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The key to increasing vocationsThe Key to Increasing Vocations – Fr. Z’s Blog

How to Help Cohabiting Couples – Fr. Ted Martin, Homiletic & Pstrl Rvw
Two Saintly Popes: How JP2 & John XXIII Modeled Virtue – Fr. Rob. Barron
Pope John XXIII, 1958-1963: A Brief Biography – Fr. David V. Meconi SJ
The ABCs of Anselm – Donald S. Prudlo, The Standard Bearers
In Colorado, Plenty of Connections With JP2 – Anna M. Basquez, The Reg
Faith Needs Philosophy: The Relationship bt. Reason & Revelation – H&PR
Why Developing Skill of Drawing Is So Necessary for the Artist – D. Clayton
“Jesus’s Wife” Hoax: The Plot Thickens – Thomas L. McDonald, GatM
Mideast Christians, Dhimmis Once More? – Mark Movsesian, First Things
Catholics Must Reject Elite DiscourseJames Kalb, Crisis Magazine
Why Don’t Modern Parents Name Their Little Girls ‘Mary’? – Mary Schiffer
Jesuits – Fr. John Hunwicke, Mutual Enrichment
Treasures of the Abbey of St. Maurice at the Louvre - Gregory DiPippo
The TLM at the Ends of the Earth – Regina Blog
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Russia’s patriarch has a lot to lose in CrimeaRussia’s Patriarch Has a Lot to Lose in Crimea – Fr. Mark Drew, The CH

Ukraine: Greek-Catholic Church Condemns Russian Aggression – FthWrld
Middle East Patriarchs Call for Peace in Syria – The Catholic Herald
Weirdest Easter Tradition Every, the Greek Orthodox – Patrick Archbold
Syria’s Bashar Assad Visits Recaptured Greek Orthodox Village – CBS News
This Easter, Ukrainians ‘Have Nothing but Faith’ – Susan Klemond
Coptic Priest Joins Francis’ Personal Secretariat – Andrea Tornielli, Vtc Ins
Head of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church Condemns Corruption – M Miller
Louvre Scraps Section on Eastern Christianity – Giorgio Bernardelli, Vtc Ins
The Death of an Orthodox Visionary In America – Terry Mattingly, On Rlgn
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John-XIII-John-Paul-II-Official-PhotosJohn XXIII & John Paul II – George Weigel, First Things

10 Great Jokes told by Saint John XXIII – John White, Catholic Vote
Remembering Good Pope John – William Van Ornum, Aleteia
Did Francis Tell Divorced Woman to Get Communion – J. Akin (link fixed)
Shakespeare at 450: Slaying Anti-Catholic Dragons – J Pearce(link fixed)
Key Insights on Record Number of Converts in D. C. – Msgr. Charles Pope
The Hidden Rebellion: Coming Soon on Film – Joseph Pronechen, The Reg
Father Walter Ciszek: With God in Russia – Don. R. McClarey JD, Cth Stnd
Catholicism: Scandalous in Every AgeAnthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine
The 11 Best Educational Websites for Kids – Kathleen M. Berchelmann MD
Why Paul J. Griffiths Is Wrong About Homosexual Acts – Fr M Latkovic STD
Tradition Begins at Home, Catholic Exchange
Are You Celebrating Easter Enough? – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand
The 10 Commandments Drinking Game – Catholic History Nerd
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(click here) – uCatholic
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How Catholic Social Teaching Can Ruin Your LifeHow Catholic Social Teaching Can Ruin Your Life – Dr. Adam DeVille

Nephilim, Incubi & Succubi – Dr. Daniel Van Slyke, Dead Phlsphrs Society
Sacramental Marriage: Why Settle for Less? – Megan Twomey, Igntm Tdy
U. K. Offering the Way Forward Out of the Vocations Crisis – F. Phillips
Catholic Radio Returns to Los Angeles – Jim Graves, The Cth Wrld Rprt
The Truth of the Resurrection – Carl E. Olson, Ignatius Insight Scoop
New Book: Ratzinger’s Collected Works on Theology of Liturgy! – Fr. Z
Catholicism & the Bourgeois Mind – Christopher Dawson
Romans Happy Ahead of Two-Pope Canonization – Edward Pentin
Jean-Baptiste de La Salle: Educator & Saint - Jos. F. X. Sladky, The Std Brs
The Dignity of Dying – Bridget Green, Truth & Charity
New Yorker to Norbertine – Michael Bradley, Ethika Politika
Atheists Hurt by U. K. Called a Christian Country, Imams Aren’t – Ed West
Catholic Economics: Natural Rights or Inalienable Duties? – Dan. Schwindt
Faith of Our Fathers, English Martyrs Film Available in USA – New Lit Mov
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Think Pope Francis is a Liberal? I Don’t Think You’re Paying AttentionThink Pope Francis Is Squishy? You’re Not Paying Attention – J. V. Gerardi

One Man’s Amazing Journey Toward the Catholic Faith – Kathy Schiffer
Humanae Vitae Really Isn’t Going Anywhere – Russell Shaw, Aleteia
Holiness in Place: The Counterculture of Stability – Colin O’Brien, Aleteia
Five Things You Didn’t Know About Easter – Taylor Marshall PhD
A Little Learning Is a Dangerous ThingWilliam Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
Shame & Self-Control - Kevin O’Brien, Waiting for Godot to Leave
Strong Rebuttal to Metropolitan Hilarion’s Offensive Remarks – Byz Ed.
10 Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection – Fr. Matthew Schneider
Pope Francis’ Easter Message – Don. R. McClarey JD, The Amrcn Catholic
Half of Malta Accept & Live by Teaching on Contraception – Ariadne Massa
God Is Not a Vending Machine – Nicholas Senz, Catholic Stand
Into the Garden We Walk – Katie Richard, Ignitum Today
Living in the New York Times World – God & Caesar
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(click here) – uCatholic
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holy fire 2014

Christ is Risen: Orthodox Christians Celebrate Easter Worldwide – RT

Catholics and Orthodox Celebrate Easter in Ukraine – Euronews

A Look At the Holy Light (Holy Fire) of Jerusalem 2014 – Mystagogy

Patriarch Kirill Urges Peace for Ukraine in Easter Address – Prvmr

Greek Orthodox, Catholic Bishops Celebrate Easter – Telegram

An Easter Tale of Two Orthodox Babushkas – Radio Free Europe

Holy New Martyrs of Optina – John Valadez, Death to the World

Hollow Orthodoxy – Abbot Tryphon, MONKROCK

Ukrainians in Florida Spend Easter Praying For Homeland – MH

A Tribute to St. Elias Church and Its Pastor – The Raven


Singing PriestSinging Priest at Wedding: Well Beyond the Liturgical Problems – A. Wood

Little Boy Sees the Face of God & Lives – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace
John Hagee & Anti-Catholicism – Shane Schaetzel, Catholic In The Ozarks
Are Canonizations Infallible? Yes & No – Pat Archbold, The Reg (link fixed)
Book Review: Killing Jesus – Fr. David Friel, Views from the Choir Loft
Eternal Rome and Her Easter Churches – Carol Long
The Question of Suffering, the Response of the Cross – Cardinal Ratzinger
The Catholic Gentleman: Linguistics & Vocabulary – Whiskey Catholic
Dante & the Papacy – Daniel J. Heisey, Saint Austin Review
On Barbarism & Benedict – Regis Martin, Crisis Magazine
A Time of Mercy – Fr. James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic World Report
Victory for Life in ColoradoTerry Polakovic, Crisis Magazine
The End of the Anonymous Church – Nathan Tran, Ignitum Today
Terri Schiavo Was Unavailable For Comment – Don. R. McClarey JD, TACth

JP2’s Legacy Can Help Us Win Back Religious Liberty – Ryan Eggenberger
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The Greatest Easter Painting Ever MadeThe Greatest Easter Painting Ever Made – Elise Ehrhard, Crisis Magazine

What Should We Make of the Movie, Heaven is for Real – P. M. Armstrong
Catholic Presence Growing in Norway – Kathy Schiffer, Seasons of Grace
Failing & Falling – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, (link fixed)
Pope John Paul II, Playwright Saint – Fr. Peter J. Cameron, (link fixed)
Fr. Robert Barron Comments on the Meaning of Easter – Jean M. Heimann
The Five-Fold Argument for the Resurrection – Joe Heschmeyer, Str Ntn
The Testimony of Peter & John: The Readings for Easter – John Bergsma
Either Jesus Is God Or a Megalomaniac – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand
Approaching Dignity, Skipping the Spin – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today
And All Shall Say: Alleluia, AlleluiaFr. Robert Johansen, Crisis Magazine
John Paul II & The Blessed Sacrament – Jason Evert, The Cthlc World Rprt
Reviving The Lost Art Of Polish Easter Eggs – Philip Kosloski
‘God’s Not Dead’ & Christianity in America Isn’t Either – Larry A. Carstens
Masterpieces of Gregorian Chant/The introit of Easter – Fulvio Rampi
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Nancy Pelosi: Episcopalian foot washer!Nancy Pelosi: Episcopalian Foot Washer! – Fr. Z’s Blog

Foot-Washing, Law, Journalists, Dissident Activists & Bp. Morlino – Fr. Z
The True Myth: How Jesus Saved the World – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Holy Saturday – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
12 Things You Need to Know about Holy Saturday – Jimmy Akin, The Reg
The Easter Vigil Readings: A Celebration of Covenant – John Bergsma, TSP
A Day Without Him – Rebecca Frech, Ignitum Today
Flannery O’Connor’s Conversations With God – Lorraine V. Murphy
Today Life Is Dead – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
Five Ways Christians Live Holy Saturday Every Day – Laura McAlister, Ig Td
Stay a While With Christ & Him Crucified – Chelsea Zimmerman, Cthlc Lane
Lamentations for Holy Saturday – Don. R. McClarey JD, The Amrcn Catholic
The Middle East War on Christians – Ron Prosor, The Wall Street Journal
Campaign Starts to Pray for Persecuted Christians at Mass – Edw. Pentin
The Holy Spirit & Evangelization: A Primer – Thomas Van, Catholic Culture
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Was Jackie O excommunicated?Was Jackie O Excommunicated? – Dr. Edward Peters, Canon Law Blog

Crucifixion in the Ancient World & Why Jesus Died This Way – Mic. Barber
Cry Room Survival 101: When Mass Is a Near Occasion of Sin – Carrie Gress
New Discernment House Helps Vocations Flourish – NCRg (link fixed)
A Biblical ‘Easter Egg’ in the Passion of Jesus Christ – Joe Heschmeyer
Stations of the Cross; The Sacred Art of Helen McIldowie-Jenkins – TWoB
Viewing Passion Thru Eyes of St. Gemma Galgani – Joel & Lisa Schmidt
A Non-Historical Question about Jesus of Nazareth – Bob Drury, Cthlc Stnd
David Cameron Is Making Plight of Persecuted Christians Worse – Ed West
Ways to Keep the Faith: A Checklist for the Easter Season – G. R. Crowe
Jesuit Priest Saw Christ Crucified Again in Syria – Peter J. Smith, The Reg
Easter Changes Everything . . . – Autumn Jones, Catholic Stand
Reflection on the Holy Land – Matthew Heinrich, Ignitum Today
Dive Deeper Into Scripture This Summer w/Jeff Cavins & Scott Hahn – FUS
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The Bitterness of Ex Priest James CarrollThe Bitterness of Ex-Priest James Carroll – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

The Flip Side of ‘Heaven Is for Real’ – Anabelle Hazard, Catholic Stand
Young Girls and Authentic Beauty – Lilia Draime, Aleteia
Pope Francis on Abortion: An Abominable Crime – Hilary White, Cthlc Lane
10 Things You Need to Know about Holy Thursday – Jimmy Akin, The Reg
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Triduum – Kathy Schiffer
Holy Thursday, Footwashing & the Institution of the Priesthood – CWR
The Harrowing of HellDavid Arias, Crisis Magazine
Are There Souls in Hell Right Now? – Tim Staples, Catholic Answers
Vast Majority of Younger Priests Appreciate New Roman Missal – B. Yanke
The Good Friday Readings & the Priesthood of Christ – John Bergsma, TSP
Fidelity to Tradition: Bl. John XXIII & Vatican II – Donald Prudlo PhD, T&CF
Christ Teaches Us How to Die – Chelsea Zimmerman, Ignitum Today
St. Augustine: The Body & The Blood – Don. R. McClarey JD, The Am Cthlc
The Real Theology of the Body: Lust Is a Form of Hoarding the Gift – Kev
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