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Robert Cardinal Sarah (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Could Cardinal Sarah Bring an End to the Liturgy Wars?

by Kathy Schiffer

of the National Catholic Register

When the Church Defames Her Priests – Joseph R. Maher & David A. Shaneyfelt J.D., H&PR
What Do We Know about the Regensburg Scandal? – Lucandrea Massaro, Aleteia
lit: Catholicism for Young Adults – T.J. Burdick O.P., Dominican Institute
From Reversion to Reversion: How a Deist Became a Theist, Part I – Alex Wolke, Cthlc Stand
Is It Time for a New Land O’Lakes Statement for Higher Education? – Tom Hoopes, Aleteia
A World War Being Waged, Not with Weapons, but Ideas – Fr. Roger J. Landry, ICL™
Ascension Roundtable: Do’s and Don’ts of Catholic Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski
Dear Catholic Bloggers Who Defend Game of Thrones – One Mad Mom
Helping the Children Victims of Divorce – Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski, NC Register
Striking Phenomena During This Centennial Year of Fatima – Fr. Richard Heilman, RCM
The Myth of Autonomy: Catholic Univs. Needed, Now More Than Ever – The Editors, NCReg
In Communion Debate, Cogent Arguments All On One Side – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, CH
Chaplains to the Zeitgeist – Tom Piatak, Crisis Magazine
Former Anglican Bishop Finds a Home in the Catholic Church – Jim Graves, The CWR
Quæritur: Can I Wear a Rosary Like Warriors Wear Weapons? – Fr. Z’s Blog
A New Catholic Moment in the U.S.: Recap of the Catholic Convocation – Matthew E. Bunson


CNN Offers Lyrical View of Islamic Spain, But are Crucial Details Missing From This Image?

by Julia Duin

of Get Religion

How Would Christopher Dawson Redeem the West? – F. Russell Hittinger Ph.D., The Ima. . .
China Will Never Westernize, Ever, at Our Peril – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
How the LGBT Movement Used Fake Science to Push Gay Marriage – Austin Ruse, The Stream
The Most Effective Way to Reduce Child Poverty – Rev. Ben Johnson, Acton Institute
Why Demanding Equality In All Things Makes Us Narcissists – D.C. McAllister, The Federalist
Richard Dawkins Banned; Not Ok to Criticize Islam, But Ok to Criticize Christianity – M. Brown
Charlie Gard’s Parents End Fight to Save Terminally Ill Baby’s Life – Catholic Herald
Charlie Gard’s Parents: Hospital Delay Made It Too Late for Experimental Treatment – Bilger
The Unspeakable Evil of the Tennessee Eugenics Program – Matthew Walther, The Week
UK Government ‘On the Verge of Dropping Catholic Schools Promise’ – Nick Hallett, CH
NFP: It’s Not Just a Catholic Thing Anymore – Catholic News Agency via The Cthlc Wrld Rprt
To Fix Our Societal Ills, We Need To Focus On More Than Handouts – Gracy Olmstead
Voter Fraud Database Tops 1,000 Proven Cases – Jason Snead and Emily Hall, The Stream
Official: China Crackdown on Catholic Church Will Go On – Catholic News Service via CH
Is American English Replacing British English in the UK? – The Economist
Current Arguments in Favor of Eugenics Seem Oddly Familiar – Matthew Archbold, NC Rgstr


Our Elders are Lonely – Do We Care?

from Catholic News Agency

via The Catholic World Report

Can Catholics Still Create Great Art? One Man is Showing the Way – Fr. Alx. Lucie-Smith Ph.D.
Eamon Duffy’s “Reformation Divided” Revises Assumptions, Offers Historical Insights – M.K.
Is it Too Easy to become a Saint? – Michael Davis, Catholic Herald
Divorce and the Duties of Catholic Lawyers – Edward N. Peters J.C.D. J.D., The Dispatch
Recognizing Neighbor in Today’s World – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
Anti-American Projections & Trendy Scapegoating – Adam A.J. DeVille Ph.D., The Dispatch
Ascension Roundtable: Do’s and Don’ts of Catholic Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski
Bishop Conley: 50 Years after Land O’Lakes, Catholic Education Needs Renewal – CNA
Contraception and the Standard Bearer’s Battle Hymn – Rebecca Frech, NC Register
How to Fix the “Annulment Mentality” – Deacon Jim Russell, Crisis Magazine
Black Catholic Congress Emphasizes Unity, Action – Catholic News Agency via The CWR
Free Will, Fulfillment and Excommunication – Hudson Byblow, Crisis Magazine
The Creative Catholic: Vivian Dudro – K.V. Turley, The Dispatch via The Cthlc World Report
Atheist Anthony Toohey Defends His Deconversion (Pt. 1) – Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evi. . .
Greed: A Meditation on an Underreported Sin – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
Even if a Million Deaths is a Statistic, a Single Death is a Tragedy – Stacy Trasancos Ph.D.
Why the Son sits on the Father’s ‘Right Hand’, According to St. Augustine – Stephen Bullivant


Healthcare and Natural Rights

by Howard Kainz, Ph.D.

of The Catholic Thing

Game of Thrones is Bad — and Bad for You – Matthew Walther, The Week
Public Ed. Establishment Tried to Destroy a Distinguished Charter School in NJ – Ch. U. Sahm
Anencephalic Children and Zombies – Maureen L. Condic M.D., Public Discourse
Wealth & Work: Our Aim Should Continue to be an Economy that Produces Both – R. Muirhead
Were Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain Atheists? – Dave Armstrong, Biblical Evidence for. . .
Professionals and Managers: You’re Jobs Will Be Replaced with Automation – Mark P. Mills, CJ
U.K. Minister: Benedict XVI was Right about Relativism – Catholic Herald
De Blasio’s Homeless Hypocrisy: NY’s Mayor Sneers at Struggling Street Dwellers – Seth Barron
Why are More Women Choosing to Put Fertility “On Ice”? – Anne Hendershott, The Dispatch
Brawn in an Age of Brains: Does Physical Labor have a Future? – Victor Davis Hanson, CJ
Could a California Bill Make Catholic Conduct Codes Illegal? – Cthlc News Agncy via The CWR
Betsy DeVos Should End Campus Kangaroo-Court Rules on Sexual-Assault Charges – K. Johnson
Capitalism and the Quest for Community – Brian Jones, Public Discourse
Bishops to Trump: Don’t Abandon Young People to Deportation – CNA via The CWR
Shocking New Study Suggests Disagreeing w/ Gays Not Same as Hating Them – Babylon Bee


“Liturgical Obedience, the Imitation of Christ, and the Seductions of Autonomy”: Audio of Dr. Kwasniewski’s Lecture at Silverstream Priory

by Peter A. Kwasniewski, Ph.D.

of New Liturgical Movement

Is This the Best Video Tour Ever Made of a Cathedral? – ChurchPop
Who is the Patron Saint of Altar Servers? – John Clark, National Catholic Register
100 Descendants and Counting: The Remarkable Story of Pat Klingbeil – CNA via The CWR
Discernment, Action & What Does God Want Me To Do (WDGWMTD) – Deacon Greg Lambert
New Art from Daniel Mitsui: Jesse Tree and St. Philip Neri – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
The 7 Deadly Sins: A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice & Sin; Podcast – Dan Burke, CSD
Coat of Arms of a Priest – Fr. Guy Selvester, Exarandorum
Did the Church “Steal” Christmas From Pagan Rome? – Angelo Stagnaro, NC Register
Why Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Daughter is Now Called a Servant of God – CNA via The CWR
Special Catechesis: Passing on the Faith to Those with Disabilities – Nicholas Wolfram Smith
Brick by Brick in San Francisco – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Sts. Vladimir & Olga: Unlikely Converts & “Equal to the Apostles” – Thomas Craughwell, Reg
Antepreparatory & Preparatory Documents of Vatican II (1959-1962) – Matthew Hazell, NLM
The Harrowing Untold Story of the Priests in Dachau – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald
Quæritur: Can a Priest with Little Latin Say Mass Validly? – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Collects – Fr. John Hunwick, Fr Hunwicke’s Mutual Enrichment


Wherein Fr. Z Rants: Cardinal Sarah’s Proposals for “Mutual Enrichment”

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Vatican II Interpretation & Connection w/Current Church Crisis – Bp. Athanasius Schneider
A Reply to Cardinal Sarah on ‘Liturgical Reconciliation’ – Joseph Shaw, Rorate Cæli
When Can Mutual Enrichment Begin? – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Orthophobia and the Marginalized QTBGL Catholic – Deacon Jim Russell, Crisis Magazine
Do Not Be Afraid To Speak Up for Freedom – Christine Roe, Catholic Stand
The True Ecumenism Spadaro and Figueroa Missed – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
Ascension Roundtable: Do’s and Don’ts of Catholic Fundraising – Brice Sokolowski
Who’s Behind Spadaro, et al? – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Muslim Good Samaritans in War-Torn Marawi – Ramon Antonio A. Aldana, Catholic Stand
Catholics Talking Past One Another – Timothy Kirchoff, Ethika Politika
In Latest Appointments, Pope Names New Members of Roman Rota – CNA via The CWR
This is Not How Saint Sebastian Was Martyred: the Astonishing True Story – ChurchPop
Sacred Liturgy Conf. in Oregon Highlights the Beauty, Truth of Church’s Worship – Paul Senz
With Him in Heaven, in All His Glory – Wendy McMahon, Catholic Stand
Five Hard Truths That Will Set You Free – Msgr. Charles Pope, Community in Mission
Pray the Rosary Especially This Year on the 100th Anniversary of Fatima – Dom Cingoranelli


(Photo Credit: us.fotolia.com/pushish)

From a Lutheran Playground to a Path Through Anti-Catholic Bigotry

by Russell Shaw

of The Dispatch

via The Catholic World Report

Fathers of Aborted Children Feel Effects of the Crime – Patty Knap, Natl Catholic Register
Turkey’s Black Sea Policy: Navigating Between Russia and the West – Selim Koru, Eurasianet
Richard Dawkins: “Any Fetus is Less Human Than an Adult Pig” – Paul Stark, LifeNews.com
Why It’s Incoherent to Support Euthanasia and Oppose Suicide – Zachary D. Schmoll
Immunity for Prosecutors Encourages Fraud – William L. Anderson, Mises Institute
Atheists Can’t Trust Reason — Or Anything – William M. Briggs Ph.D., Statistician to the. . .
Why Religious Leaders Might be Best at Fighting Extremism – Cthlc News Agncy via The CWR
Liberal Muslim Leaders Fear for Their Safety for Protesting Terrorism – Gabrielle Okun
Why Did Indonesia Just Rename Its Part of the South China Sea? – Prashanth Parameswaran
How China’s Navy Is Preparing to Fight in the Far Seas – Rn. Martinson & Katsuya Yamamoto
Muslims for Same-Sex “Marriage”? – William Kilpatrick Ph.D., The Catholic Thing
Finance Can Be a Noble Profession (Yes, Really) – Mihir A. Desai, Harvard Business Review
Armenia: Can the Government Reverse Demographic Decline? – Joshua Kucera, Eurasianet
Chick-fil-A is Rolling Out Family Style Meals and KFC Should be Terrified – Hayley Peterson
In Search of the Lost Art of Ancient Roman Concrete – J-P Mauro, Aleteia
How Union Spies Saved Washington, D.C. From Becoming a Confederate City – David Axe, TNI

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