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Chiara CorbellaChiara Corbella: A Witness to Joy – Marie Meaney, Crisis Magazine

10 Things Other than IVF May Help a Couple Suffering Infertility – E. Kirk
Pope Francis: Kiss the Crucifix, Kiss the Wounds of Christ – Elise Harris
Skip the Sanitized “Heaven Is For Real” Movie – Brantly Millegan, Aleteia
‘Til Death Do Thee Part – Fr. Joseph C. Klee, Homiletic & Pastoral Review
Serving the Church through a “Second Vocation” – Jim Graves, The CWR
Taking Part in a Spanish Holy Week Procession – Bess Twiston-Davies
More Spiritual Care of Patients – Tammy Ruiz, Catholic Stand
Time To Consecrate Russia – Patrick Archbold,
France, Islam & The Spreading Hatred (WSJ) – God & Caesar
Father Barron v. Bart Ehrman: No Contest – Don. R. McClarey JD, TACth
The Fruits of the Reform of the Reform in N. Virginia – D. L. Alexander
What Is the Significance of the Chrism Mass – Fr. William Saunders, Cth Exc
Beating a Dead Horse for Life – Meghan Garcia, Ignitum Today
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
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fasting-and-prayerHow Fasting & Prayer Blessed Me this Lent – Lisa Shefferly-Gillay, Cth Stnd

Why Jesus Is God: A Response to Bart Ehrman – Fr. Robert Barron
How Could Mr. Right Turn Out to be So Wrong? – Dr. Edward Sri
The Joys & Sorrows of Francis’s Magisterium – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
12th Century Christian Geometric Art – David Clayton, The Way of Beauty
Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper – John Bergsma, The Sacred Page
Why “Humane Economy” Is a Better Term than “Capitalism” – Aleteia
Sir Chris Woodhead: Courageous Man Who’s Wrong on Euthanasia – FP
Stop the Catholic Factionalism, Please - Russell Shaw, Aleteia
Pope to Venezuelan Leaders: Violence Can Never Bring Peace – Els. Harris
Defending the Faith Conference Hosts Scott Hahn & Mark Hart – F. U. S.
Making Every Friday “Good” – Matthew Higgins, Ignitum Today
Jesus The Water of Life – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Sin Is Slavery – Jason Liske, Unblack
Catholic University Drag Show Turned Diabolical – Matthew Archbold
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Bl. John Paul Is the Reason I’m a PriestBl. John Paul Is the Reason I’m a Priest – Fr. Brendan Rolling OSB, Aleteia

Burgeoning Religious Community Sees Global Impact – Jan Bentz
Supreme Act of Mercy: Giving the Living Water to the Thirsty – Mark Shea
Love & Envy: Exploring the Psychology of Judas – Fr. Alx. Lucie-Smith
A Holy Week Defense of Martha – Cari Donaldson, Aleteia
The Saint Who Carried Water to the Last Supper – The Catholic Herald
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
The Illiberal Catholic Catechism – John Zmirak, Aleteia
Catholic in the Cubicle, Part 3: Workplace Conflicts – Bob Waruszewski
A Clown Mass Would Be An Improvement on This – Don. R. McClarey JD
Something That Wasn’t Imaginable 40 Yys. Ago Has Happened – God & Csr
Giving Up ‘Vegables’ for Lent – Jamey Brown, Catholic Stand
The End of Lent Question – Theresa Noble, Ignitum Today
One Thing Holy Week Reminds Us – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Down the Slippery Slope: A Social Revolution Timeline – R. Jared Staudt
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Pope Francis Defends Parents’ Right to Decide ‘Moral and Religious’ Education for Children - See more at: Francis Defends Parents’ Right to Teach Moral Ed. to Children – CED

The Popes on Our Need for Great Art – R. Jared Staudt, Catholic Exchange
Fathers of Science – Dr. Matthew Bunson, Strange Notions
Salvation & Super Heroes – Michel Therrien, Crisis Magazine
U. S. Bishops Invited to Support 2014 March for Marriage – Adelaide Mena
John Gerard, Elizabethan Jesuit Missionary – Robert Shaffern
Join Sherry Weddell & More @ St. John Bosco Conf. This Summer – F.U.S.
Let’s Do Washing of the Feet Right or Do Away With It Altogether – Ct St
Why the Mixed Messages from Fr. John Jenkins on HHS Mandate? – CED
Pastor Claims ‘Blood Moons’ a Sign of Things to Come – Jon Sorensen, CA
An Illiberal Catholic Assault on Hobby Lobby – Stephen Herreid, TheAmCth
Big Puppet Mass Alert! – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Dictatorship of Diversity – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
The Magisterium of Sophomores: Another High School Explosion – Fr. Z
Worried about ‘The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife’? Don’t Be – Shaun McAfee
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Catholic WeddingConjugal Fidelity Is Creative Fidelity – Stacy Trasancos PhD

The Loss of Mystery & the Loss of Childhood - Mitchell Kalpakgian, T&CF
St. John Fisher, Marriage & Moral Absolutes - Samuel Gregg, Crisis Mgzn
JP2’s Legacy Can Help Us Win Back Religious Liberty – Ryan Eggenberger
Catholic Hospitals Are Right to Reject Contraceptives – NCRg (link fixed)
Suffering–a Catholic/Jewish Perspective* – Bob Kurland, Catholic Stand
Canada: Nine Months in Jail for Blasphemy Against Islam – God & Caesar
Screen Pilates: Greg Hicks – Don. R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
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Nancy Pelosi‘Gay Marriage’ Is Not a Cause, but a Symptom – Kevin O’Brien, WfGtL

Pope Francis’ Three Essentials for Catholic Colleges – Edward Mullholland
‘The Passion of the Christ’ Revisited – David DiCerto,
The Right Way to Fight Poverty – Jason Hall, Catholic Stand
Parenting Small Children - Anna Keating, The Catholic Catalogue
The Role of Physicians in Spiritual Care of Their Patients – V. Ajluni MD
Passiontide Veils, Your Photos – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Mvmnt
Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre – Diana von Glahn, Cth Sprtl Drc
12 Common Catholic Problems – Matthew Archbold,
Prudence: Mother of All Virtues - Fr. William Saunders, Catholic Exchange
Book Review: Saints & Social Justice by Brandon Vogt – T. J. Burdick, IgTd
Reforming the LCWR: Where Does It Stand? – Ann Carey (link repaired)
Standing Alone Except for Christ – Don. R. McClarey JD, The Am Catholic
Acquire a Peaceful Spirit – Jason Black, Unblack
A Reader Struggles with Scruples about Prayer – Mark P. Shea, The Reg
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My Journey Into the Orthodox ChurchMy Journey Into the Orthodox Church – Joshua Genig, First Things

Did Jesus Have a Wife? – Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy
The Sack of Constantinople: A Cautionary Tale in Obedience – Ali Ghaffari
Mysticism, Monasticism & New Evangelization – Mann, Nicholas. . .
The Pan-Orthodox Council, Ukraine Crisis & Christian Unity – Edw. Pentin
On “Retaining” Young People in the Orthodox Church – S. Danckaert
Jihadists Embarking on ‘Final Solution’ in Middle East – David Alton
His Beatitude Shewchuk: Educate Christians for Honest Politics – M. Miller
The President & the Patriarch – Paul L. Gavrilyuk, First Things
Sviatoslav Placed Ukrainians Under Intercession Theotokos – UGCC
The Chapel In The Woods – Rod Dreher, Russian Orthodox Blogger
Russian Orthodox Leader Criticizes Transgender Ideology – Cth Wrld Nws
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Pope Francis: Christianity Is Not Just about being PolitePope Francis: Christianity Is Not Just about Being Polite – Dom. Agasso Jr.

Praying for Our Priests Is Not Enough – Francis Phillips, The Catholic Herald
Why Do We Call Eucharist “Bread” in Novus Ordo? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Catholic Book Groups
– Anna Keating, The Catholic Catalogue
Advice from the Artist as a Young Woman – Waiting for Godot to Leave
St. Maximilian Kolbe on How to Have Heaven on Earth – Sam Guzman, Ct Ex
Read Literature to Learn & Love the Truth – Anthony Esolen, Crisis Mgzn
The Saint Who Lived in the Ruins of the Colosseum – The Catholic Herald
The Nature of Holy Orders – Fr. Donald J. Planty Jr JCD, Hmltc & Pdtrl Rvw
The Holy Spirit Is God - Tim Staples, Catholic Answers
The Prisoner in the Tabernacle - Fr. John Hunwicke, Mutual Enrichment
Is Some Sacred Art too Naturalistic? – David Clayton, The Way of Beauty
The Miserable Science Meets the Divine Science - R. R. Reno, First Things
Diabolical Vexation & Grace – Kathleen Beckman, Catholic Exchange
We May Never Know the Inestimable Value of What We Do – Jim Schroeder
Fr. Brown & the Mystery of Lent – Paul J. Prezzia, Crisis Magazine
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Bishop Paprocki Supports Priest Who Denied Communion to Pro-Abortion Senator Dick DurbinBishop Supports Priest Who Denied Communion to Dick Durbin – White

Free PDF: “The Mass Explained” (1954 Cartoon) – Jeff Ostrowski, VftCL
Fatal Errors with Sola Scriptura’s “God Breathed” Argument – DL Gray
Jesus’ Triumphal Entry, Descent in Hell & Coming of the Messiah – TSP
The Saint Who Was Accused of Treason – The Catholic Herald
Whisky Review: Clynelish Distiller’s Edition – Whiskey Catholic
Quæritur: Spilling the Precious Blood – Fr. Z’s Blog
Series on Select Canonical Issues in Deaf Ministry Complete – Dr. Peters
U of Notre Dame Honors Pro-Life Politico with Award – Adelaide Mena
My Journey Toward Finding a Spiritual Director – Martina Kreitzer, CS
Jesuit Priest Murdered in Syria Witnessed to Christ’s Love – The Reg
Is Plan B an Abortion Pill? – Kathleen M. Berchelmann MD, Aleteia
On Catholic History – Dr. Richard J. Janet PhD, Homiletic & Pastoral Rvw
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I Was a Pagan, Hedonistic, Man-Hating Feminist. But Now I’m Catholic. This Is My Story.I Was Pagan, Hedonistic, Man-Hating Feminist; Now I’m Catholic – C. Quinn

Students Outraged as Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Rallies – Mdl. Teahan
Blind Resentment: The Origins of Anti-Catholicism Today -  R. J. Snell
Serving the Lord ‘Concretely’ by Serving the Poor – Joseph R. LaPlante
The Exsultet in English – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Prayer as Turning Point Toward Christ – Carolyn Humphreys OCDS, H&PR
Give God Your Whole Day – Fr. Killian J. Healy, Catholic Exchange
Whiskey Review: South Boston Irish Whiskey – Whiskey Catholic
Calvary Film: Jet Black Comedy w/Serious Things on Faith – Will Gore
Nothing Changes – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today
Is the Only Honorable Place for a Catholic Under the Bus – Reb. Hamilton
Catholic Education & the Bureaucratic Usurpation of Grace – Trc. Rowland
Catholics Should Be Worried About Mozilla’s CEO Resignation – S. Pacheco
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Catholic Schools Pressed to Give Up MoralityCatholic Schools Pressed to Give Up Morality – Anne Hendershott, Crisis

Pope Francis Warns Against Dictatorship of Narrow Thinking – Elise Harris
Pope Francis Will Soon Release TLM Franciscans f/Bondage – D. McClarey JD
The Beauty of a Polish Palm Sunday – Philip Kosloski
John Paul II, Patron of the Catholic Literary Revival – Peter Mongeau, Ct Ln
Music Beautiful by Nature – Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Views from the Choir. . .
Faculties Exams – Fr. John Hunwicke, Mutual Enrichment
What Can Asia Expect of Upcoming Papal Visits? – Hector Welgampola, CIA
Basilicas, Cathedrals, Shrines: The Difference? – Fr. William Saunders, Ct Ex
Holy Week Schedules in Rome: TLM & Byzantine – Gregory DiPippo, NLM
Catholic Saint of the Day Is. . .(Click Here) – uCatholic
Defeating Planned Parenthood’s Big Lie – James Heaney, Aleteia
Art Imitates Life in Disturbing New Film – K. V. Turley, Crisis Magazine
Christopher West Offering 14 Day Free Trial for The Cor Project – C. West
A Comment on Argentina’s Uncharitable Baptism – David L. Gray
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Three Unexpected Films for LentThree Unexpected Films for Lent – Michael Lichens, Saint Austin Review

Much Ado About Who-Knows-What in Charlotte Scandal – Dr. Ed Peters
Bp. Jugis on Charlotte Scandal: Can’t We All Just Get Along? – D. McClarey
Clean Livin’ & Fancy Footwork – David L. Alexander, Man With Black Hat
The Academic who Read The God Delusion then Turned to God – F. Phillips
Blessed Beans: How the Pope Baptized Coffee – Sam Guzman, Cthlc Exchng
Catholic Econ: Medieval Period Imperfect, but Can Learn from It – Aleteia
Priests Unhappy w/New Mass Translation? Survey Proves Nothing – P Lawler
New Evidence Exonerates Wrongfully Convicted Clerics – The Media Report
In Defense of the Family – Mathew Tyson, Mackerel Snapper
‘Earth Mother’ Mass All the Rage in Minneapolis – The Eponymous Flower
Why I Used Birth Control, and Five Reasons I Wish I Hadn’t – Shawn McAfee
John Paul II Still Inspires Vocations – Joan Frawley,
Christopher West Offering 14 Day Free Trial for The Cor Project – C. West
Don’t Be a Tourist on the Spiritual Journey of Faith – Theresa Tomeo, Ct Ln
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