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What That Church of England Vote is Really About…What That Church of England Vote Is Really About – Fr. D. Longenecker

Is There Growing Confusion over Church Teaching? – Dr. William Oddie
Why Gyms and Hymns are Suffering The Same Fate – Gabriel Garnica
You Ought to Act Like a Human – Stacy Trasancos PhD Intg Cth Life™
“Renewing the West by Renewing Common Sense” July 17-20th – Insght
Finding the Face of Jesus in a Chocolate Bar –  Sr. Margaret Kerry, FSP
The ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ Phenomenon – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today
Don’t Give in to Discouragement – Dom Hubert van Zeller, Cth Exchn
America’s Other Border Crisis –  Micah Murphy, Truth & Charity Frm
Never Give Up – John Janaro
On Truly Random Numbers – Matt Briggs, Statistician to the Stars!
The Sign of the Scapular – Michelle Arnold, Catholic Answers


Recalling Euthanasia’s Legacy of Death – Rev. George Rutler

Mind Control – Dr. Gary L. Welton, Catholic Lane
New and Notable Books (February 2014) – Brandon Vogt
The Church I’ll Never Leave – Catholic Relief Services, CMom
Watchmaker’s Lathe [Beautiful Machines] –  Thomas L. McDonald
Pope Francis Renews His Argentine Passport – Frank Weathers, WIC
Biblical Teaching on Use of Colorful Language – Msgr. Charles Pope
Bishop Davies: Pre-nups Undermine Marriage – Madeleine Teahan
What to Expect When You’re No Longer Expecting – Bridget Green
What is Yoga? A Catholic Perspective (Part II) – Fr. Ezra Sullivan
Why Train Our Hearts? – Fr. Nnamdi Moneme, Catholic Exchange
Turn the Other Cheek? – Marcellino D’Ambrosio PhD, ICL™
Christopher Malloy on What Is a Reactionary – P. Kwasniewski
Abby Johnson: Beating Planned Parenthood – Peter J. Smith
Two More Roman Curia Heads Confirmed in Jobs – John Thavis
Teaching Kids The 5 Steps To A Good Confession – Lacy, C’Icing
George Kennan: Never A Man for Causes – Walter M. Hudson
Dignity in Death – Michelle Fritz, Catholic Stand
In Other News, Water is Wet – Donald R. McClarey, TAC
Swedish Nurse Takes Stand on Conscience Rights – M. O’Brien
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Adam and Eve and Ted and Alice – Michael F. Flynn, Strange Notions

High School Q&A: Engagement and Prayer –  Andrew Sciba
Grow Up: Become a Child – Joey McCoy, i.d. 916
What Statistics Really Is: Part Last – William M. Briggs
Olympics and Faith: ‘Catechism of Hockey’ – Lisa Hendey
Does Compromise Apply to Annulment’? – Dr. Edward Peters
What Does Scripture Mean by “’The Flesh’? – Msgr. Pope
Ode to Feminine Genius: Proverbs 31 Woman – Alessandra
Divine Ministry: More Holy Kisses – Susan Anne, CStand
Remember Tonya Reaves? – Carl E. Olson, CWReport
Cardinal Stickler’s Mass in New York, 1992 – William Riccio
Limburg Report Provides for New Speculations – Tancred
The Dystopian Her – Peter Lawler, Imaginative Conservative
Faith and Science in Context – Bob Drury, Catholic Stand
Washington: The Greatest American-Part I – D. McClarey
A Good Read for Lent – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, SoMH
Quebec Should Beware of Euthanasia – M. Somerville
The Nevada Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Case – Paul B. Linton
The Martyrs and Belgium’s Euthanasia Law – S. Kokx
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Give Me Back My Valentine! – Karen Anderson, Crisis Mag

Live from The Square: Valentine’s Pope – Rocco Palmo, Whispers
Valentine’s Day: Vile or Virtuous? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, SoMH
Once Upon a Time, there was a Banana in the Kitchen – T. Thomas
The Sweetest Heart of Jesus – Donna Sue Berry, RC Spiritual Dir
St. Valentine, Priest and Martyr – Catholic Lane
More on the Creation Debate – Ben, Two Catholic Men & a Blog
Why Privatizing Marriage Can’t Work – F. J. Beckwith, Catholic Thing
Canonist Ed Peters Shreds Falsehoods about Pius X – Fr. Z’s Blog
St. Valentine’s Romantic Connections? – Southern Fried Catholicism
Fourteen Tips About Life, Your Choice – Donald R. McClarey, TAC
Cosmology and Creation: Contrasting Notions – Fr. Andrew Pinsent
Blackfriars Media: New App (Android Version) – Allison Gingras
Valentine Effort Promotes Authentic Love to Students – T. McFeely
Judge Not – Tim Staples, Catholic Answers
Love – Karen Pullano, Godversations
Pope: Only God Can Teach Us to Accept His Love – Francis Phillips
Demonic Obsession – Tim Shaughnessy, Truth & Charity
Belgium Becomes First to Legalize Child Euthanasia – Elise Harris
Russia, Homosexuality, & Protection of Children – C. Moynihan MN
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If You Don’t Need God’s Mercy, Don’t Go to Mass –  E. Butland, CH

How the Latin Mass Deepened My Faith – Beverly Stevens, Regina
Things To Love About the Mass – Cynthia Trainque, Catholic Exch
Mormonism & the Question of Authority – Tim Staples, CthlcAns
Escaping the Prison of the Self – Wesley Hill, First Things
The Pun is Mightier Than the Sword – Fr. Longenecker, ImgntvCns
The Theology of Me – Marlon De La Torre, Catholic Mom
Agnes Sanford: Friend Among Communion of Saints – M. Juneau
Clarence Thomas on Abraham Lincoln – Donald R. McClarey, TAC
NYC Cabbie: Pope Francis & One Joy – Jamey Brown, Cthlc Stnd
Are You a Gossip? – Bernard Toutounji, Ignitum Today
‘Cause You Can’t Eat Flowers: Relationship Advice – K. Schiffer
Lalemant Propers – Jeff Ostrowski, Views from the Choir Loft
Bishops Should Deny Communion to Pro-Aborts – Fr. Z’s Blog
Pope Francis on “Perfect Union” w/ Catholic & Orthodox – CWR
Abraham Lincoln on the Bible – E. L. Core, Catholic Lane
The Jihadist Movement: Implications for the West – S. Stewart
Why Easy Stem Cells Raise Hard Ethical Questions – B. Foht
Korea: A Church of Martyrs – Paolo Affatato, Vatican Insider
Love Unleashed Through Suffering – Dawn Eden, First Things
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Eyewitness Account of Benedict XVI’s Resignation – Archbishop Cushley

Grace Uplugged, The Story of the Ages – Patti Maguire Armstrong, CMom
Romantic Roman Catholic? The Romance of Religion – Dr. T. Marshall
God’s Law is Personal – Msgr. Charles Pope, ADW Blog
Hollywood Legend and Diplomat Shirley Temple Dies at 85 – J. Heimann
Brooklyn Priest Named New Bishop of Albany – Catherine Harmon, CWR
Benedict: ‘When There is No Struggle, There is no Christendom’ – TEF
Did Tertullian Deny the Real Presence? – J. Heschmeyer, Shameless Pop
Cheap C.S. Lewis eBooks – Brandon Vogt
A Sense of the Sacred: Benedict, Francis, & the Liturgy – Adam Bartlett
5 Ways to Prepare Yourself For Marriage – Sam Guzman, Catholic Exch
‘Hooking Up’: An Injustice to Life – Fr. Basil Cole OP, Truth & Charity For
Looking Back at Benedict XVI’s Fateful Decision – Joan Frawley Desmond
Should We Care that Hilary Mantel Is Anti-Catholic? – Fr. Lucie-Smith, CH
Critiquing Moderation: Does Centrism Befit Our Times? – Robert Struble
Five Things Media Can Do To Improve Reporting of Sex Abuse – Md Rpt
“Cold Butter Doesn’t Spread” – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia
The Sheer Idiocy of ‘Every Child a Wanted Child’ – Leila Miller, Cthlc St
Liberalism, Capitalism & Pluralism: Catholic Wars – Bonchamps, TAC
Scripture Craft For St. Valentine’s Day – Lacy, Catholic Icing
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Review of Son of God – Brandon Vogt, Word on Fire
Blessed Pope John Paul II: Spiritual Warfare Quote – J. Heimann
I Will Not Be a Drone or a Drudge! – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Queen Elizabeth to Meet With Pope Francis in April – EWTN
An Exception to De Mortuis Nihil Nisi Bonum – Donald McClarey
Woody Allen: No Guarantee of Justice in Sex Abuse – M. Salter
Work 40+ Hours a Week and Still Put God First? – Karee Santos
Dr. Krauthammer’s Divided Soul – Matthew J. Franck, First Things
Frugal February: Practical Tips for Temptation to $pend – K. Sciba
Getting the Eucharist – Matthew Tyson, Ignitum Today
Today, We Bake Bread – Mary Wallace, Catholic Mom
Humility: From Both Sides Now – Robbe Lyn Sebesta, Catholic St
Daily Quote from Dr. Peter Kreeft – Integrated Catholic Life™
Don’t Underestimate Your Catholic Work Ethic – C. Weber, CS
Review of St. Edmund Campion Missal and Hymnal – Fr. Nolan
Topless Women Attack Archbp. of Madrid – Fr. Z’s Blog
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The Papacy: The Person Versus The Office – Fr. David Meconi SJ, H&PR

French Government Declaring War on Catholics – Tancred, TEFlower
Bp. Sippo Confirms New Church inEastern Finland – Alberto Carosa
Shattered and Reborn: Positive Suffering – Melanie Jean Juneau, CS
Marriage as a Vocation – Shaun McAfee, Ignitum Today
Feast Day of the Dumb Ox – Donald R. McClarey, Catholic  Stand
Anne Roch Muggeridge on U. K. Catholicism Circa 1995 – R. Collins
Europe Under Pressure from Homosexual Activists – Hilary White, CL
Fr. Barron Answers: How To Discern the Priesthood? – J. Heimann
4 Tips To Make Parenting Easier – Dr. Gregory Popcak, Catholic Exchange
IPieta [App o the Mornin’] – Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine
Dirty Secrets of the Gay Male Subculture: A Brief Bolster – Marc Barnes
Amy Glass Is Not Well – Patti Maguire Armstrong, Catholic News
Private Revelation: 2 Stories & 2 Basic Types – Mark P. Shea, The Reg
Mercy in a Culture of Death – John Burger, Truth and Charity Forum
The Philosophical Basis for Religious Liberty – Michel Therrien, Crisis
 – Mark Lambert
What GLAAD & Muslim Extremists Have in Common – W. Kilpatrick, Alt
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Judge Carefully, Slowly & Humbly, As in This Cartoon – Msgr. Pope

Aquinas the Dramatist – Daniel McInerny, Aleteia
Alcuin Reid Replies to Andrea Grillo’s Critique – Gregory DiPippo
St. Pius X and the Church of Nice – Kevin M. Tierney, Catholic Lane
The Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple – M. Barber, TSP
The Uninvited Guests at Your Choir Rehearsals – Mary Jane Ballou
The Rational Judgment of a Miraculous Cure – Kevin Aldrich, SNs
Woman’s Instinctive Wish – Create a Home & Raise Children – CH
Grammys, Sex, & Satan – Just Buy a CD! – Birgit Jones, Catholic St
“Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!” – Emily C. Hurt, Ignitum Tdy
Sports: Turning An Obsession into a Positive Activity – Greg Yoko
The History and Ruins of Jerusalem’s Temple – Diana von Glahn
An Overview of Eliot – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Stndg on my Head
Blogging And The Art Of Mustang Maintenance – Frank Weathers
Am I Doing This Right? – Ginny Kubitz Moyer, Catholic Mom
7 Spiritual Weapons to Battle Pornography – Matt Fradd
The Shame of the Catholic Subculture – John Zmirak, Cthlc Thng
The Illogic of Pro-Abortion Rhetoric – Patrick Lee, CWReport
Voyage to Alpha Centauri is ‘Intellectually Engaging . . . ‘ –  C. Olson
‘War on Women’ to Strike Again: Learned Anything? – J. Desmond
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Is God Pro-Life or Pro-Death? – Dr. Matthew Ramage, StrgnNtns

A Christian Without Church Is An Absurd Dichotomy – Elise Harris
Pope’s Words to Catholic Educators – Robert John Araujo SJ, MoJ
Pope to Catholic Academia: Be Both – Tom Hoopes, Catholic Vote
Catholic Universities: Identity, Faith, & Power – Dr. E. Cunningham
My Franciscan Saint for the Year – Barb Szyszkiewicz, CthlcMom
Insane Conversations: Tell Children About Euthanasia – P. Russell
Churching of Women & Relation to the Presentation – Msgr. Pope
If You Like Your Morality, You Can Keep Your Morality – C. Holloway
Charismatics in Context – Matthew Olson, Ignitum Today
5 Dumb Things People Say About Truth – Matt Fradd
Gimme Shelter, Why America Can’t Be Bothered – Barb Lishko, CL
How Small Is the Remnant? – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
Living Christ on Campus – Lilia Draime, Aleteia
Out-of-Date Message Movies – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
Humanities Replaced by Banalities – Donald R. McClarey JD, TAC
Been Thinking About Heaven – Leticia Adams, Catholic Stand
Christians Slaughtered by Muslims – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Banning Circumcision in Scandinavia – Mark Movsesian, FThoughts
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit? – Catholic Exchange
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