9/11, Christianity, and Islam

9/11, Belloc, and Islam9/11, Belloc, and Islam – Fr. C. John McCloskey, The Catholic Thing

Knights of Columbus’ Rais $2 Million for Persecuted Iraqis – The Reg
ISIS and the Just War Doctrine – Matthew Tyson, Catholic Stand
Fight or Die: A September 11th Perspective – Andrew Bieszad, 1P5
The Clash of Faiths – BigPulpit.com
The Top 4 Reasons September 11th Is Significant to Islam – S. Skojec
Obama’s Plan to Stop ISIS: Too Little, Way Too Late – J. Frawley D.
A Wider War, A Weaker Case – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
ISIS Man Held Sword to My Throat, I Refused to Convert – S. Caldwell
Obama Says ISIL Is Not ‘Islamic,’ but Not Everyone Agrees – B. Ross Jr.
Fr. Robert Barron on 9/11 – uCatholic
Libyas Christians: Not First to Face Extinction in Africa – Lucie-Smith
Retired NYC Firefighter Remembers 9/11 Every Day – Roxanne King
Under Mary’s Holy Name: Victory in Vienna, 1683 – Chr. Check
The Red Sword of ISIS – Howard Duncan, Catholic Stand
Thirteen Years, Onward – Catholic Lane
Unforgettable United Flight 93 – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
Why Benedict’s Regensburg Lecture Remains Relevant – Dusty Gates
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com (9-8-14)
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The Clash of Faiths

Conversion or Conquest?Conversion or Conquest? The Christian Answer to Islam – Longenecker

The Crisis in Iraq? What Is the Christian Response? – Aleteia∝
Syria’s ‘Blood Diamonds’ – Christian C. Sahner, The Wall Street Jrnl
Islam, Violence & the Nature of God – Dr. R. Jared Staudt, The CWR
Remembering the Great Fouad Ajami – George Weigel, First Things
Rape and Rotherham – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
From Cain to ISIS – R. R. Reno, First Things
We Must Fight ISIS with More than Missiles – Thomas F. Farr, Frs Tng
Islam on the Beach & the Rapid Islamization of Turkey – Victor Gaetan
Niece of Nun Held Hostage by ISIS Tells Family’s Agony – Amal Marogy
Libya: Catholics Trapped, Helpless by Islamist Gains – Jon. Luxmoore
Joe Biden & the Gates of Hell – Fr. Mark Pilon, The Catholic Thing
The Dangerous Ignorance of Russell Brand – Max Wind-Comie
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com (9-8-14)
9/11, Christianity, and Islam – BigPulpit.com (9-11-14)
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A Smart Move: The Pope appoints a Jesuit to prosecute sex abuseSmart Move: Pope Francis Appoints Jesuit to Prosecute Sex Abuse – JM

Gays, Jesus & St. Patrick’s Day – Steven D. Greydanus, The Reg
A New App-reciation for Faith on the Go – Sarah Reinhard, OSV
Gay Rights Supporters Are Not Prodigal Sons – Connecticut Cthlc Crnr
Losing the Labels: Let’s be Catholic Again – Steve Skojec, One Ptr 5
The Top 10 Reasons to be a Catholic Man – Matthew Christoff, TCG
Obama Continues to Target Little Sisters of the Poor – Adelaide Mena
Inch by Inch: The Beatitudes as a Staircase of Conversion – TCHNI
How Florences Medieval Builders Built Worlds Biggest Dome – Schiffer
Legal Gp: Belgiums Assisted Suicide Law Failed Depressed Woman – Rg
On Bodies, Relics & Canonization – Emily C. Hurt, Ignitum Today
Richard Dawkins & Down Syndrome: Rants & Reason – Let. Velasquez
The Theology of Giving – Loye Young, Catholic Stand
What’s Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives? – M. O’Loughlin, Crux
Irish Church’s New Primate ‘Humbled’ by Appointment – The Reg
True Contemplation & Its Counterfeit – David Torkington
Scientific Geniuses & Their Jesuit Collaborators – Andrew Kassebaum
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com


Catholics on Ukraine-Russia Border Face Suffering & Uncertainty – Rg

An Open Letter From Ukraine’s Catholic Primate – NCRegister.com

French Muslims Support Mideast Christians Against ISIL – Tdy’s Zmn

Assyrians Need Protection From Islamisation – Middle East Monitor

Parents Build Church Where Their Child Was Killed – Mystagogy

Met. Joseph to Rep. Pat. John X at In Defense of Christians – NOAO

Coptic Church Harassed in Leadup to Papal Visit – The Suburban

Wealth and Being Human – Fr. Ted’s Blog

Cheap & Costly Grace & the Justification of the Ungodly – Ecl Orth

Churches Have a Unique Vision – Fr. Theophan Mackey, Pravmir

Wine and the Vine – Second Terrace


Pope Francis names two Americans to key posts on sex abuse reformPope Francis Names 2 Americans to Sex Abuse Reform Panel – J. Allen

PopeWatch: Rejoice, Arise & Persevere – Donald R. McClarey JD
Bishops Guide to Talking to Pro-Abort Politicos (Dolan) – P. L. (fixed)
Travesty of Justice: The Ordeal of Fr. Gordon MacRae – Wil. Donohue
Abortion Coverage Mandates at Nominally Catholic Univs. – B. Frohnen
Distorted Desires: The Seven Deadly Sins – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
But Is It Art? – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
The Christian Worldview Is Necessary for Science – S. Trasancos PhD
How to Use Lord’s Prayer as Spiritual Weapon – Fr. Dwt. Longenecker
Unity Is Overrated & Divisive! – Gabriel Garnica, Catholic Stand
The Woman Who Saved Orthodoxy Twice – Stephen Beale, Cth Exc
Movie Review: The Giver – Sr. Helena Burns FSP, Catholic Lane
Gay Marriage Affects You Personally, Even If Not Gay, Married – J. B.
College Faith 101 – Jacqueline Burkepile, NCRegister.com
Now, Make Your Act of Contrition – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today
Ice Bucket Challenge Starts Deeper Look at Stem Cell Research – Tarne
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com
Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East – BigPulpit.com


Profession of Vows: Wildflower in the Pages of an Ancient Book - See more at: http://pursuedbytruth.blogspot.com/2014/09/profession-of-vows-wildflower-in-pages.html#sthash.mUfQpz4f.dpufProfession of Vows – Sr. Theresa Aletheia, Pursued by Truth

Is Catholic Social Teaching Hopelessly Incoherent? – Tom Hoopes, FT
Teaching about Vocations & Occupations – Denise J. Hunnell MD, CS
Divorce & Communion’s New Wildcard: Pope Francis – John L Allen Jr
Pope Francis & Islam – Fr. David Vincent Meconi SJ, Hom & Pas Rev
St. Patrick’s Day Parade: What Would Jesus Do? – Fr. D. Longenecker
PopeWatch: A U. N. of Religions – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACatholic
Work To Sanctify Your Soul – Fr. Ed Broom OMV, Catholic Exchange
Personal Holiness & the Homosexual Agenda – Fr. David Kime, H&PR
How the Catholics Invented Whisky – Harry Stevens, Regina Mgzn
We Must Defend Truth of Marriage, Even at Cost of Martyrdom – RCæli
Don’t “Rebuild” Your Parish, Restore It – Brian Williams, One Peter 5
Hooking Up, Shacking Up, and Saying “I Do” – Rachel Sheffield
Mary and Litanies & Titles, Oh My! – Molly Milroy, Ignitum Today
Islam, Immigration & the Importance of Culture – William Kilpatrick
Catholics on Ukraine-Russia Border Face Suffering – NCRegister.com
Take Action: Stop ISIS & Genocide in Iraq, Help those Persecuted – BCI
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com
Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East – BigPulpit.com


Cardinals Collaborate on Book to Defend Church Doctrine on Divorce, RemarriageBook: Cardinals Defend Doctrine on Divorce & Remarriage – E. Harris

The Burden at ‘Catholic’ Gonzaga University – The Motley Monk
A New (Old) Tool for Bible Study – Jake Frost, Catholic Lane
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
Comprehensive List of Catholic Dogmas Refuted by Science – W. Briggs
Sweaty Tourists Could be Damaging the Sistine – Judith Harris, Crux
The Manipulation of Language – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Field Hospital Church? Maybe Not – Ryan Eggenberger, Ign Tdy
Little Red Riding Hood in Rotherham – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Witness: “Viva Cristo Rey!” – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand
The Tunics of St. Ambrose – Thomas L. McDonald, God & Machine
Shawshank Redemption & Crime of Innocence – Fr. Gordon J. MacRae
Nominalism, Not Nerdy but Evil – Msgr. Charles Pope
Vatican & Aliens f/Outer Space – Shane Schaetzel, Fully Christian
True Contemplation & Its Counterfeit – David Torkington
Airbrushing My Life: Why Do It? – John Clark, Seton Magazine
Loving my Cross (Even When I Hate It) – Mary S., Catholic Sistas
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com
Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East – BigPulpit.com


When Catholic Leaders Abandon the FaithfulWhen Catholic Leaders Abandon the Faithful – Matthew Hennessey

Evil Is On The March – Donald R. McClarey JD, The Amrcn Catholic
The Matter of the Crux: John Allen – Joan Frawley Desmond, NCReg
Fruitfulness: The Measure of a Human Life  – Mitchell Kalpakgian PhD
St. Paul and ISIS – Shaun McAfee, Catholic Exchange
Why Would Any Woman Choose Religious Life? – Fr. Robert McTeigue
Lebanese Christians Re-Arm, AP Writes Powerful Account – Jim Davis
Our Anger, Fragility & The Remedy: The Crd. Dolan Scandal – R. Royal
The Runt Of The Liturgy – Patrick Archbold, NCRegister.com
St. Clare and The Morning Offering – Julianne McCullagh, Cthlc Stnd
12 Bible Verses that Demolish the Osteens’ Prosperity Gospel – ChPOP
Say The Truth: With Islam It Is a War of Religion – Il Foglio
Fasting on Fridays & Spiritual Warfare – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Seven Vices of Sporting Events – Deacon Edward Looney, Igntm Tdy
The Strange Story of the Scottish Cardinal – Beverly De Soto, Regina
Why I Proudly Display a Pro-Life Car Sticker – Francis Phillips, The CH
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com
Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East – BigPulpit.com
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ISIS Atrocities and Beheadings Continue from Syria to IraqISIS Atrocities & Beheadings Continue from Syria to Iraq – Aleteia∝

Crd. Dolan & St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Blurring Boundaries – Hudson
Crd. George: No Moral Courage to Conform to Social Pressure” – Olson
Jesus’ Ancestors: Murderers, Cheats, etc. . . – Fr. Dwt. Longenecker
The Birth of Mary: Reflecting on the Feast Day – Sarah Reinhard
Supreme Court Asked to Defend Seal of Confession in La. Case – Hadro
Some of the Mistakes We Make in Life Can’t be Fixed – Fr. Z’s Blog
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
You Can Fly w/An Eternity Attitude at a Heavenly Altitude – McClung
There’s No Legitimate Right to Privacy in Making Personal Porn. – Q

Calvinism vs. the Sacred Heart of Jesus – Laura McAlister, Igntm Tdy
(Fulton Sheen) Fail! – Super Martyrio
Mother Teresa and Us: A Model of Contemporary Holiness
– Dav. Scott
Movie Review: Calvary – Steven D. Greydanus, NCRegister.com
Movie Review: When the Game Stands Tall – Martina Kreitzer, Cth Sst
Grandparents In the Gaps – Russell Shaw, The Cthlc World Report
Wendy Davis & Karen Santorum: 2 Pregnancies, 2 Probs. . . – Schiffer
Cardinal Dolan’s St. Patrick’s Day Scandal – BigPulpit.com
Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East – BigPulpit.com

Christianity, Islam, and The Middle East

Italian Bishop's Startling Words: If Muslims won't denounce Islamic brutality, move back to Islamdom - we don't need enemies here Bishop Ghirelli: If Muslims Don’t Denounce Brutality, Leave Italy – RC

The Culture That Is at the Mercy of the Islamic State – John Burger
How Islam Set Back Western Civilization – Matthew Hanley
Love Your Enemy, What If He’s a Islamist? – Fr. Dwt. Longenecker
Know the Enemy – David Warren, The Catholic Thing
U. K. Prime Minister Not Ruling Out Military Action – The Cthlc Herald
Islamic State Is Seeking to Bully the World – Fr. Alx. Lucie-Smith
Fr. Longenecker: ISIS Misunderstands Islam on Beheading – R Spencer
Does the Quran Justify Beheadings? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker


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