Homeschooled Homeschooling ChildrenHomeschooling’s Liberalism

by David Mills

of First Things


A Call to Catholic Men: Step Into the Breach – Bishop Thomas Olmsted, The Register
The Two Shall Become One Flesh: Sunday Readings – Michael Barber, The Sacred Page
Vatican Has Surprise for Pilgrims Venerating St. Maria Goretti in U. S. – Joseph Pronechen
The Essence of Rome: A Tale of Three Cities – Christopher Morrissey, The Imgntv. . .
Confessions of a ‘Say the Black, Do the Red’ Catholic – Daniel Burke, The N. C. Register
What the Roman Empire Can Teach Us About American Politics – Steven Smith, Pub Dis
This Is Arianism All Over Again, and We Must Fight It – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, The Reg
What Has Athens To Do With You? – Eva Bran, The Imaginative Conservative
‘Ideological Colonization’: An Apt Description of Modern Imperialism – Msgr. Charles Pope
Revelation Ch. 18 Fallen Is Babylon the Great (Catholic Apocalypse) – Taylor Marshall PhD
Catholics Look Beyond BSA for the Formation of Youth in the Outdoors – R. Jared Staudt
Reflections on Intelligent Design: Good, Bad or Indifferent Science? – Robert Kurland PhD
The New Testament Authors You Rarely Hear About – Jimmy Akin, The N. C. Register
A Contradictory Man: The Legacy of Daniel Patrick Moynihan – Gabriel Schoenfeld, Pb Ds
Pope Francis, Aftershock – Big Pulpit (October 4, 2015)
Synod Update for Sunday – Big Pulpit (October 4, 2015)
Synod Update for Monday – Big Pulpit (October 5, 2015)
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Pope Francis Smiling and WavingThe Power of a Positive Pope: Pope Francis Shows the Best Way to Overcome Evil Is to Build Up All That Is Beautiful, Good, and True

by Father Dwight Longenecker

of Aleteia


Why You Should Love Your Guardian Angel (& Not Name Him) – Marge Fenelon, The Reg
Is Pope Francis Too Popular with Liberals? – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic Stand
Disquisitions on the Synod for October 2 – Xavier Rynne II, Catholic Herald Magazine
Judging Pope Francis – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Epic Pew
Exclusive Interview w/Fr. J. Fessio: The Rigging of a Synod, by Edward Pentin – M. Hickson
Pope Francis: 80,000 Modestly Dressed Swarm Central Park – Jamey Brown, Cthlc Stand
The Discrepancies Prior to the Opening of the Synod – Fr. Mark A. Pilon, The Cthlc Thing
Book Review: Mysteries of Salvation History – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today
The Catholic Landscape: The Trouble with Low-Proof Faith – David Rummelhoff, Ct St
A Survivor’s Guide to the Synod – Deacon Nick Donnelly, The National Catholic Register
Kim Davis and Pope Francis’s Grand Strategy – Ross Douthat, Evaluations Blog
Imitating Judas: The Kasper Position – Michael Lofton, One Peter 5
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Pope Francis Kim DavisDissidents, Father James Martin, and Other ‘c’atholics Go Catatonic Over Pope Francis’ Meeting With Kim Davis

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog


The Atrocious Script for the ‘Ordinary’ Synod – Father D. Vincent Twomey S. V. D.
The Curious Case of the Intercepted Book – Edward Pentin, The Catholic World Report
Planned Parenthood: Fathers’ Right to Stand and Defend – Stephanie H. To, Cthlc Stand
The Lamest Defense of Planned Parenthood Ever – Paul Zummo, The American Catholic
Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice: I Still Forgive You – Michelle Fritz, Catholic Stand
Getting Things Done by Saint Teresa of Avila – Daniel Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Sin and the Reception of the Eucharist – David Deane, Crisis Magazine
Married Love: Meant to Last (Holy Gospel of Saint Mark 10:1-16) – Fr. John Bartunek L. C.
Priestly Confraternity Issues Hopeful Paper Ahead of the Synod – Edward Pentin, The Reg
Homosexuality on the Threshold of the Synod: Two Conferences in Rome – Sdo. Magister
What Pope Francis Taught Me – Graham Glover, The Jagged Word
Seven Websites Every Catholic Should Visit – Molly Milroy, Ignitum Today
As Synod Approaches, Nigerian Bishops Speak Up for the Family – The Ntnl Cthlc Register
Abp. Kurtz on the Synod: Renewal of Culture Must Come Through Families – Jim Graves

EXTRA: Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis at Vatican Request

Pope Francis and Kim Davis Getty ImagesPope Francis Met With Kim Davis at the Request of the Vatican

by Donald R. McClarey, J. D.

of The American Catholic


True Liberty and Unjust Civil Laws – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Four Reasons to Pray with Marge Fenelon’s Newest Novena Book – Father Edward Looney
How Choice Replaced Human Nature – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine
More Saints Who Just Can’t Even Right Now, EpicPew! – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew
Does the ‘Judicial Path’ for Annulments Avoid ‘Catholic Divorce’? – Edward Pentin
Will Russia’s ‘Holy War’ Save Syria’s Christians? – Ed West, Catholic Herald Magazine
12 Fatal Flaws in the Instrumentum Laboris, Synod Guide for Bishops – Dgl. Farrow Ph. D.
Notre Dame’s Candida Moss Attacks Pope Francis w/Outrageous Claim – K. Scharfenberger
Time Will Tell If Pope Francis’ Visit Has Truly Changed America – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
What Is the Theme of Pope Francis’ Pontificate? It’s the Family – Jeffrey A. Mirus Ph. D.
What Saint Jerome Can Teach Internet Trolls – Mary O’Regan, Catholic Herald Magazine


Pope Francis Saint PatrickDid Pope Francis Really Say Jesus Was a Failure?

by Jimmy Akin

of Catholic Answers


Synod Rule Changes to be Announced on Friday, Hold On To Your Socks – Fr. Z’s Blog
‘Unacceptable’, The Base Document of the Synod ‘Compromises the Truth’ – Sd. Magister
Critics Sound Alarm Over Possible Changes to Synod Process – Edward Pentin, The Reg
The Depravity of Planned Parenthood – Donald R. McClarey J. D., The Amrcn Catholic
How Richard Dawkins Helps Prove Biblical Inspiration – Joe Heschmeyer, Strng Notions
Dissenters Express High Hopes for Synod – Edward Pentin, The National Cthlc Register
Conspiracies and Catholicism: Devil’s Advocate – Foxfier, Catholic Stand
No Rest for the Watchful, Synod Prep Begins Now – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
Doctrine, Discipline and the ‘Kasper Proposal’; Synod Stagecraft – Joseph Arias, Crisis
Dear Woman Suffering After An Abortion – Cullen Herout, Catholic Stand
Synod Studies 101: A Crash Course on Marriage and Family – Kathy Schiffer, The Register
Relics of Saint Maria Goretti in Chicago on October 12 – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
Will Christianity Find a Place in Corbyn’s Labour Party? – Jon Anderson, Catholic Herald
Pope Francis and Evangelizing with Questions – Carrie Gress Ph. D., The Dispatch
For the WED. EXTRA: Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis (Sept. 30, 2015) click here.


Archangels Gabriel Michael and Raphael10 Totally Awesome Facts About the Archangels

by Alex R. Haley

of Epic Pew


The Vulnerability of Refugees – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
The Humility and Hubris of Pope Francis – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
Saint Junipero Serra & Today’s Bigots – Donald R. McClarey J. D., The Amrcn Catholic
Feast of the Archangels – Liz Estler, Catholic Spiritual Direction
The Most Hilarious Headlines about the Pope’s Visit – Matthew Archbold, The Register
Michael, Raphael, Gabriel; Members of the Family – Elizabeth Scalia, Aleteia
The Pope’s Message Extends Beyond Capitalism & Climate Change – Martijn Cremers
Francis Hittinger, an American Scholar Close to Pope Francis – Rudolph Bush, D. M. N.
R. R. Reno Is Wary of Pope Francis ‘Extremism’ – Fr. Sean Salai S. J., America Magazine
Pope Francis: Women Priests? ‘No.’ – Fr. Z’s Blog
Read the Full Texts of All of Pope Francis’ Addresses During His Visit to the U. S. – Aleteia
For the WED. EXTRA: Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis (Sept. 30, 2015) click here.


Saint Maria Goretti ReliquarySaint Maria Goretti U. S. A. Pilgrimage News

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog


How Do You Know What Belongs in the Bible? – Karl Keating, Catholic Answers
Will Your Parish Have a Catholic Priest in 10 Years? – Taylor Marshall Ph. D.
Secret Confessions of Surrogate Mothers – Rebecca Taylor, Creative Minority Report
A Couple of Thoughts on a Couple of Comments by His Holiness – Edward Peters J.C.D.
Book Review of Pray with Me: 7 Simple Ways to Pray with Your Children – Patrice F. M.
Scientists Should Tell Lawrence Krauss to Zip It Already – Edward Feser Ph. D., Pub Dis
Priestly Preparation Before Mass and Thanksgiving After Mass – Peter Kwasniewski Ph. D.
Marriage: The Enigma in the Room – H. L. Duncan, Catholic Stand
The Novels of Georgette Heyer – Evelyn Birge Vitz, The Civilized Reader
Sacramentals and Holy Water Therapy – Michele Chronister, Ignitum Today
Automatic Censures Should be Eliminated from Church Law – Edward Peters J.D. J.C.D.
Incense and Thuribles in the Dominican Rite – Fr. Augustine Thompson O. P., Nw Lt Mv
Benedict and the Jets: A Lesson from the Monastery to the Modern World – Michael Parisi
Bill Nye the Unscientific Abortion Guy – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers
For the TUESDAY EXTRA (September 29, 2015) click here.


Father Jan Van DaelSouth America Has Become a Safe Haven for the Catholic Church’s Alleged Child Molesters

by Will Carless

of Global Post


Synod’s Turn To Speak, But Decisions Will Be Up To Francis – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
Books Blog: Science and Christianity, a Positive Relationship – Francis Phillips, Cthlc Hrld
How Dorothy Day Will Become a Saint Within Five Years – Carlos X, Super Martyrio
Bill Nye the Science Guy Kills His Brain to Promote a Lie – Tom Riley, Crisis Magazine
Can I Trust Father Thomas Keating? – Connie Rossini, Catholic Spiritual Direction
What God has Joined Together: Divorce, Annulment & Miracle of Marriage – Felix Whelan
The Man Who Founded California (Ignatius Press), Book Rev. – Stuart Dunn, Strt’s Stdy
The Beauty of the Family in the Church – Paul Senz, Catholic Stand
Christ’s New Homeland: Africa; Book Rev., Crd. Sarah Slams Pre-Synod Docs. – M. Hickson
Francis Gave Them Rope to Hang: Synod & Instrumentum Laboris §130 – Fr. Geo. D. Byers
Springtime for Liberal Christianity – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Pope Francis, Unplugged – Big Pulpit (September 28, 2015)
For the TUESDAY EXTRA (September 29, 2015) click here.


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