King Charles II of England (Credit: uCatholic)

The Secret Deathbed Catholic Conversion of the King of England

by Billy Ryan,

of uCatholic

The Very Best Spiritual Warfare Prayer for the Conversion of Loved Ones – Fr. Heilman
What They Don’t Tell You about Life in Seminary – Paschal Uche, Catholic Herald
The Best Preachers are Signs of Contradiction – Msgr. Robert Batule, Crisis Magazine

Priestly Vocations in East Anglia are at Their Highest Level in 30 Years – Cthlc Herald
Pope Francis: We Need To Observe Silence in the Mass – J.A. Esteves, Catholic Herald
The Benedictine Sisters of Virginia: Celebrating 150 Years – L. DeMaria, Catholic Stand
Time for a Spiritual Health Assessment – Regis Nicoll, Crisis Magazine
Tonsure, Minor Orders & Subdiaconal Ordination in Fréjus-Toulon – G. DiPippo, NLM
Is a Sense of Humor Necessary for Salvation? – Fr. Basil Cole O.P., Homiletic & Pstrl Rvw
The Path to True Happiness Begins with Our Lady – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald
Ecumenism, Sanctity & the White Rose – Ricke Becker, NC Register
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Professor Josef Seifert speaks at a conference on Blessed Paul VI’s 1968 encyclical, “Humanae Vitae,” in Rome Oct. 28.(Credit: CNS photo/Paul Haring via the Catholic Herald)

Seifert: Vatican’s Pro-Contraception Theologian Must ‘Revoke His Grave Errors’ or Resign

by Dan Hitchens,

of the Catholic Herald

Moral Collapse at Jesuit-Run Georgetown Univ. – Maureen Mullarkey, The Federalist
How Bad Is the Situation of Vocations to the Priesthood Tragic Germany? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Wherein Massimo Faggioli Tosses Another Nastygram at the “Rigorist” Straw Man – Z
US Bishops Set Course on Liturgical Translations – Joan Frawley Desmond, NC Register
Who or What Is the Antichrist? – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission

Blessing Same-Sex Couples Won’t Save the German Church – Fr. Lucie-Smith Ph.D., CH
A Day in the Life of a Catholic Fundraiser – Brice Sokolowski,
How to Popularize Ad Orientem Without Disorienting People – Msgr. Ch.Pope, NC Rgstr
Facebook Takes Down Christian Group’s Page – Micaiah Bilger,

Facebook Blocks Crowdfunding Page for New Roe v. Wade Movie – Micaiah Bilger, LN
How to Save the English Church – Stephen Bullivant, Catholic Herald
The Catholic Church Used To Be like Silicon Valley, Can It Be Again? – P.-E. Gobry, Amrc
That Awkward Age Between Birth & Death – Ben Butera, The American Catholic
The Personal God Who Calls Us By Name: Sunday Readings Explained – J. Bergsma, TSP

The Lonely Way of the Writer: A New Year’s Message for My Fellow Writers – McCann
Holy See’s Social Media Followers Top Four Million – Elise Harris, CNA
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Funeral Mass of Cesar Willy De Vroe (Credit: Screenshot from College Teutonico by Marina Testino via National Catholic Register)

‘God’s Tramp’ Who Suffered Like Job Given Vatican Burial

by Edward Pentin,

of the National Catholic Register

Sneaky Snaky Modernism – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
3 Prophesies of Pope Paul VI Being Fulfilled In Our World Right Now – ChurchPop
The Amoris Debate: Is It Really a Matter of Confusion? – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Yet Another German Moral Mudslide: Bishop Wants To Bless Gay Couples – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Profanation of the Sacred & the Sacralisation of the Profane – Dom Karl Wallner
Irish “Mass Path” Near “Star Wars Island”, for Secret Worship, Mapped. . . – Fr. Z’s Blg
A Day in the Life of a Catholic Fundraiser – Brice Sokolowski,

Mudslide Claims Life of California Academy’s Catholic Founder – Jim Graves, NC Rgstr
St. Augustine: How To Think about Catholic Strategy in a Liberal Era – C Pecknold PhD
Fr. Tho. Reese’s Quixotic, Irrational Battle with Greek Philosophy – M. Hoffman, CWR
First Things Praises New Book I Edited by Fr. Francis Canavan S.J. – D. Goldstein S.T.D.
The Holy Spirit in the Fast Food Restaurant – Susan Windley-Daoust, Ignitum Today
Life Everlasting – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Canadian Bishops Condemn Trudeau’s Pro-Abort Pledge for Summer Job Grants – LSN
On the Purpose of Politics & the Salvation of Souls – Fr. James V. Schall S.J., The CWR
Without Excuse: The Divine Origin of Happiness – Christian Daru, Catholic Stand
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Pietro Cardinal Parolin (Credit: Saeima from Wikipedia via CNA)

Cardinal Parolin: Amoris Lætitia Represents New Paradigm, Spirit & Approach

by Edward Pentin,

of the National Catholic Register

The Global Backlash Against LGBT People – Stefano Gennarini, The Federalist
PFLAG: T.H.AW.; A Program to Make Homosexual Behavior Ok – Gene Van Son, CS
Chapter 8 of Amoris Lætitia: An Attack on Humanæ Vitæ & a Cardinal Speaks Up – Z
Margaret Sanger Is Smiling – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Cardinal Pell’s Response to His Charges – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
Liturgy & Sexuality: The Battle Over Paul VI – Michael Davis, Catholic Herald
A Day in the Life of a Catholic Fundraiser – Brice Sokolowski,
Our Progressive Desensitization to the Most Holy Eucharist – Pet. A. Kwasniewski Ph.D.
Spirit of Vatican II Church Replaces Historic Neo-Romanesque German Church – CH

How Our Monastery Rose from the Ruins – A Monk of Norcia, Catholic Herald
Why has the Vatican Taken Over the Sodalitium Movement? – Catholic Herald
The Real Issues Underlying the Dreamer Debate – John Horvat II, Crisis Magazine
Francis’ 5th Year: A Synod, Humanae Vitae & More Decentralized Church – E. Pentin
When Churches Close: the Day of Reckoning for St. Winifride’s – Cat. Pepinster, CH
The Morality of the White House’s DACA Decision – Richard P. Maggi Esq., Crisis Mgzn
English Church Launches ‘God Calls’ App to Help Discover Vocations – S. Caldwell, CH
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Jean Michel Ruyten 1813-1881 The Iconoclasts (Credit: National Catholic Register)

Why Are Catholic Statues Getting Their Heads Cut Off Nationwide

by Thomas Craughwell

of the National Catholic Register

Ross Douthat on Faith, Politics & Decadence – Peter Blair, Fare Forward (link repaired)
4 Practical Jokes of the Saints That Are Still Funny Today – T.J. Burdick, epicPew
The New Stoicism – Leah Libresco Sargeant, Fare Forward
Sympathy for the Devil: The Tragedy of the Altamont Concert – K.V. Turley
Why the “Dollar” Is Named After Jesus’s Grandfather – uCatholic
Why Are There Two Judgments? – Tim Staples, Catholic Answers Magazine
How Pagans Viewed Christian Charity – Fr. Ben Johnson, Transatlantic Blog
Why James Says Faith Without Works Is Dead – Karlo Broussard, Catholic Answers

The New Wave Auteur Who Believed Great Cinema Had To Be Christian – M. Schmitz
A Force for Good: Character Counts in the Workplace – Brian Engelland Ph.D.
St. Margaret of Scotland – Zenit
Why Americans Should Celebrate the Immaculate Conception as a Natl Holiday – CH
A Lexicon for the Capital Punishment Debate – Edward Feser Ph.D.
“Catholic Answers Live” Celebrates 20 Years – Timothy D. Lusch, The CWR
A Development in Aquinas’s Thought on the Constitution – P.J. Smith, Semiduplex
Christian Freedom – Dan Hitchens, First Things
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Fr. Anthony Cipolle Distributing Holy Communion (Credit: Portland Press Herald)

Diocese’s Newest Priest Embarked on an Unorthodox Path

by Megan Doyle,

The Portland Press Herald

An Important & Little-Known Fact About the Temple of Jerusalem – J. Akin, NC Rgstr
Sister Lucia: Devotion to Immaculate Heart of Mary Is a Must – J. Pronechen, NC Rgstr
How I Came to Embrace Grief – Robert Wargas, The Catholic Herald
What Does It Mean To Say “I Absolve You”? – Gerhard Cardinal Müller, First Things
The Hidden Symbolism in the Miraculous Medal – ChurchPop
Hats? or Chapel Veils? Or No Head Covering At All? – Deborah Gyapong, The ACSB
Clear Doctrine Strengthens the Church – Fr. George Rutler, National Catholic Register
A Crash Course in Miracles 101 – Catholic News Agency via The Catholic World Report
Priest: Why Holy Water comes with Me Whenever I Travel – Fr. Edward Looney, Aleteia
What Does the Word “Eucharist” Mean? – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
The Unbreakable Link Between Virtue & Mercy – Fr. Hugh Barbour O. Præm., Cth Ans


NASA Grail Delta 2 Rocket Launch Ascent (Credit: Pics about Space)

Fr. Z’s Predictions for 2018

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Parents Can’t Opt Kids Out of Mandatory Gay Promo Texts – California Catholic Daily
The Only Man That Was the Pope More Than Once – Billy Ryan, uCatholic
Why Does The New Year Start On January 1? Thank The Catholic Church – uCatholic
The 5 Bishops Surely Not Alone Being Concerned About Communion – Fr. Lucie-Smith
The Pope Confirms Guido Marini as His Master of Ceremonies – A. Tornielli, Vtcn Insider

Red China: Monsignors Luke Li Jingfeng & Matthias Yu Chengxin Deceased – Zenit
Two Sons, One Father – Guy McClung Ph.D. J.D., Catholic Stand
Why ‘Mother of God’ Matters – Trent Horn, Catholic Answers Magazine
Marching to the ‘8beat’ Drum to Promote the Beatitudes – K.V. Turley, NC Register
How Seton Hall University Got Its Name – Philip Kosloski, Aleteia
Msgr. Peter Shao Zhumin of Wenzhou Freed After 7 Months –
Pope Prays to Convert Hearts of Terrorists Who Struck Egypt’s Christians – Allen, Crux


Amy Ellis Nutt on BookTV (Credit: Crisis Magazine)

Tall Trans Tales for a Gullible Age

by Austin Ruse,

of Crisis Magazine

Is Amoris Lætitia Agenda a Warm-Up for Full Assault on Humanæ Vitæ? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Apologist Warns Catholics About Dangers of ‘Mindfulness’ – Patti M. Armstrong, NCRgstr
The Best New Atheist Book? – Edward Feser Ph.D.

Joseph Fletcher’s Dark Dreams Becoming Our Reality – Wes. J. Smith J.D., First Things
Are You Praying or Simply Reciting Prayers? – Jeffrey Stevens, Catholic Stand
As Secular Liberalism Attacks the Church, Catholics Can’t Be Nostalgic – Adr. Vermeule
Commentary: A Catholic Moment in US Politics? – CNA via The Catholic World Report
Despite What Some Adults Say, Young People Love Religious Ritual – Fr. Dav. Elliott, CH
5 Faith-Based New Year Resolutions to Make (& Keep!) – Katie Prejean, epicPew

Special Chants for Epiphany 2018 – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Does Identity Determine Truth? – Kevin Clark, Crisis Magazine
Whose Righteousness Was Reckoned? – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers Magazine
Parents Must Be Involved in Child’s Education, Pope Francis Says – CNA via The CWR
The Blind Man & the Child – Ann Tran & Elizabeth Jean Seah, Ignitum Today
Just Too Cool: TLM Missal in Braille – Fr. Z’s Blog

US Places Pakistan on Watch List for ‘Severe’ Violations of Religious Freedom – CH


Cultural Revolution Poster (Credit: Fr. Z’s Blog)

Blocked by the New Catholic Red Guards; How About You?

by Father John Zuhlsdorf,

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Robert Hugh Benson’s Complex & Painful Spiritual Journey – Russell Shaw, The CWR
The Blasphemy All Around Us – Peter Darcy, Catholic Stand
On Canonical Digits & Eucharistic Particles – Brian Williams, Liturgy Guy
Is the Eucharist Necessary for Salvation? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery
Internet Bomb: Netflix Black Mirror Shows Morning After Pill May Cause Abortion – LN
Catholics Fleeing Bosnia-Herzegovina Over Discrimination – M. O’Flaherty, Cthlc Hrld
Happy New Year. . . Now What’s Your Fundraising Plan? – B. Sokolowski, Cthlc Fndrsr

The Miraculous Relic of The Chains of Saint Peter – uCatholic
How & Why the Death Penalty Deters Murder in America – Jos. M. Bessette Ph.D., CWR
January is for Jacobites – Rick Yoder, The Amish Catholic
State Dept. Names 10 Countries as Worst Religious Freedom Offenders – CNA via CWR
Getting Wiser on Surrogacy – Valerie Hudson, Mercatornet
The Readings Explained for Epiphany – John Bergsma Ph.D., The Sacred Page

Cardinal Condemns Deadly Attacks on Congo Protesters – CNA via The CWR
A Tool to Help Businesses Do the Right Thing, in the Right Way – Kathy Schiffer, NC Reg
Venezuelan Cardinal Asks for Transparent Elections – ACI Prensa/CNA via The CWR
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Mennonite Carriage (Credit: Shutterstock via LifeSiteNews)

U.S. Mennonites Split Up Over Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

by Lisa Bourne,

of LifeSiteNews

Bless Your House This Year with the Epiphany Blessing – Chloe Langr, epicPew
The Age of the Android: More Machine Than Man – Sean Fitzpatrick, Crisis Magazine
New Website for Liturgical Theology with Medieval Flair: Canticum Salomonis – NLM
The Incarnation, Eucharist, Women & All-Male Priesthood – S. Skinner, Catholic Stand
Quæritur: Are Blessings, Holy Water, Etc., Less Effective if Latin Isn’t Used – Fr. Z
Video: Woman Explains Why She Left Lesbianism to Follow Christ – Fr. Mk. Hodges, LSN

The Church Can Do Much Better at Serving Young Women – M. Teahan, Catholic Herald
Catholics & Mormons Have More in Common Than We May Think – Michael Davis, CH
Cardinal DiNardo Pays Tribute to Deceased Mormon Pres. Thomas Monson – CNS via CH
Iranian Protests May Change Everything, But What Will the Vatican Do – Fr. Lucie-Smith
What I’ve Learned in Ten(ish) Years as a Catholic on Twitter – Jack Regan, Medium
Pope May Be Mum, But Count On It: Vatican’s Watching Iranian Drama – J. Allen, Crux
Catholic Media Trinity: Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong & Warhol – Ripatrazone, America
The Enduring Legacy of Now-‘Venerable’ Fr. Patrick Peyton – Jos. Pronechen, NC Rgstr
Happy New Year. . . Now What’s Your Fundraising Plan? – B. Sokolowski, Cthlc Fndrsr

Reciprocal Solidarity & Our National Project – Pete Spiliakos, First Things
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Joseph Cardinal Tobin (Credit: Archdiocese of Newark)

The New York Times to Cardinal Tobin: Prove That God is Real

by Joan Frawley Desmond,

of the National Catholic Register

Fr. Jm. Martin Argues That the Catechism Contributes to SSA Youth Suicide – Sciambra
While Catholic Schools Are Closing, Cristo Rey Are Opening New Schools – Geo. Weigel
Bishop Robert E. Barron S.T.D.: Don’t Water Down Christianity – CNA via The CWR
Facebook Bias Crippling Catholic Ads, Critic Says – CNA via The Catholic World Report
St. Francis De Sales: 5 Steps to a Good Morning – Ch. McKinney, Cthlc Spiritual Direction
Card. Brandmüller on Luther, Amoris Lætitia, Dubia & Now – Schwiback, Kath via CWR
Facing the Destruction of Divorce – Leila Miller, Catholic Answers Magazine

Obscure Rule That Allows a Person to Ride a Horse in St. Peters Basilica – uCatholic
Science: Majority of Kids Stop Feeling “Transgender” as They Get Older – A. Randall
Church Survives For 2,000 Years: Possible or Probable? – Dan Byron, Catholic Stand
Young People Increasingly Attracted to Gregorian Chant – CNS via Catholic Herald
Video Producer Sues YouTube for Censoring Pro-Life Videos – Micaiah Bilger, Life News
Jefferson’s “Master Epicurus” & the Nature of the American Regime – Aaron A. Zubia

Archbishop: Is the Nigerian Government Looking for Missing Nuns? – CNA/EWTN News
Taxes & Parental Educational Autonomy – John Grondelski, Ethika Politika

Fr. Piero Gheddo, Envoy to the Peripheries, Dies at 88 – Andrea Gagliarducci, CNA
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Pope Benedict XVI holding an ‘Anglican’ Cross with an Agnus Dei in the middle & the Four Evangelists at its extremities (Credit:

Of Ratzinger & His ‘Anglican’ Crucifix

by Father John Hunwicke,

of Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment

Possible Ordinariate Solution for Anglo-Catholics Re: Female ‘Bishops’ – Fr. Hunwicke
Church Bells That Have Rung Since 1779 Silenced After One Noise Complaint – BBC
What’s In a Name: English Catholicism? Anglican Patrimony? – Shane Schaetzel, CitO
Law: Replacing Sunday Reading with a Style of the Lectio Divina – Fr. Hunwicke, FHME
Guardian Digs Into Faith of UK’s Most Private Christian Believers – Terry Mattingly, GR
Tolkien’s Birthday – Charles A. Coulombe, The Anglicanorum Cœtibus Society Blog
CofE Schools Ask Kids to Report ‘Homophobic/Transphobic’ Teachers – L.M. Klett, TGH
David Warren, Anglican Patrimony – Christopher Mahon, The Anglicanorum Cœtibus. . .
Bronwen Astor Praying for Christian Unity – Antique Richborough
Southern Cross Ordinariate: Snapshot of Aussie Society – Msgr. H. Entwistle, TACSB
‘Wyle New Year Watz So Yep That Hit Watz Newe Cummen. . .’ – A Clerk of Oxford
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