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The Power of an Invitation // Do the Incredible – Ignitum Today
Domestic Churches Must Go Forth in Love – Bob Dirgo, The National Catholic Register
Low Fertility Is Just the Half of It – Father Mike Pilon, The Catholic Thing
The Missionaries of Charity’s Corporal Works of Mercy in the Himalayas – Anto Akkara, The National Catholic Register
The Faithful Island Has Become a Harlot – Boniface, Unam Sanctam Catholicam
An Unlikely Catholic Outpost in Occupied Tibet – Sébastien Blanc, A. F. P.M.
A Wall Street Guy On Why The Dominican Nuns ‘Are My Heroines’ – Peter Kenny, Regina Magazine
Twelve Reasons Why I Never Argue With Internet Atheists – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
Confessions of a Catholic Celiac – Valerie Giggie, The Michigan Catholic
Don’t Let Rhetoric Overwhelm Reason: A Response to David Bentley Hart – Edward Feser PhD, Public Discourse
Book Giveaway: Catholic Realism by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood OP – Epic Pew (Ends May 29) M25
Ireland’s Vote Legalizing So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-26-15)


Would Jesus Watch “Game of Thrones?”Would Jesus Watch ‘Game of Thrones?’

by Ryan Kraeger

of Ignitum Today


Saint Teresa of Avila  Wisdom from Teresa of Avila: The Blessings of Suffering

  by Daniel Burke

  of The National Catholic Register




Stack of Catholic Books Square Pic  Best New Catholic Books of May 2015

  by Shaun McAfee

  of Epic Pew




Could the T. L. M. Be Improved & Should It Even Be Attempted? – Peter Kwasniewski PhD
Junk Science and Cheap Moralism on the Tiber – William M. Briggs, The Stream
Catholic School Offended by Speaker on Mid-East Genocide by Muslims – The Motley Monk
I Complain, Therefore I Am – H. L. Duncan, Catholic Stand
Your Free Pass to Apply Double Effect Reasoning? – Nicholas Danne, The Dead Phil. Soc.
San Francisco Protesters Redefine Catholicism – Nicholas Senz, Crisis Magazine
After the Beatification the Oscar Romero – Carlos X, Super Martyrio
The Real Pope Francis and His Real Enemies – Andrea Gagliarducci, Monday Vatican
Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Will Split the Catholic Church – Damian Thompson, The Spectator
Book Giveaway: Catholic Realism by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood OP – Epic Pew (Ends May 29)
Ireland’s Vote Legalizing So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-26-15)

Ireland’s Vote Legalizing So-Called Same-Sex Marriage

How Catholic Ireland Became the First Country to Vote for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’  Read more: Catholic Ireland Became the First Country to Vote for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’

by Elizabeth Adams

of The National Catholic Register


Irish Flag Rustic Square Pic  How Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Won Out in Ireland

  by Michael Kelly

  of The Catholic World Report




Celtic Cross Ireland Landscap Cemetary  Irish Bishops, Priests, and Religious Successful

  in De-Christianizing Ireland

  by Robert Royal

  0f The Catholic Thing



The Joyful Death of Catholic Ireland – James Matthew Wilson, Crisis Magazine
Ten Thoughts on the Irish Debacle – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Irish Church’s Failures Caused People to Choose Secularism Over Faith – Mary O’Regan
Abp. Martin: Church Needs Reality Check After Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Vote – Catholic Herald
Personal Implications for Irish Catholics’ Public Actions – Ed Peters JD, Canon Law Blog
Ireland Goes Gay – John Burger, Aleteia∝
Ireland First Nation to Embrace Same-Sex Marriage by Popular Vote – J. Frawley Desmond
What Ireland’s Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Vote Says About Us – Brian Williams, One Peter 5
Ireland: With Bishops Like These – Augustinus, Rorate Cæli
Book Giveaway: Catholic Realism by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood OP – Epic Pew (Ends May 29)
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Was Job's Behemoth a Dinosaur?Was Job’s Behemoth a Dinosaur?

by Karl Keating

of Catholic Answers


Statue of Baby Angel in Prayer Square Pic  Christianity’s Revolutionary Recognition of Women

  as Equals

  by David J. Theroux

  of The CWR Blog



Praying and Kneeling Nun Sister Wide Pic 2  It’s Condescending to Tell Me I Need to be a Priest

  by Sister Theresa Aletheia Noble

  of Pursued by Truth




Bible Thumper Tall Pic  The Mythology of an Anti-Christian Bigot

  by James Matthew Wilson

  of Crisis Magazine




Saint Michael the Archangel Tall Pic  Warriors for God: Saints and Angels

  by Laura Hensley

  of Epic Pew




Recurring Nightmares; Spiritual Attacks – Fr. John Bartunek LC, Cthlc Spiritual Drctn
Can Our Guardian Angel Help Discern God’s Will? – Philip Kosloski, PotAoG
85 Years Ago, Chesterton Nailed the Boomers – Elizabeth Scalia, The Anchoress
Despite Support From President, Egypt’s Christians Face Renewed Attacks – Matt Hadro
From Lambeth to Land of Nod: How Catholics Succumbed to Contraception – J. S. Hamlon
The Theology of Science-Fiction: Does Data Have a Soul? – Bob Kurland, Catholic Stand
Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics – Ivan Dikov
Book Giveaway: Catholic Realism by Dr. Sebastian Mahfood OP – Epic Pew (Ends May 29)
Ireland’s Vote Legalizing So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-26-15)


Pope Francis Breeding Like Rabbits Comment on Plane Wide PicPope Francis to Parents: You Are Responsible for Educating Your Children

via The National Catholic Register


Homosexual Flag  Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Study Faked

  by Donald R. McClarey, JD,

  of The American Catholic




World Youth Day Madrid Spain Gay Homosexual Attacks  Why Michael LaCour and Mark Regnerus

  Are Not the Same

  by Catherine Harmon

  of The CWR Blog



Top 5 Signs You’re a Hipster Catholic   Top Five Signs You’re a Hipster Catholic

  by Sarah Vabulas

  of Epic Pew




Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald: The Quran Is a ‘Sacrament’ – William Kilpatrick, The Reg
Beware, These Aren’t Your Parents’ Scouts! – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
Abp. Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo Surrenders to Culture of Death – Donald R. McClarey JD
The Potentials & Limitations of Internet Evangelization – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today
Book Rev: Christian Persecutions in Middle East: A 21st Century Tragedy – Fr. McCloskey
The 13 Catholics in Statuary Hall: On Memorial Day, Remembering Our Heroes – K. Schiffer
San Fran Teachers Shift to Doctrine: Big Change in Teaching Underway – Joan F. Desmond
The Disingenuous Conversion of Michael Coren – Steve Roney, ‘Od’s Blog!


Pentecost Descent of the Holy SpiritPentecost: The Fire Next Time

by Monsignor Charles Pope


Mary Garden  For Beauty and Prayer Plant a Mary Garden

  by Joseph Pronechen

  of The National Catholic Register




Renewing Devotion to Our Lady   United Kingdom: The Our Lady of Walsingham Shrine

  Is Set to Expand

  by Joanna Bogle

  of The National Catholic Register



Pentecost: Detonation & Fulfillment, Humility & Unity – Carl E. Olson, The CWR Blog
The State of the Catholic Tradition in Theater – Daniel McInerny, The Catholic Thing
Saint Hildegard’s Life and Works on B. B. C. Radio – The Five Beasts
Meet Myanmar’s First Cardinal, Charles Bo – Simon Roughneen, The Register
Toddler Spirituality – Nicole Cox, Ignitum Today
Five Reasons Catholics Should Watch ‘A. D.’ – John Paul Manfredi, Epic Pew
The Trees of Life – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand
Twelve (12) P. D. F. Guides To Pronouncing Latin – Jeff Ostrowski, VftChL
The Prayer of the Faithful at Mass & Why the Intentions Are Poor – Msgr. Charles Pope
The Supreme Court and So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-18-15)


Holy Spirit Holy Ghost12 Titles of the Holy Spirit Explained!

by Tatiana Federoff

of Epic Pew


Bishp Philip Egan  Bishop Philip Egan: What Makes Britain Great Is

  Its Christian Patrimony

  via Catholic Herald Magazine




Homosexual Flag  Gay Marriage, Old Testament Verses,

  and Fundamentalist Hermeneutics

  by Luke Arredondo

  of Ignitum Today



DC Court Tells Catholic Gps: Submit to HHS Mandate or Pay Big Fines – Peter J. Smith
Clearing Up the Confusion Over the Reform of the LCWR – Ann Carey, The Register
Everyone Expects the Spanish Inquisition – Joseph Pearce, Crisis Magazine
Transhumanism: It’s Not Just Science Fiction – Eugene Gan, Aleteia∝
Ending Speculation About Oscar Romero, Martyr for the Gospel – Gian F. Svidercoschi
All Gay! All the Time! – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Catholic Writers: Stand Up for the Truth in Love – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Movie Review: Tomorrowland’s Optimism Looks a Lot Like Hope – David Ives, Aleteia∝
Mark Twain’s Little Known Love for a Catholic Saint – Stephen K. Ryan, Mystic Post
The Supreme Court and So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (5-18-15)

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