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Young Mother Teresa AgnesMother Teresa’s Formative Years in the Periphery

by Ines A. Murzaku

of The Catholic Thing

The Indirect Attack On God – Mitchell Kalpakgian Ph.D., Truth and Charity Forum
Here’s the Skinny on Gluttony – Angelo Stagnaro, National Catholic Register
The Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles: the Didaché – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Historical Images of Barcelona Charterhouse, 1960 – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Mvmnt
God’s Hands and Feet, Dealing with Suffering – Paul Oakes, Catholic Stand
10 Things You Should Never Say to a Nun – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew
The Sacrament of Touch – David Torkington, Catholic Stand
Quæritur: I Have No One to Ask to be Godparent for My Baby – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Strange Dignity: Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God – Patrick Malone, Catholic Stand
Watch These Franciscan Sisters Play Water-balloon Volleyball – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew
The Unsolved Mystery of Mr. Dickens – Sean Fitzpatrick, The Civilized Reader


The body of St. Padre Pio is carried in procession in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican Feb. 5. Pope Francis had asked that the relics of Padre Pio and St. Leopold Mandic, both Capuchins, be brought to Rome for the Year of Mercy. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-PADRE-PIO-LEOPOLD Feb 6, 2016 and PADRE-PIO-LEOPOLD-MERCY Feb. 4, 2016.

(CNS photo/Paul Haring)

The Church’s Understanding of the Miraculous Takes Many Forms, All Requiring Strict Vatican Scrutiny

by Michael O’Neill

of OSV Newsweekly

A Reader Laments the Lack of Attention to “Externals” in the Liturgy – Pt. Kwasniewski Ph.D.
The Catholic Mass, as Described by Justin Martyr in the Year 155 – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Quæritur: Reading Gospel from the Right, Symbol of Preaching to Pagan Barbarians – Fr. Z’s Blg
The Power of Counsel in Conflict – Steffani Jacobs, Catholic Stand
Quæritur: Future Spouse Doesn’t Want Kids to Attend Novus Ordo, But I Do – Fr. Z’s Blog
St. Maximus the Confessor: Theologian for the Unborn – Joe Kral Ph.D., Truth & Charity Frm
Help! My Husband Is Addicted to Pornography! 10 Ways to Cope – Patti Maguire Armstrong
The Catholic Priesthood Does Not Replace Christ’s, Here’s Why – Scott Eric Alt, epicPew
When Japan’s Christians Rose Up Against the State – Jonathan Wright, Catholic Herald
When Should We Ignore Tradition? – James Kalb J.D., Crisis Magazine
On “Completely Tabulating the Universe” – Fr. James V. Schall S.J., The Catholic Thing


Downs Syndrom Child Children of God Face of Jesus Love Hope Faith CharityThe Face of the Triune God: Children with Down’s Syndrome

by Randall Smith, Ph.D.,

of The Catholic Thing

Why Religious Liberty Cannot Prosper without Economic Liberty – Jay W. Richards, A.C.
A Liturgical Rarity: Asterisks from Portugal – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Wisdom: The Fashioner of All Things – Veronica Arntz, Truth and Charity Forum
Does God Will Tragedy? Short Answer: Yes – Vicki Burbach, Pelican’s Breast
The ‘Why’ of Marriage Rules – Gregory K. Popcak Ph.D., OSV Newsweekly
The Dangers of Spiritualizing Your Psychological Problems – Mary Rezac, Cthlc News Agency
Old Testament Map of Universe: Ancient Hebrew Cosmology Full Unnoticed Subtleties – Esparza
Microsoft, Google & Hyatt: Women Need Abortions to Promote Economic Interests – W. Weber
11 Historical Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about the Hail Mary, but Should – Chl. Mooradian
Why I Remain Catholic – Laura DeMaria, Catholic Stand
The Practice of Silence for Lay People – Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman


Sohrab AhmariWall Street Journal Muslim Editor Converts to Catholicism to Honor Slain French Priest Executed by Islamic Extremists

via ChurchPOP

Gammarelli Legacy Passes to Sixth Generation of Papal Tailors – Elise Harris, C.N.A.
Italians Restore 900-Year-Old Mosaics at Bethlehem Church – Judith Sudilovsky, Cthlc Herald
Worthily Celebrating the Mass Outdoors: A Gallery of Photos – Peter Kwasniewski Ph.D.
The Oldest, Most Complete Gospel Book on Earth Is in Ethiopia – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
The Halo Effect: The Economic Value of the Local Church – Joseph Sunde, PowerBlog
The Godlessness of Cultural Uniformity – Matthew Sewell, Crisis Magazine
Pro-Life Medics Face Harassment and Discrimination, Admits Doctors’ Union – Simon Caldwell
Which American Saint are You? – Chloe Mooradian, epicPew
Agnosticism Wins the Debate: ‘Does God Exist?’ – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
The Story of Catholicism in America Begins in Maryland – Adelaide Mena, Natl Cthlc Register
The Virgin Mary Has a House in Vermont  – Daniel Esparza, Aleteia
Warren Buffett Gives $35 Million to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in One Year – Mic. Bilger


Oedipus Aegyptiacus Moloch Evil Occult Magick WiccaFreed from the Occult

by Fred Wolff

of The Coming Home Network International

Exploring the Multifaceted Marvel of Polyphony – Trent Beattie, Catholic Lane
Research With Aborted Baby Parts Has Not Produced One Single Cure – Micaiah Bilger, Lif Nws
But What If I Don’t Feel Like It? – Fr. John Bartunek L.C., Catholic Spiritual Direction
Princess Esther and Saying Yes to Adoption – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today
The Polish Translation of GIRM 299 on the Position of the Altar – Fr. Z’s Blog
“I Used To Be Catholic” – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand
The Early Church Fathers Said What?! Things You’ll Never Believe, But Should – M.V. Vennet
What your Local Parish and the New Hipster Bar have in Common – Adelaide Mena, C.N.A.
Massimo Bottura & Robert DeNiro’s Soup Kitchen about to Open in the Bronx – Daniel Esparza
U.K.: Catholic Universities Need Catholic Staff, Says Prominent Academic – Catholic Herald
Archaeology Casts New Light on the Philistines – Thomas L. McDonald, National Cth Register


Kid Child Praying Hard Cute AdorableThe 7 Most Common Mistakes You Can Make While Discerning Your Vocation

by Tim Glemkowski

of Live at a Higher Pitch

Secularism as Religious Indoctrination – Kenneth Crowther, Crisis Magazine
Why Being Kind Is Important – Anne DeSantis, Catholic Stand
On the Importance of Silence in the Liturgy – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Why Miracles Should Remain a Requirement for Canonization – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew
How to Mislabel a ‘Devout’ Catholic: Mafia Boss Bernardo Provenzano – Francis Phillips, C.H.
Are Religious Teachers being Eradicated from Belgian Schools? – Andrea Gagliarducci, C.N.A.
Canadian Law Societies Target Christian Univ.’s Faith-Based Beliefs on Marriage – Charles Lewis
Why Do So Many Choir Directors Have “Van Gogh’s Ear for Music”? – David Clayton, Nw Lt Mv
Seeing the Invisible God – Marissa Standage, Ignitum Today
A Catholic Perspective on a New Attraction: Noah’s Ark Theme Park in Kentucky – Trent Horn
The Beginning of the End of the United Methodist Church in America – Rod Dreher, TAC


Coffee Cup5 Quick Ways to Make Your Priest’s Job Easier

by Rachel Motte

of Catholic Stand

Act Like a Christian, The World is Watching – Matthew Archbold, National Catholic Register
Are We Making Peace a Priority? – Anne Marie Miller, Ignitum Today
My Apology as a Christian – Allison Low, Catholic Stand
The Pink Sisters – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
God and the Space Between – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand
Think You Know Your Marian Titles and Images? Take the Quiz! – Theresa Williams, epicPew
Benjamin Franklin and the First American Bishop – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The Am Cthlc
Don’t Worship with Liberals: 13 Warning Signs for Conservative Christians – F.S. Lerner, M.S.
Bishop Paprocki: Archbishop Chaput’s ‘Amoris’ Guidelines Are ‘Correct’ – Natl Cthlc Register
Quæritur: Is It a Sin to Laugh or Joke When in Need of Confession? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Abp. Christophe Pierre, Newly Appointed Apostolic Nuncio to the U.S. – Gretchen R. Crowe


Extreme Unction 1640 Grantham Belvoir CastleThe Human Need for Sacred Community

by David Carlin

of The Catholic Thing

The Problem of Evil and the Privilege of Listening to Haydn – Mark K. Spencer Ph.D., RiE
Sts. Peter & Paul Have Several Similarities & Differences: The Most Important – Justin McClain
The Eagle and the Rattlesnake – Pete Socks, Catholic Stand
Dr. Jérôme Lejeune, Hero of the Pro-Life Movement – Patty Knap, National Catholic Register
A Generous Man – Kevin Aldrich, Catholic Stand
Jesus: The Great Interrupter – Lianna Mueller, Ignitum Today
Why My Government Run Playgroup Doesn’t Work – Julie Machado, Catholic Stand
Introvert and Don’t Know What to Say? Here are Five Ways to Break the Ice – Mary Flynn, eP
The Saints Proclaim the Happy News: In Heaven, We’ll Meet Again! – Shaun McAfee O.P.
Cardinal Sarah’s Speech Marks a Turning Point – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Celebrating the Life of a Stillborn Child: Seven Ways to Say Goodbye – Sebastian Mahfood O.P.


Religious FreedomA Humane Civil Society Requires an Ecosystem of Religious Freedom

by Andrew T. Walker

of Public Discourse

6 Great Saints Whose Intercession Is Much Needed in Today’s Culture – Chloe Mooradian, eP
A New Trend: Muslims Converting to Christianity – Donald R. McClarey J.D., The Am Catholic
Francis has an Excellent Chance to Heal His Rift w/ Followers of St. JP2 – Fr. Ray. J. de Souza
Romance Books Adiction: More Women are Addicted Than You Think – Lea Z. Singh, Crisis
The Myth of the Council of Jamnia and the Origin of the Bible – Brant Pitre, The Sacred Page
Why Aging Liberals are So Nasty and So Frightened by Matthew Schmitz – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Problem of Europe’s Weak Christianity: An interview w/ Card. K. Koch – Armin Schwibach
The Only Way to Restore Public Confidence in Catholic Bishops – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Can America Recover Moral Consensus and Tradition? – Russell Shaw, The Dispatch
‘Doctor Death’ Opens Up Shop in California – Mary Rezac, National Catholic Register
Rodrigo Duterte and the Silence of the Lambs – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand


epa05429785 People gather at a makeshift memorial of flowers and candles on the 'Promenade des Anglais' where the truck crashed into the crowd during the Bastille Day celebrations, in Nice, France, 17 July 2016. According to reports, at least 84 people died and many were wounded after a truck drove into the crowd on the famous Promenade des Anglais during celebrations of Bastille Day in Nice, late 14 July. EPA/OLIVIER ANRIGOFrance’s Twin Threat From Within: Angry Youth, Cynical Politics

by Richard Werly

of Le Temps

via World Crunch

Why The Baltic States Are Where Nuclear War Is Most Likely To Begin – Loren B. Thompson
Nice Attack Propels Anti-Immigrant Sentiments Into France’s Mainstream – Michael Birnbaum
Russia’s Cold War Plan to Crush France (In 7 Days) – Michael Peck, The National Interest
Europe’s Next Crisis Is Renzi and the Banks – F. Guerrera & Jac. Barigazzi & Silvia S. Borrelli
NATO May Have to Expel Turkey – Con Coughlin, The Daily Telegraph
How Islamic State Is Sowing Savagery Across Europe – Martin Chulov, The Guardian
How Can We Preserve Britain’s Union? – Philip Johnston, The Daily Telegraph
China: More Hegemon Than Bogeyman? – Jeff Kingston, The Japan Times
Nice: The War of Religion Continues – Roberto de Mattei, Il Tempo
The Cost of Interlinking India’s Rivers – Sudha Ramachandran, The Diplomat

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