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Bishop Angaelos Speaks About the Coptic Orthodox Tradition – CTE

Priest Shocked by Conditions for Iraqi Christian Refugees – Cath Herld

Catholics in Ukraine Request Independence Day Prayers – Catholic Sun

Patriarch Kirill Asks Poroshenko to Stop War, Prays For Victims – Prvmr

Catholicos of All Armenians Condemns Atrocities Against Yezidis – OCP

The Importance of Theology For Everyone – James Siemens, Symposium

Thoughts & Opinions on Peace From Orthodox Christian Youth – Mystagogy

In Ethiopia, An Adrenaline-Filled Act of Faith – Ethiosports

Doctrine Grows to Remain the Same – Fr. Kimel, Eclectic Orthodoxy

Interview With Pilgrim George – Venerable Antiquity



Patriarch John X: Syria Shall Rise Up and Shake Off Ruin – NOAO

Kurds Promise to Protect Christians “Until Last Drop of Blood!” - CathOnln

Ukrainian Catholic Leader Blasts Russian Orthodox Statements – CC

Coptic Bishop: Only a Matter of Time Before Islamic Fundamentalism “Infects the Entire World” – Leah Barkoukis, Townhall

Word of a Pastor I: On Faith – Patriarch Kirill, Pravmir

Icon of St. Innocent of Moscow Begins to Weep in Seminary – Mystagogy

Ethiopian Mystic: Abd el-Mesih al-Habashi - DACB

Contemplating the Virtues of the Theotokos – Lessons From a Monastery

Rediscovering the Philokalia – Ric Ballard, ECSR

Communion Prayer of Philoxenus of Mabbug – Pontifications


Orthodoxy and Suicide – Fr. Preble, Shepherd of Souls

Eastern & Oriental Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch on Historic Meet – OCN

Met. Hilarion: The Church Bears Special Responsibility Today – DECR

Russian Patriarch: Ukrainian Catholics Want to “Eradicate Orthodoxy” – CC

Eastern Patriarchs’ Request Support Against Religious Extremism – ACNS

Defending the Theotokos – Ric Ballard, Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal

Eye-Witness Account About Annual Bright Cloud @ Mt. Tabor – Mystagogy

The Transfiguration – Bl. Fr. Seraphim Rose, Pravoslavie

St. Febronia: Beauty Bathed in Blood – Death to the World



Mosul’s Christians: “Where is the conscience of the world?” – OCN

The Aim of the Jesus Prayer – Mark Williams, The Jesus Prayer

Orthodox Priest, Former Rock Star, Battles Ebola in West Africa – OCN

Ukraine Separatists Release Kidnapped Priest – Catholic Culture

Monasticism, Clericalism and the Priesthood of All Believers - CWR

An Orthodox Christian’s Report on Palestine from Gaza – East Chr Insights

Women Saints Who Suffered Under Islam – Pravoslavie

Most Russian Citizens Think Russia Needs Orthodoxy – Pravmir



Iraqi Christians Told to Convert or Face Death – Int. Christian Concern

Shocking Photos of 40th Anniversary of Turkish Invasion of Cyprus – Gr Rp

ISIS Forces Last Iraqi Christians to Free Mosul – New York Times

Syriac Catholic Diocese Burns as Conversion Deadline Passes – Ssns of Grace

Time of Decision for Church of England – Archpriest Andrew Phillips

Statement of ROC on C of E’s Decision to Allow Women Bishops – DECR

Sergius of Russia: A Saint For All Seasons – Pravmir

Always New Beginnings – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

Fire From Ashes: The Reality of Perpetual Conversion – Byz, TX

“Left Behind” and Corruption of Biblical Interpretation – Preachers Inst.

St. Macrina the Younger as a Model For Our Lives – Mystagogy

Isolation – Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering



Hundreds of Children Pray for Peace in Ukraine at Yaroslavl Monastery – Interfax Religion

Pope’s Hints on Married Priests Trouble Vatican – Economic Times

Russ Chrch Official Believes Fight For God’s Truth Going On in Ukr – Prmr

Coptic Orthodox Church Condemns Attacks on Gaza – Ahram Online

Four Attributes of a Christian Family – Met. Stefanos, MYOCN

Portland to Host Northwest’s 1st Maronite Ordination – Catholic Sentinel

Autopsy of a Burned-Out Pastor: 13 Lessons – Good Guys Wear Black

Christians, Other Religious Groups in Lebanon Fear ISIL Attacks – AINA

US Presbyterian Church Recognizes Armenian Genocide – OCP Media Ntwrk

Scripture and Tradition in Staniloae’s Experience of God – 2nd Terrace

Most of the Time, The Earth is Flat – Orthodox Arts Journal

Tolkien’s Long Defeat – Glory to God For All Things



The Smashers Are Back - Glory to God for All Things

Metropolitan Joseph: “We Have to Build a Monastic Life” - Byz, TX

Up to 500 Refugees Fed Daily For Free at Athonite Metochion, Kiev – Prmr

The Psychopath – Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering

Sick of Liberal Character Assasination? – Just Genesis

Beyond Torture: The Gulag of Pitesti, Romania – The Sounding

Plight of Russians Who Are Catholic – Christopher Howse, Telegraph

Counsels to a Christian on Unceasing Watchfulness – Pravoslavie

Turkey: Secularist Siege Against Orthodox Church – MYOCN News

Stunning and Whirling Prayer – Brandon Vogt



Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev & All Ukraine: 20 Years of Ministry – Pravmir

How Sex is Derailing Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue – First Things

The Mystery of the Heart is Greater! – Notes on Arab Orthodoxy

Progress or Destruction in Spiritual Life Begins w/ Marriage – GOAA

Abbot Nicholas on EWTN (Video) – Holy Resurrection Monastery

History is a Scandal – Again and Again

Always New Beginnings – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

On the Gift of Art: Clashing Worldviews – Orthodox Arts Journal

A Kingdom Not of This World - Eastern Christian Insights

Satans Deadly Counsel – Fr. Ted’s Blog

Mysticism, Monasticism and New Evangelization – Catholic World Report

Sergius Bulgakov: Parousia of the Holy Spirit – Eclectic Orthodoxy



UGCC Extends Fraternal Condolences to UOC-MP – RISU

Kiev Pays Last Respects to Metropolitan Vladimir – Pravmir

99 Ways to Become a God – R. Ballard, Eastern Catholic Spiritual Renewal

Reflections on Future of Oriental Orthodox Communion – OCP News

Abba Sisoes at the Tomb of Alexander the Great – LFAM

Gift of Peace & Spread of Orthodoxy in Uganda – Journey to Orthodoxy

On Why the Orthodox Pray for the Dead – Classical Christianity

St. Porphyrios and the Joy of the Resurrection – Mystagogy



Monks of Valaam Monastery Shelter 116 Ukrainian Refugees – Pravmir

Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine Vladimir Reposes in the Lord – Prvmr

The Remarkable Missionary Efforts of Archbishop Anastasios – Sounding

Connect College Students to Faith Before its too Late – MYOCN

Abandon Despair! – Father John Moses, Pravmir

Less Injustice or More Humility – Fr. A. Trader, Ancient Christian Wisdom

Enduring Hostility for Jesus’ Sake – Fr. Preble, Shepherd of Souls

Prologomena to Ecumenism – J. A. Broberg, Reeling but Erect

Westernization of Icons in the 17th Century – Icons & Their Interpretation

The Myth of Hitler Being a Christian – Pravoslavie

Numbers Up, Attendance Down – Again and Again

Vikings in Newfoundland: Canada’s 1st Orthodox Parish? – LFaM

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