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Pope Benedict: Beware the Secular State – Benjamin Wiker, Human Events

Narcissism, Entertainment, Art – Sardonicus, Sardonic Ex Curia

“Governor Oops”: King of Jobs – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Politics at the Academy Awards – Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Unfunded – Daniel DiSalvo, City Journal

Refineries Choking US Shale Boom – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Undoing the Minimization of Wages – Run Unz, American Conservative

Homeless: Please Starve – Todd Starnes, Human Events

Print-a-Car on the Horizon – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

What Brown Can Do for You – Pete Peterson, City Journal

Triple the Sequester – Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Government and Shaping Souls – Greg Sisk, M.o.J.

Little Change in Abortion Attitudes – Michael J. New, First Things


Health Care, Unsolved – Howard and Feyman, City Journal

Shepherds and Sheep – Thomas Sowell, T.A.S.

Patrick Henry Warned – Thomas Kidd, T.I.C.

Ben Carson to Speak at CPAC 2013 – John Hayward, Human Events

Values Voters for Obama – R.R. Reno, First Things

The Importance of Cicero – Bradley Birzer, T.I.C.

No Good Answer for Obamacare – John Hayward, Human Events

A Pathology of Democracy – Dario Fernandez-Morera, Liberty Law Blog

What’s Natural About Natural Law? -Noah Millman, American Conservative

Notes on the Decline of Work – Ross Douthat, N.Y.T.

Combining Executive and Judicial – Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

The Minimum Wage Conundrum – John Hayward, Human Events

Transhumanists Want to be Gods – Wesley Smith, N.R.O.

Abolish the Department of Education – Jeffrey Lord, T.A.S.

Disaster Coming? – Lopez & Last, N.R.O.


Forced Plug Pulling Coming? – Wesley J. Smith, Human Exceptionalism
Bills Come Due in Illinois: $22 Billion – Walter Mead, Via Meadia
The Chronicle of an Undeception – Michael Bauman, T. I. C.
Obama’s ‘Non-Profit’ Sells Political Access – Arnold Ahlert
Guardini on Mastery and Nearness – Jason Peters
Selective Science & Breast Cancer – Mathew Hanley MPH, The Cthlc Thing
The Onion’s Big Mistake – Christian Bonk, TakiMag
Guns and Double Standards – Jack Kerwick
A Response to Hart and Potemra – R.J. Snell, Public Discourse
Aquinas and John Paul II on Executive Pay – Greg Forster, First Things
Is Leftist School Indoctrination Unstoppable? – Bruce Thornton
On Libraries – Alan Jacobs, T. A. Cn.
Using Military Members As Props – Doug Ross
Texas: $8 Billion Surplus – Walter Mead, Via Meadia


GOP Edge? – Mark LaRochelle, Human Events

The Dead End Of Republican Factionalism – Pete Spiliakos, First Things

Woodward: Obama Is Lying About Sequester – Lonely Conservative

Death Panel Advocacy on This Week – Wesley Smith, N.R.O.

The Sequester is a Manufactured Crisis – George Will, Human Events

Moody’s Lowers UK Credit Rating – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

It’s Not Gun Control, It’s People Control – Lonely Conservative

Regional Reckonings – Alberto Alesina, City Journal

Commerce and the Court (I) – Michael S. Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Commerce and the Court (II) – Michael S. Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Privatization Shellacs Obamacare Model – David Catron, American Spectator

Trayvon Martin, One Year Later – Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Chronicle of Liberal Disasters – American Spectator

The Poor are a Gold Mine – Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog


Campus Free Speech and Sabotage – Mark Movsesian, First Things
Mr. Hamilton’s Surprise! – Hans Eicholz, Liberty Law Blog
Chesty Puller and the Catholic Chaplains – Donald R. McClarey, Catholic Stand
Infantile Conservatism – Pat. Buchanan, Taki’s Magazine
QQQ – The Barrister, Maggie’s Farm
Sushi Tuna…Not Tuna? – Christopher Mims, The Atlantic
Population Decline and the Birth Dearth – Scott Yenor, Public Discourse
A Fiscal Example for Washington – Tim Cavanagh, Human Events
Blue States Wither, Red States Prosper – LoCo
Environmentalism and Human Sacrifice – Dennis Prage
The True Sage of Woodstock – Richard Reinsch, Liberty Law Blog
WaPo: ‘Error Has No Rights’ – Rod Dreher, T. A. Cn.


The Administrative State, Once More – Michael S. Greve, Liberty Law Blog

What Would Hayek Do? – Stephen Masty, T.I.C.

The Banality of the RINOs – Matt Purple, American Spectator

Remi Brague: The North American Tour – John Presnall, First Things

Philadelphia’s Burqa Crisis – Daniel Pipes, Front Page Mag

California’s Hollow “Comeback” – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Obama’s Tudor Tutor – Peter Hannaford, American Spectator

The Obamacare War on Marriage – John Hayward, Human Events

“Science” Not Be All and End All – Wesley Smith, N.R.O.

Republicans Shouldn’t Be Too Reasonable – Jonathan Tobin, Commentary

Employers Dropping Health Insurance for Spouses – Lonely Conservative

Chicago Adults and Energy Drinks – Michelle Minton, Human Events

Illiberal Education At Columbia – Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Conservatism Needs…More Flannery O’Connor – Andrew Bacevich, T.I.C.

Unfit for Duty – Jack Dunphy, City Journal


Dysfunctional Health Care System – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

The Right’s Reefer Madness – Peter Hitchens, American Spectator

The Pro-Growth Sequester – Larry Kudlow, Human Events

NYC Sues Hasidic Shopkeepers – Mark Movsesian, First Things

Coolidge: A Man to Be Followed – Gregory Sullivan, Public Discourse

Obama’s Bad Brotherhood Bet – Jonathan Tobin, Commentary

How Do You Decide to Drone-Kill Americans? – Neil McCabe, Human Events

Erasing Death – Wesley Smith, N.R.O.

Rand Paul Returns $600,000 – Lonely Conservative

The Torture of Solitary Confinement – Jonathan Adler, Volokh

Where the Republican Reformers Are, and Aren’t – Ross Douthat, N.Y.T.

America’s Roads and Bridges are Not Crumbling – John Hayward, Human Events

Dr. Death and Dr. Drew – Daniel J. Flynn, American Spectator


Why Natural Law Arguments Fail – Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Federalism for Preschoolers – Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

In Search of Republican Reformers – Ross Douthat, N.Y.T.

The Disarming of the American Woman – Michelle Malkin, Human Events

Switzerland or the Caribbean, Anyone? – Hans Eicholz, Liberty Law Blog

Hannah Coulter & The Bourgeois Family – Robert Cheeks, T.I.C.

Judicial Watch & Benghazi – Neil McCabe, Human Events

A Mandate Update – William Saunders, The Catholic Thing

Richard Epstein on Constitutionalism – Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Insolvency, U.S.A. – Jackson Adams, American Spectator

Meritocracy: Admitting My Mistakes – Ron Unz, American Conservative

Compromising Our Way – Richard Reinsch, Liberty Law Blog

Do It For Your Country – Jeffrey Polet, F.P.R.


On A Solidaristic Center-Right – Pete Spiliakos, First Things

Higher Ed Bubble: Degree Inflation Edition – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Misuses of the Holocaust – Peter Berger, American Interest

Who Needs the Family? – Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag

Understanding the Liberal Mindset – R.Lipsman, Intellectual Conservative

The Freezing of the Conservative Mind – Jeffery Lord, American Spectator

To Government, Every Penny is Sacred – John Stossel, Human Events

Union Suing State Over Property Tax – Lonely Conservative

The Gay Animals’ Publicist – David Mills, First Things

Life On The Front Lines – Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Attempt to Outlaw Sex Selection Abortion – Wesley Smith, N.R.O.

Life-Saving Route Denied in Alaska – Audrey Hudson, Human Events

Entitlement Reform and Common Ground – Peter Wehner, Commentary

E Pluribus Duo – Heather Mac Donald, City Journal

Italy’s Election Matters – John Gizzi, Human Events


Conservative Hope and Change – Anthony Castellito, T. I. C.

Asymmetrical Information – Marc Eisner, Pileus

Woman May Have Voted for Obama Six Times – LoCo

Media Notices Obama’s Manipulation – John Hayward, Human Events

The Minimum Wage Folly – John Steele Gordon, Commentary

Technology to Track Us Via Cell Phones – LoCo

A Mighty Wind – Ben Boychuck, City Journal

Obamacare’s Unloved Exchanges – John Hayward, Human Events

Blogging: Compared To What? – Ken, Popehat

Fat, Stupid and in Debt – Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

“Lighten Up” Over the HHS Mandate? – Daniel Philpott, Public Discourse

Aggressive Incrementalism – Pete Spiliakos, First Things

Who’s Next on the Drone List? – Sen. Rand Paul, Human Events

Some People Want to Become Cadaver Porn – Wesley Smith, Human Exceptionalism


Presidential Blame-Game – Paul Kengor, American Spectator

Pope Benedict’s African Legacy – Obianuju Ekeocha, Catholic Stand

Guns and Pensions – Thomas Sowell, American Spectator

Self Government v. Egalitarianism – Richard Reinsch, Liberty Law Blog

Direct Killing as Intentional Killing – E. Christian Brugger, Public Discourse

Zadie Smith’s London – Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal

Electric Lemon Aid – Eric Peters, American Spectator

Obama’s War on American Generals – Daniel Greenfield, Front Page

Criticism Of Obama’s Foreign Policy Mounts – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Here Comes Rule by “We the Experts” – Wesley Smith, N.R.O.

The Collective Ho-Hum on Benghazi – Paul Zummo, T.A.C.

Further Reflections on Benghazi – Andrew Wilson, American Spectator

Brass Tacks – Midwest Conservative Journal

Attraction of Progressive Rhetoric (I) – J.Harris, Intellectual Conservative


Dawson and the History We Are Not Told – Jeffrey Hart, T.I.C.

Idealistic Dreams and the Decline of Society – S.Laib, Intellectual Conservative

Survived Two World Wars and the Depression – Lonely Conservative

US Public Pensions: Worst in the World? – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

The Presidency in the Age of Obama – Mark Rozell, Liberty Law Blog

Waiting for my UPS Man – Nead Beuman, n+1

A New Farming Revolution in the Works? – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

More ‘Socialist’ Than Europeans? – Paul Gottfried, American Conservative

Love and Death in the Ashes – John Wilson T.I.C.

Thanatopsis for Ronald Dworkin – Robert Miller, First Things

How the Government Is Killing the Recovery – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

We’re History – Bill Croke, American Spectator

The Chelyabinsk Event – Commentary, John Steele Gordon


Virtual Violence and the Real Thing – John Hayward, Human Events

Presidential Power and the War on Terror – Greg Weiner, T.I.C.

Ben Carson: America’s Doctor – Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Black, Brown and Obama – Lloyd Billingsley, Front Page

Drones on the Fourth Estate’s Radar? – J.Harris, Intellectual Conservative

The ‘Nones’ and American Liberty – David Conway, Liberty Law Blog

Cruz Must Be Doing Something Right – Lonely Conservative

A B.A. in Three Years? – Samuel Goldman, American Conservative

The Politics of Impatience – Hans Eicholz, Liberty Law Blog

Conservatism and the Catholic Church – John Caiazza, First Principles

Provision, Payment, and Prevarication – Matthew J. Franck, First Things

Where the Green Graft Grows – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Saving Nature from the Hippies – C.R. Wiley, T.I.C.

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