The Church is Now in a Full-Blown Civil War Over Doctrine

by Dan Hitchens,

of Catholic Herald

Unrest at the Vatican; Reassurances Backfire – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
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Boy Scouts’ New Policy Further Strains Connection With Catholics – Brian Fraga, The Reg
Solidarity HealthShare: The Catholic Answer to the Healthcare Dilemma – Tom Perna
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The Pope That Rejected Christ: Pope Marcellinus

by Taylor Marshall, Ph.D.

Is Marriage Catechumenate the Church’s Missing ‘Antidote’ for the Marriage Crisis? – P.J. Smith
Trump Continues Obama LGBT Foreign Policy – Rod Dreher, TAC
Finally, Catechesis for the Whole Family; Check Out Our New “A Family of Faith” Series! – J.M.
“Facts” and “Values” and Darkness at Noon – Archbishop Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap.
The Stumbling Block of the Crucifix: Suffering – Allison Low, Catholic Stand
100% For God, Not Lukewarm – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
When It Comes to Liturgy, We’re All Mutually-Enriching Mongrels – Adam A.J. DeVille Ph.D.
After the Exile: Poetry and the Death of Culture – Anthony S. Esolen Ph.D., Public Discourse
Scalia and Gorsuch: Both Lamented ‘Liberalism’ in Catholic Education – Patrick Reilly, The Reg
Vatican Bars Sodalit Founder From Contact With Members – Catholic News Agency
Loving Those You Hate: 7th Sun. of Ordinary Time – John Bergsma Ph.D., The Sacred Page
8 Surprising Facts About Catholic Education to Know and Share – Justin McClain, epicPew
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


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President Donald Trump’s Stalled Action on Proposed Religious Freedom Order Raises Concerns

from the Catholic News Service

via Catholic Herald

A Blow Upon a Bruise; Amoris Lætitia – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D., Canon Law Blog
The Light of Faith: How I Was Converted by Two College Classmates I Never Knew – V. Burbach
“Strangers in a Strange Land”: Chaput on Catholics Weathering Change in America – M.J. Miller
A Dose of Reality about the Steve Bannon/Cardinal Burke Axis – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
Abortion, Underlying Myths, and a Skewed Idea About Mercy – Roseanne T. Sullivan, Cth Stnd
Trust and Truth – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
8 Ways Catholics Can Reclaim *Saint* Valentine’s Day – Justin McClain, epicPew
How to Think About Discrimination: Race, Sex, & SOGI – Ryan T. Anderson Ph.D., Pblc Dscrs
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Free Download: Almost 400,000 Images from NY’s Metropolitan Museum of Art – Dan. Esparza
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Doctors Who Object to Abortion Need More Legal Protections, Bishops Say – Cthlc News Agncy


How an Anglican Explained Where Catholic Parishes are Going Wrong

by Father Alexander Lucie-Smith, Ph.D.,

of Catholic Herald

New Booklet by Cardinal Asserted to be Response to the 5 Dubia of the 4 Cardinals – Fr. Z’s Blg
Sentimental Catholicism; Liturgical No-No’s – Fr. Bevil Bramwell O.M.I., The Catholic Thing
ESPN Profit Plummets As Network Turns Anti-Christian – Clay Travis, Outkick the Coverage
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How Many Books Could You Read if You Gave Up (Just a Bit) on Social Media? – Daniel Esparza
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


The Trump Melt Down and The Catholic Church

by Donald R. McClarey, J.D.,

of The American Catholic

Teen Vogue’s Pro-Abortion Assault on Underage Girls – Stephen Herreid, The Stream
An Unholy Trinity of Bad Liturgical Hygiene – Kevin T. DiCamillo, Crisis Magazine
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The Brewing Philippine War Between Duterte & The Church – Ramon Antonio A. Aldana, CS
The Archived Life: On Scrapbooking, Catholic Liturgy & Transitional Justice – Melvyn Foo, IT
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Are President Trump and Steve Bannon Conspiring with Cardinal Burke to Thwart Pope Francis?

by John Zmirak, Ph.D.,

of The Stream

Losing My Religion: How Church Music Causes Unbelief – Nick Chui, Ignitum Today
“Po Si Jiu!” Red Guards Arise! Crush the Reactionaries!; Cardinal Burke Et Al– Fr. Z’s Blog
Fr. Peter West Under Fire For Being Pro-Life – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The Amrcn Catholic
A Clear and Present Danger to Catholic Doctrine, Practice, Identity – Fr. Z’s Blog
The PostPersons: Part II; Playing Pretend Gender & Marriage – Guy McClung Ph.D. J.D., CS
Facebook: Facts or Fury? – Randall B. Smith Ph.D., The Dispatch via The Cthlc World Rprt
Girl Boy Scouts . . . and 71 Other “Gender” Options – Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine
Amoris Lætitia & The Scourge of Subjectivism – Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, The Catholic Thing
Most Dems Think Christians in Muslim World Treated Better Than US Muslims – Mat. Archbold
La Civiltà Cattolica and the “Spirit of the Age” – Anthony S. Layne, Outside the Asylum
Securing True Religious Freedom – The Editors, National Catholic Register
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


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How to Survive the Collapse of Western Civilization, Like a Catholic!

by Rod Dreher

An Apology – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The American Catholic
Coverage on Syria is Biggest Media Lie of All Time: Interview w/Priest in Syria – Père Dan. Maes
Do You Believe This? – Charles Johnston, Now That I’m Catholic
The Liturgical Creeps – Eamonn Clark, Christian Renaissance Movement
Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls – Owen Jarus, Live Science
Our Dying (Secular and Catholic) Universities – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
The Story of Salvation; Importance of Old Testament – Charles Johnston, Now That I’m Cthlc
Welcoming the Stranger Then and Now – Susanna Spencer, National Catholic Register
Mindfulness and Catholic Mystical Tradition (Video) – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction


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