Archbishop Angelo Becciu (Credit: Life Site)

The Pope “Also Suffers” Because of the Criticism, Archbishop Angelo Becciu Says

from Rome Reports

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Bishop Robert Barron in Full Regalia (Credit: the National Catholic Register)

A Very Bad Argument for Priestly Celibacy

. . .There is a very bad argument for celibacy which has reared its head throughout the tradition & which is, even today, defended by some. . .

by Bishop Robert E. Barron, S.T.D.,

of Word on Fire

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Hannah giving her son Samuel to the priest by Jan Victors, A.D. 1645. According to the biblical account, Hannah sang her song when she presented Samuel to Eli the priest (Credit: Wikipedia)

A World Without Hope

. . .I’ve written recently that our schools introduce young people not to that guide of intelligence and beauty, Lady Faith, but to her current impostor, Politics. Our “sins” are political, & we are to be “saved” by giving our assent to the Right Things about sex & marriage, climatic changes, organic food, the evil of Christian history, the sweet wonders of Islamic history, & so forth, till the world shall end & we can have done with it, amen. . .

by Anthony M. Esolen, Ph.D.,

of Crisis Magazine

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St. Catherine Reading a Book by Carlo Dolci 1616-1686 (Credit: Screengrab via the National Cathollic Register)

10 Books That Belong in Every Catholic Library

. . .‘reading has made many saints’. . .

by Father John P. Cush, S.T.D.,

of the National Catholic Register

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Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Square (Credit: Mercatornet)

On What is Wrong in Itself: CNN’s Papal Documentary

. . .not anything can change the metaphysical structure of reality. . .

by Father James V. Schall, S.J.,

of Mercatornet

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‘The Course of Empire –
Destruction’ by Cole Thomas, A.D. 1836 (Credit: Wikipedia)

‘Everybody Knows That Something Is Coming’

. . .I met Hungarian journalist in Budapest. “Everybody knows that something is coming,” she said. “We can all feel it. I think this is why your book resonates with so many people”. . .

by Rod Dreher

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Archbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati (Credit:

Cincinnati Archbishop Repudiates Fr. James Martin, SJ, et al, Homosexualist Event

. . .the Archbishop sent out a note distancing the Church from an upcoming homosexualist event featuring homosexualist activists Jesuit James Martin, Sister Jeannine Gramick (silenced by the Holy See & by her own congregation) & Jamie Manson (open lesbian writer for the National Catholic Reporter with a coveted MDiv, tutored by the dreadful Margaret Farley). . .

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

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The Death of Jean-Paul Marat by Jacques-Louis David AD 1793

How Europe’s Way of Denial Became a Way of Death

. . .Europe’s immigration woes underscore how much of the continent is living in untruth—in lies that gradually kill. . .

by Samuel Gregg, D.Phil.,

of Public Discourse

Nuts – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
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