hacks to Help You Get to Heaven – Patti Maguire Armstrong, NC Register
In Memoriam, 2017 – George Weigel, The Dispatch via The Catholic World Report
A Lion Teaches Us About Humility – Jonathan B. Coe, Crisis Magazine
We Should Pay More Attention to the Souls in Purgatory – Francis Phillips, The CH
How to Respond When You Meet Suffering – Theresa Thomas, Integrated Catholic Life™
Infirmity & Stability in Marriage & Monasticism – Dom Mark Kirby, New Liturgical Mvmnt
The Sabbath Was Made for Man – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Latin: The Sacramental Language – Laramie Hirsch, One Peter 5
10 Fathers Whose Parenthood Helped Them become Saints – Fr. Mic. Rennier, Aleteia
Life Lessons from Christmas Carols – William Kilpatrick Ph.D., Crisis Magazine
Our Mother’s Singular Grace – Matt Nelson, Catholic Answers Magazine
Just Another New Year’s Eve: Communion & Community – A.S. Layne, Catholic Stand


Rustic Israeli Flag (Credit: Alpha Coders)

Quæritur: Antisemitism Among “Traditionalist” Catholics

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Where Did the Holy Family Go In Egypt? – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
USCCB: Created Male & Female; An Open Letter from Religious Leaders – Fr. Z’s Blog
Parishioners Heartbroken On Closure of Church Before Christmas – Dav. V. Barrett, CH
Saint Saruman – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic

In the “Presents” of God – Carol Monaco, Catholic Stand
Auld Lang Syne – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Keynote Speeches: Rome Catholic Fundraising Conference 2017 – Brice Sokolowski, CF
Keep Christ in Christmas – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
T.S. Eliot & Dreading Christmas – Patrick Malone, Catholic Stand
Nuntii Latini: Finis Transmissioni Latinæ Imminebat. . . Non! – Fr. Z’s Blog
Top-Rated Catholic Show No Longer on Relevant Radio – The American Catholic
Pope Francis is Only Partly Right on the Lord’s Prayer – Lionel Yaceczko, Crisis Mgzn
Deliver Us Documents Exorcisms, Avoiding Clichés & Sensationalism – K.V. Turley, CWR
What is the Devil’s Favorite Sin? An Exorcist Responds – Catholic News Agency
De Mattei Replies to Ed Peters: Buenos Aires Letter, Authentic Magisterium – Hackett
When the LGBT Bullyboys Come Calling – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine


Bishop Christie A. Macaluso (Credit: Archdiocese of Hartford via CNA)

Hartford Auxiliary Bishop Resigns at Age 72

from the Catholic News Agency/EWTN News

via The Catholic World Report

The Powerful Truth About What a Priests Real Job As a Pastor Is – Fr. Peckman, ChPp
Judge Overturns Repeal, Forces Christians to Pay for Abortions – Micaiah Bilger, LN
On Being Polite – David Warren, Essays in Idleness
Kentucky Gov Wins Battle in Fight to Shut Down Planned Parenthood – M. Bilger, LN
The Forgotten Story of Mary’s Midwife – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia

Speaker Paul Ryan: “People Need to Have More Babies” – Micaiah Bilger, LN
B16 Hails Card. Müller for Defending the Clear Traditions of the Faith – Car. Glatz, CH
Everything is Outside the Text – Francesca Aran Murphy, First Things

Make America Christian Again – David Warren, The Catholic Thing
Thomas Aquinas College Survives Harrowing ‘Thomas’ Fire – Stephen Beale, NC Rgstr
Church Betrays Gospel if She Prefers Politics to God: Card. Brandmüller – Montagne
Counting Christmas: Celebrating the Twelfth Night – R. Jared Staudt, Crisis Magazine
Landmines: Holy See Supports Convention to Eliminate – Zenit

Pope to Youth: Expand Your Wisdom & Meet the Elderly – CNA via The CWR
Without Jesus, There is No Christmas, Says Pope Francis – Carol Glatz, Catholic Herald
From Pope Francis, a Checklist for Good Journalism – CNA/EWTN News via The CWR


Christmas Tree Waiting to be Picked Up (Credit: uCatholic)

When Does Christmas Actually End?

by Billy Ryan,

of uCatholic

The Last Jedi? I Can Only Hope – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Alexa, Who Founded the . . . Church? – Fr. Richard Heilman, Roman Catholic Man
Fact Check: Boston Globes Role in Priestly Sex Scandal – D. Pierre, The Media Report
Pope Francis, “Diaconal Primacy” & Decentralization of Curia – A. Deville Ph.D., CWR
Only a Well-Formed Conscience Can Decide: Card. Marx on Sexual Morality – CNA
5 Ethnic Churches on the U.S. West Coast – Jim Graves, National Catholic Register
Keynote Speeches: Rome Catholic Fundraising Conference 2017 – Brice Sokolowski, CF
What are the Twelve Days of Christmas? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Amid Nation’s Transgender Moment, US Catholics Engage With Truth & Charity – Liedl
Sale of Priceless ‘Salvator Mundi’ Puts Catholic Treasure in Anti-Christian Land – NCRg
Hope with Realism: Confiding in God & Overcoming Addiction – D. Edmunds Ph.D., CS
Will Artificial Intelligence Produce a Dystopian Future? – K.V. Turley, Crisis Magazine
What Brought a Japanese Aristocrat (Now Venerable) to Christ? – Hunter-Kilmer, Alet.
Through the Looking Glass – A Christmas Message – David Torkington, Catholic Stand
Christmas: A Bad Time for Addicts & Alcoholics? Faith Is the Answer – B. Kurland Ph.D.
The Word Became Flesh: Reflection on the Incarnation – A. DeSantis, Catholic Stand


Fr. Gordon MacRae Christmas Card to Fr.. John Zuhlsdorf (Credit: Fr. Z’s Blog)

Action Item! Fr. Z Calls for Help for a Wrongly Imprisoned Priest

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog

How the “Star Wars” Franchise Lost Its Way – Bishop Robert E. Barron S.T.D., The CWR
Pope Slams False Respect for Non-Christians Driving Jesus out of Xmas – J. Allen, Crux
Prophetic Words from 1966 about the Post-Conciliar State of the Church – Fr. Z’s Blog
Alexa, OK Google, Siri–Which Gives Catholic Information – B. Kurland Ph.D., TACatholic
Were Jesus, Mary & Joseph ‘Palestinian Refugees’? – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Stream
FSSP Brings Tradition & a Spiritual Boost, to Northern England – K.V. Turley, NC Register
Advent a Casualty in the “War on Christmas” – Scott P. Richert, Crisis Magazine
Schools are Radicalizing Kids Into Transgender Activists – Fr. Mark Hodges, LSN
Power & Sex: Why Our Culture Needs Church’s Teachings on Sex – The Editors, NCRgstr
Cuisine or Chaos – Theresa Curley, Ignitum Today
There is Help Out There for Catholic Nursing Mothers – Amanda Evinger, NC Register
Bringing Christ to Others in the Present Moment – Suellen Brewster, Catholic Stand
The Call to the Lay Vocation, Part II – Laura DeMaria, Catholic Stand
Don’t Miss the “Magic” of Childhood – Sarah Greydanus, Catholic Stand
The Twelve Days of Emmanuel – Brother Joseph Martin Hagan O.P., Catholic Exchange
Was Jesus Really Born on December 25th? Here’s the Intriguing Evidence – ChurchPop


Ancient Fresco of Jesus (Credit: iStockphoto via The Stream)

Washington Post Christmas Morning: Jesus Didn’t Exist

by William M. Briggs, Ph.D.,

of The Stream

Quæritur: Mary was an “Unwed Mother”? The Holy Family were “Refugees”? – Fr. Z
What Became of the Magi After Visiting Jesus? Their Amazing Forgotten Story – ChPp
Another Topless Demonstration of Women’s Dignity? – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Cardinal Maradiaga’s Explanation Does Not Compute – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Nuncio in Switzerland, “The Old Latin Mass is the Future of the Church” – Fr. Z’s Blog
Maradiaga Denies Financial Allegations, But Questions Remain Unanswered – E. Pentin

Scientists, Catholic Pro-Lifers Call for Reform of Pont. Acad. of Sciences – B. Kurland
Christmas: Reality Incarnate – Fr. Robert Johnson, Crisis Magazine
Are Christians Crying Wolf About Mistreatment & Marginalization? – D. Burk, The Strm
Christmas at Arlington – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Children in the UK Will Now Have to Learn Gay & Transgender Relationships – G. Carr
On the “Infancy Narratives” – David Warren, The Catholic Thing

A Blessed Model of Humility – Scott Richert, Catholic Answers Magazine
The US Is Accepting Fewer Christian Refugees than Ever – David J. Bier, FfEE
Christmas Two Thousands Years Later & Grace Is Still New – Trish Irvine, Catholic Stand

Christmas and the Wonder of Children – Cecily Lowe, Catholic Stand


Have Yourself a Very Subversive Christmas

by Michael Pakaluk,

of The Catholic Thing

Cats at Christmas – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
No Better Time Than Christmas to Learn New Testament Greek – H. Mount, CH
Don’t Forget to Support Your Priests This Christmas – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith Ph.D., CH
Sacred Music & More from Benedictines of Mary – P. Kwasniewski Ph.D., Rorate Cæli
Vicar of Aleppo: The Gift of Christmas for the Future of Syrian Christians – AsiaNews.it
The Lourdes of India: Our Lady of Vailankanni – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Video: How Gregorian Chant Enhances the Mass – Chaz Muth, Catholic Herald
Mince Pies Amid Persecution – Jonathan Wright, The Catholic Herald

Bring Peace on Earth by Going to Confession This Christmas, Pope Says – C. Glatz, CH
Gaudete & Rorate Photopost 2017 (Part I) & (Part II) – Gregory DiPippo, NLM
Philosophy Course on Cosmic Beauty for Artists & Lovers of Art – D. Clayton, Claritas

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