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Reknowned Italian Expert Speaks About Growing Christianophobia in Europe – Pravmir

Orthodox Christians, Priests Face Threats in Ukraine – RT

Christ is Cleansing Ukraine, Says Church Leader – Catholic Culture

Ancient Christianity Confronts Death and Halloween – Fr. J. Parker, OCN

First Person Beatified on US Soil Raised in Byzantine Catholic Church – CtB

Coptic Christian Landmark Church Restored in Cairo – BBC News

Philoxenus of Mabbug: Love the Truth as the Martyrs Did – Cath Book Blogger

Where the Apostle Luke Wrote His Gospel – Mystagogy

The Point of a Monk – Jason Liske, Revenance/Death to the World

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1Metropolitan Hilarion’s Interview

to Vatican Radio


Look to the East for Canonical-Spiritual Balance – Synod on Family

A Conversation with His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk – Crd. Dolan

The Immorality of Moralism – Archimandrite P. Papadopoulos

The Gospel and the Rules – Phillip Pullella, Monks and Mermaids

Buddhism & Eastern Asceticism vs. Orthodox Asceticism – Kandylaki

Acedia: The Noonday Demon – Fr. A.F. Kimel, Eclectic Orthodoxy



Go and Preach: The Missionary Struggles of St. Innocent of Alaska – Pr Inst

Moscow Patriarchate Accuses Ukr Catholics of Inciting Violence – Cath Cltr

St. Innocent and Winter Travel – Michael Ivanovich, Orthodox Canada

The Priesthood in a Nutshell – Byzantine, Texas

The True Church – Ric Ballard, Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal

The Gift of a Spiritual Director – Phillip Rolfes, Master Beadsman

An American Saint Faces the Communists – Jared Hall, Death to the World


1Elder Iliy Nozdrin: “Now Our Duty is to Pray With All Our Zeal

So That the Lord Might Reconcile Our Lives”


Extraordinary Life of Confessor Who Speaks Language of Jesus – Gr Nw

Archbp of Mosul: “Recognize Genocide Against Christians” – ACN

Coptic Bishop Calls For Defense of Religious Freedom – ICN

Assembly of Bishops Issues Statement on Middle East – OCN

Reconciling East & West: The Papacy – Fr. D. Bird OSB, Mnks & Mrmd

Institute for Orth Chr Studies Starts Online Degree Pgm. – Pravmir

Pre-Synod for the Family Doctrinal Exchange –



House Authorizes Arming, Training of Syrian Rebels – USA Today

Assyrian Ch of E. Bp.: Why Christianity is Vital in Middle East – AINA

Edmonton’s Coptic Christians Welcomes Pp. Tawadros II – EJ

Bl. Velychkovsky Named Patron of Prison Ministry – BC Catholic

The Foolishness of the Cross – Met. Khodr, Notes on Arab Orthodoxy

Canadian P. M. Meets Pope Tawadros II – P. M. Press Release

OCA Holy Synod: Canonical Restructuring Proposals – OCA

When Orthodox Theologians Theologize Like Protestants – Mystagogy

St Feofil: Leave Vanity of This World – Jas. Liske, Death to the World

What Makes a Priest Rejoice at Confession – Hieromonk Nektary



Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Delivers Keynote Address @ In Defense of Christians Summit – AINA

Terrorists Kidnap Hundreds of Christian Girls, Cut Off Their Breasts (Warning: Graphic) – UFP

Interview w/ Fr. Dale Brown of Save Christians Now – Ancient Faith Radio

St. Alexander Nevsky: Humility as Victory – Artemy Ermakov, Pravmir

Why Does the World Reject the Cross of Christ? – Mystagogy

Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue Underway in Jerusalem – Byzantine, Texas

The Religion of Peace – Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering

Armenian Christianity Today – Dr. Adam DeVille, Eastern Christian Books

The Kenotic Theology of the Cross and Popular Culture – Honey & Hemlock



Bishops in Synod: Ukraine is Flowing with Blood – SoSJC

Five Christian Patriarchs Meet with President Obama – SINA

How the Father May or May Not Be Depicted in Orthodox Iconography – O&H

Where is Heaven? – Jonathan Pageau, Orthodox Arts Journal

David Bentley Hart on the Metaphysics of Deity – Eclectic Orthodoxy

St. John Maximovitch: The Cross, Preserver of the Universe – OCA News

Leo Tolstoy and the Orthodox Church – Honey and Hemlock

In Honour of Benedicta Ward – Eastern Christian Books


Catholics on Ukraine-Russia Border Face Suffering & Uncertainty – Rg

An Open Letter From Ukraine’s Catholic Primate –

French Muslims Support Mideast Christians Against ISIL – Tdy’s Zmn

Assyrians Need Protection From Islamisation – Middle East Monitor

Parents Build Church Where Their Child Was Killed – Mystagogy

Met. Joseph to Rep. Pat. John X at In Defense of Christians – NOAO

Coptic Church Harassed in Leadup to Papal Visit – The Suburban

Wealth and Being Human – Fr. Ted’s Blog

Cheap & Costly Grace & the Justification of the Ungodly – Ecl Orth

Churches Have a Unique Vision – Fr. Theophan Mackey, Pravmir

Wine and the Vine – Second Terrace


Save Christians Now Video –

War and Stewardship – Bill Marianes, OCN

Patriarch John X: Time For World to Recover f/Misstep – NOAO

Ukrainian Catholic Bishop: West Must Stop Putin – Cath Sentinel

1st Church Dedicated to Newly-Canonized St. Porphyrios – Mystgy

Christianity is About Healing & Church Work Is Therapeutic – AVOC

On St. Irenaeus, Religious Elitism & Church – Coffee w/ Sister Vassa

Spiritual Adulthood – Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering

Nothing Before His Love – Jan Kaiser, Kaiserswest

Pearls of Wisdom From Pope Shenouda III – Spoken Thoughts

Get Messy – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

Finding Release From the Fear of Loneliness – Benjamin Mann



I Love, Therefore I Am – Metropolitan Kallistos Ware, In Communion

Saving Christians Starts With You –

Patriarch Kirill:  I Sorrow Deeply Over Deaths From Shelling of Church – Prv

Patriarch Kirill Offers Condolences to Pope Francis – Catholic Culture

When the Panagia Wept Before WWI and WWII – Mystagogy

Josephus on the Execution of St. John the Baptist – Byzantine, TX

Christian in Gaza – Fr. Chris Metropulos, Come Receive the Light, OCN

St. Isaac the Syrian: Violence in the Middle East – The Sounding, OCN


Bishop Angaelos Speaks About the Coptic Orthodox Tradition – CTE

Priest Shocked by Conditions for Iraqi Christian Refugees – Cath Herld

Catholics in Ukraine Request Independence Day Prayers – Catholic Sun

Patriarch Kirill Asks Poroshenko to Stop War, Prays For Victims – Prvmr

Catholicos of All Armenians Condemns Atrocities Against Yezidis – OCP

The Importance of Theology For Everyone – James Siemens, Symposium

Thoughts & Opinions on Peace From Orthodox Christian Youth – Mystagogy

In Ethiopia, An Adrenaline-Filled Act of Faith – Ethiosports

Doctrine Grows to Remain the Same – Fr. Kimel, Eclectic Orthodoxy

Interview With Pilgrim George – Venerable Antiquity



Patriarch John X: Syria Shall Rise Up and Shake Off Ruin – NOAO

Kurds Promise to Protect Christians “Until Last Drop of Blood!” – CathOnln

Ukrainian Catholic Leader Blasts Russian Orthodox Statements – CC

Coptic Bishop: Only a Matter of Time Before Islamic Fundamentalism “Infects the Entire World” – Leah Barkoukis, Townhall

Word of a Pastor I: On Faith – Patriarch Kirill, Pravmir

Icon of St. Innocent of Moscow Begins to Weep in Seminary – Mystagogy

Ethiopian Mystic: Abd el-Mesih al-Habashi – DACB

Contemplating the Virtues of the Theotokos – Lessons From a Monastery

Rediscovering the Philokalia – Ric Ballard, ECSR

Communion Prayer of Philoxenus of Mabbug – Pontifications


Orthodoxy and Suicide – Fr. Preble, Shepherd of Souls

Eastern & Oriental Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch on Historic Meet – OCN

Met. Hilarion: The Church Bears Special Responsibility Today – DECR

Russian Patriarch: Ukrainian Catholics Want to “Eradicate Orthodoxy” – CC

Eastern Patriarchs’ Request Support Against Religious Extremism – ACNS

Defending the Theotokos – Ric Ballard, Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal

Eye-Witness Account About Annual Bright Cloud @ Mt. Tabor – Mystagogy

The Transfiguration – Bl. Fr. Seraphim Rose, Pravoslavie

St. Febronia: Beauty Bathed in Blood – Death to the World

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