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10 Things to Remember About the Assumption of Mary10 Things About the Assumption of Mary – Fr. D. Longenecker

“May God Have Pity On Us”, Readings for the 20th Sunday – M. Barber
Not the Ultimate Sacrifice, But Sacrifice None the Less – Greg Yoko
Are Catholic Bishops Living Too Lavishly? CNN Says So. . . – L. Mettler
The Assumption of Mary: 12 Things to Know & Share – Jimmy Akin
Planned Parenthood’s 2014 Fails – Patti Maguire Armstrong
Kingfishers & Fisher Kings – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Challenge of the Assumption of Mary – Denise Bossert
New Film: Faith & Friendship of JRR Tolkien & CS Lewis – P. Kosloski
Spayed Sentiments & Sterilized Sex: Catholic Dating – K. O’Brien
Will the New AIDS Pill Promote Promiscuity? – Anne Hendershott
What’s Never Mentioned in the Sex Scandal Cases – Kevin O’Brien
Immigration: A Principled Catholic Approach – S. Gregg
Real Sword in the Stone Is the Church’s First Official Saint – ChrchPP
It’s a Shame Our Culture Views Chastity w/Such Suspicion – F. Phillips
A Right to Complain, an Obligation to Help – Randall Smith PhD


Catholic Herald View: A just war: we must act to protect Iraq’s minoritiesA Just War, We Must Act to Help Iraq’s Minorities – The Cthlc Herald

Priest’s Eye-Witness Account of Fleeing the Islamic State – Del Guerico
ISIS: A Short History – Bobby Ghosh, The Atlantic
Mother Olga on the Crisis in Iraq – Dead Philosophers Society
Christian Orgs. Praying, Rallying, Donating for Iraqis – John Burger
Pope Francis Praises Korea’s Undiminished Hope – Edward Pentin
Moral Clarity in the Middle East – Joshua Brown, Catholic Vote
Korean Faithful Show God Is Alive, Powerful in Asia – An. Gagliarducci
The Flowers in Cell 21: Feast of Saint Maximilian Kolbe – Ch. T. Haley
Pope Francis’ Address to South Korean Authorities, Full Text – NCRg
Are the Gospels a Myth? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Cthlc Exchange
RIP Robin Williams: I Only Knew That You Were Thirsty – Sr. T. Noble
Battling Depression: A Catholic Perspective – Jessie Tappel MS, T&CF
Witness in Words & Works. . .Or Else! – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
God’s Quiet Whisper – Matthew Tyson, Catholic Stand
The Pope is Coming to My Country! – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic


Church leaders act as Iraq sinks further into chaosChurch Leaders Act as Iraq Sinks Further In Chaos – Grt. R. Crowe

Editorial: Help Iraq in Six Steps – OSV Newsweekly
Pope Francis Urges U. N. Intervention in Iraq –
Dialogue With Hamas & ISIS Is Pointless & Impossible – Wil. Kilpatrick
Latest Church Pronouncements on the Genocide in Iraq – Rorate Cæli
Not Only Christians: The Yazidis, a People Who Fled – Emma Gree
The Story of a Seminarian, From a Mom’s Point of View – Cthlc Lane
Funding Your Startup Business – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand
Depression Does Not Discriminate – Michael Lichens, The Cthlc Gntlm
How I Moved from My Megachurch to Catholicism – Ulf Ekman, The CH
Dealing With Suicide (Robin Williams) – Fr. Matthew Schneider
Christian Supporters of Gay Unions Show Other Moral Divisions – NCRg
School Shopping: Finding the Right Fit – Emily Stimpson, OSV
The Loneliness of the Sexual Revolution; Noted in Good New Book – CP
An Interview with Mr. Michael Voris! – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
You Got it Wrong This Time, Matt Walsh – Hallelujah Is My Song


Robin Williams Wide PicMatt Walsh Gets Wrong & Right On Robin Williams’ Suicide – McInerny

Media Owes Pope Benedict XVI an Apology for Regensburg – Langone
Ten Things You Need to Know About ISIS – John Burger, Aleteia∝
Martyrdom in Mosul – Molly Milroy, Ignitum Today
Latest Papal & Holy See Statements on Persecution in Iraq – Ed. Pentin
Peter & Caesar: Is Pope Francis Shifting Vaticans Worldview? – Flamini
The Saint Who Preached a Second Crusade – The Catholic Herald
Pope Francis’s Korea Trip May Give Boon to Voiceless – Edward Pentin
Pope Benedict XVI on Military Force to Restore Peace – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Catholic Church Is Growing Fast in South Korea – Mark Greaves
NFP & Serious Reasons, What Are These Reasons? – Tay. Marshall PhD
Because Of The Holy See’s Diplomatic Corps – Frank Weathers, YIMCt
Against Obsessive Sexuality – Michael W. Hannon, First Things
Let’s Not Talk About Sex: At Least Not So Much, Anyway – MW Hannon
Renewal & a New Set of Tires to Boot – Lisa Sheferly-Gillay, Cth Stnd
There’s Only One Way to #DefeatISIS – T. J. Burdick
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic


Non Sexual Hook Up CultureThe Non-Sexual Hook-Up Culture – Kevin O’Brien

Is History Really Over? – George Weigel, First Things
The Vatican Has Not Endorsed U. S. Military Action in Iraq – P. Lawler
Knights of Columbus Will Match Aid to Persecuted Iraqis – The Reg
New Religious Communities Helped by Archbishop – Ryn. Eggenberger
Fr. Barron on the Persecution of Christians in the Middle East – Cth Fir
A Plea on Behalf of Victims of Barbarism in Iraq – Rb. P. George DPhil
LCWR Continues to Deflect Inquiries about Sexual Abuse by Nuns – Z
The Night the Moroccans Came – Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna
Catholic Church Quiet as Scotland Votes on Independence – Gallagher
Wanted: An American Missionary Church – Soon – Russell Shaw, TCT
Pro-Abort Bias in News Story on Catholic Univs.? Well, Duh – R Ross Jr
Robin Williams, CS Lewis & the Demons That Drove Him
– FDL (fixed)
When Life Begins & Why It Matters – Denis J. Hunnell MD, Cthlc Stnd

Nigerian Women Don’t Want What the U. S. Is Peddling – S.W. Mosher
An American Girl in Scotland – Beverly Stevens, Regina Magazine


What Did the Saints Say about Islam?What Did the Saints Say about Islam? – Andrew Bieszad, One Peter 5

Condemn Violence; Cowards – Fr. Z’s Blog
ISIS, Robin Williams & “Those Who Mourn” – Nic Davidson, Ign Tdy
Vatican Asks Muslim Leaders to Rebuke Islamist Barbarity – FX Rocca
Iraqi Christians ‘Dying in Crowded Refugee Camps’ – Simon Caldwell
Internat’l Community Is Failing Its Obligation – L. Alton of Liverpool
Forgetting the Christians – Mark Movsesian, First Things
They Have Drunk of The Everflowing Life – Thomas L. McDonald
Iraq & the Risks of Inaction – Ross Douthat, The New York Times
Irish Times Gets Creative to Report on Persecuted Christians – D. Eden
Ever Hear of a Miracle During the Preaching of Pacifism? – Moerbeek
Vatican Allows Unrepentant Maryknoll Priest Faculties – J. Frawley D.
Father Ireland & the Fifth Minnesota – Donald R. McClarey JD, Ct St
The Artist & Depression – Daniel McInerny
Moral of the Story: You Dont Always Have Control – All That Cth Jazz
How Does the Church Respond to Suicide? – Shaun McAfee
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic


History Repeats Itself: Lepanto and the Current ISIS CrisisHistory Repeats Itself: Lepanto & the Current ISIS Crisis – Kat. Schiffer

The Bogus Popularity of the LCWR – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Eight Signs You Married Young – Briana Meade, ChurchPOP
Filming Desire: Great Film on Healing with SSA – Claire Lewis, Frs Thn
Modern Re-Marriage: A Fantasy – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing
It’s Not Nice to Divorce Mother Nature – Kevin O’Brien
Christian Morality in a Same-Sex Marriage Future – Mk. Regnerus PhD
Dear Men: Pornography Is An Affair, Just Ask My Ex-Wife – Dn. Pauling
Damning Delusions on Abortion & Immigration – Andrew H. Haines, EP
When Atheists Get Religion Wrong – Rachel Lu PhD, Crisis Magazine
The Proletarian Snobbery of CNN – Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille, The CWR
When Grace

 was a Staple of Popular Entertainment – Ant. Esolen PhD
What “Infallibility” Means & More on Infallibility – Mark P. Shea
Politics as a Form of Public Education – Stephen M. Krason PhD
Caution on Compatibility: Natural Rts & Natrl Law – CO Tollefsen PhD
To Courts, Abortion is the Über-Recht – John M. Grondelski PhD


 Spiritual Warfare: Why We Are LosingSpiritual Warfare: Why We Are Losing – Fr. Richard Heilman, 1P5

Why Lisa Fullam Is Wrong – Mark S. Latkovic STD, Trth & Chrty Frm
7 Powerful Ways to Pray for Suffering Middle-East Christians – ChrcPp
Pope Francis to World Leaders: Stop These Crimes in Iraq – Wooden
Iraq’s Christians Facing a Human Catastrophe – Catholic Lane
How Can I Strengthen my Will & Grow in Holiness? – Fr. J Bartunek LC
Trying to See the Big, Historic Picture in Iraq & Syria – Try. Mattingly
Marriage Tips from a Couple Married for 87 Years – Fr. Z’s Blog
Christians Feel Abandoned in Spite of Obama’s Action in Iraq – Burger
7 Things To Restore Sense of Sacred Your Pastor Could Do Now – NCRg
What Is Civilization? – Joseph Pearce, Crisis Magazine
The New Evangelization Enters the Coffee Scene – Caitlin Bootsma
Good Non-Catholics: Is There Salvation Outside the Church? – FDL
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
Is Free Will Scientifically Dead? – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Abortion’s Message: Be Like a Man, w/a Helping of Hypocrisy – Garnica
Woody Allen’s Bleak Vision – Fr. Robert Barron, The CWR Blog


Christian Genocide in Iraq While President Obama Golfs – Swrd of Ptr

The Case for Conversion to Catholicism – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Why I Ride the Metro Backwards – Siobhan Benitez, Ignitum Today
The Coveted Badge of “Regret Free” Abortion – Theresa Bonopartis
Pope Francis, the Reform of Charity – Andrea Gagliarducci, Mon Vat
Crisis of Bishops: Bishops Approving of Gay ‘Marriage’ – L.A. González
Ways Marvel Makes Movies With A Human Heart – Philip Kosloski
The Culture of Envy – Fr. Bevil Bramwell OMI PhD, The Cthlc Thing
Gaza Blockade: Humanitarian & Moral Quagmire – P. Jesserer Smith
Creating Catholic Culture – Gerald J. Russello JD,
Can’t Have Culture of Life if There’ No Culture at All – A. Esolen PhD
Path to Freedom, Peace for Young People w/Addiction – C Zimmerman
When God Was Silent – Philip Jenkins PhD, Aleteia∝
Schola Sainte Cécile & Renewal of French Church Music – Fr. C Smith
Reasons Pvt Property Essential for Human Flourishing – Dr. S Ritenour
Govt Should Stop Discriminating Rel Adoption Agncs – Torre/Anderson


Yazidis01_3001871b-460x288The West Must See Evil That Has Revealed Itself in the Iraq Genocide

The Demon Wolves of ISIS: Ancient Assyria Reborn – Fr D Longenecker
7 Reasons Christianity Most Persecuted Religion in World – L McAlister
Chaldean Patriarch on State of Christians in Iraq Now – Rorate Cæli
The Crippling Consequences of Fear – Abigail Reimel, Catholic Stand
St. Lawrence & the Holy Grail – Fr. Z’s Blog
How to Respond to Islam – Rorate Cæli
Colleen Hammond on Veiling – Catholic Fire
Catholic Studies Pgm Excels, Founder Bids Farewell – Peter J. Smith
Coptic Bishop: See How Muslims Act When They are Majority – RCæli
Healing the Memory: What St. Ignatius & Pope Francis Teach Us – D.E.
Blogs & Medieval Europe – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
The Inseparable Four Marks – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
Archbishop Chaput on Changing the Culture – The Rebuild
The Measure of Genius: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel – Jamie Katz
Solving the 800-year mystery of Pisa’s Leaning Tower – Alastair Smart


Law and Morality in Public Discourse: How Christians Can Rebuild Our CultureHow Christians Can Rebuild Our Culture – Abp. C.J. Chaput OFM Cap

Ordinations Signal Rise of Traditional Latin Mass – Lilly Fowler
Seven Great Saint Quotes on Holiness – Jean M. Heimann, Cthlc Fire
G.K. Chesterton on the Paradox of Christian Exile – Joseph Sundee
Trusting In The Lord – Fr. Joseph Esper, Catholic Journal US
10 Commandments of Reverence for the Holy Sacrament – Ch. Mangan
God’s Gift to Man: The Transforming Power of Music – Bob Kurland
15 Leadership Lessons from St. Josemaria Escriva – Sam Guzman, CE
The Wit & Humor of the Saints – Fr. Aloysius Roche, Cthlc Exchange
Why Do We Read Good Books? – James P. Bernens, Crisis Magazine
Five Books for the Catholic Mom’s Soul – Sarah Babbs, Catholic Lane
Faith & Works in a Science Fictional Universe – John C. Wright, OP5
The Origins of Liturgical Vestments – Fr. William Saunders, Cth Exc
Knights of Columbus Set Record for Global Charitable Giving – Rezac
The Saint Whose Hair was Cut by St. Francis of Assisi – The Cthlc Hrld
How to Stay Married 10 Years & Then Some – Karee Santos


The Silence of Peaceful MuslimsThe Silence of Peaceful Muslims – Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Iraqis on Social Media Reporting the Genocide – Michael Barber
Number of American Nuns Plunging – Fr. Z’s Blog
We Broke The World: The Christian Genocide in Iraq – Tom McDonald
The Great War & Turkey: The Armenian Genocide – Rorate Cæli
Catholic Church on Front Line Against Ebola – Andrea Gagliarducci
Democracy, Tyranny & the Current Situation – Fr. James V. Schall SJ
Totus Tuus Shares Faith & Fun: Kids Summer Camp – Autumn Jones
“You Complete Me” & Other Lies We Tell – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Tdy
The Stillbirth of Science in India – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Fetal Homicide is Not Health Care – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand
Turn the Other Cheek – Tim Staples, Catholic Answers
Prayers Urged as Black Mass Organizer Claims Consecrated Host – Reg
Church Leaders Remain in Libya in Solidarity in Working for Peace – JL
More Questionable Reporting by the New York Times – Dawn Eden, GR
How Religious People Found Way Out of Obamacare – Philip Wegmann
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic

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