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So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom

Does the Bible Support Same-Sex Marriage?Does the Bible Support So-Called Same-Sex Marriage?

by Joe Heschmeyer

of Strange Notions


Reverend Martin Luther King Tall Color PicTime for Civil Resistance to Civil Aggression

by Father Mark A. Pilon

of The Catholic Thing

US Supreme Court Front Entrance to Building Wide PicNine Lessons from the Obergefell Decision

of Crisis Magazine


Love Symbol Square PicLove Did Not Win, But It Will!

by Strahlen Smith

of Catholic Stand


US Supreme Court Justice Clarence ThomasJustice Thomas, Marriage, and the Question of Dignity

by Mark Brumley

of The Cthlc World Report

American Flag Benedictine Crucifix Cross We the People MottoReligion and the Republic

by David F. Forte

of Public Discourse


Kennedy Replaces the ‘Laws of Nature’ with His Own – Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine
Excommunication of Gay ‘Marriage’ Catholic SCOTUS Justices for Heresy – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Coming Battle – Leticia Vasquez, Catholic Lane
States’ Recourse to Supreme Court’s Decision – Brian Fraga, The Register
Catholic Public Figures & Officials Must Resist! Some are Resisting Already – Fr. Z’s Blog
Persecution More Likely With Court’s Marriage Decision – Stephen M. Krason, Crisis
On Court-Imposed ‘Liberty’ – Father James V. Schall SJ, The Catholic World Report
The Political Outlook After Obergefell – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Synod 2015: The Saga Continues – Big Pulpit (July 4, 2015)
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It Doesn’t Pay to Argue on the InternetIt Doesn’t Pay to Argue on the Internet

by Bob Kurland

of Catholic Stand


Shroud of TurinThe Shroud of Turin and Technoscience

by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

of The Register


Jesus Teaching Rabbi SynagogueMiracles Jesus Could Not Do

by M. D’Ambrosio, PhD

of Catholic Lane

Our Lady Statue at Night Poor PicIn Defense of the World Apostolate of Fatima

by Kevin Symonds

of Catholic Stand


Girl Red Balloon Square PicPeace for the Covetous Heart

by Megan Twomey

of Ignitum Today

US American FlagThe Catholic Roots of the Declaration of Independence

by Donald R. McClarey, JD

of The American Catholic


Showing Christian Love in a World Gone MadSusan Anne, Catholic Stand
Just How Evil Is Sodomy? The Saints Weigh In – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
Review: The Ultimate Priest’s Gift, Super Cool Portable Altar – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Splendor of Thomistic Theism – Karlo Broussard, Strange Notions
‘Progressive Consensus Is a Bullying Term’ Warns Renowned Philosopher – D. Blackman
Call No Woman Father – Tim Staples, Catholic Answers
Islamic Jihadists’ Main Target Has Always Been Rome – Roberto de Mattei
Karl Marx and the Revolutionary Roots of Redefining Marriage – Anne Hendershott
So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and America – Big Pulpit (July 3, 2015)
Synod 2015: The Saga Continues – Big Pulpit (July 4, 2015)
So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom – Big Pulpit (July 6, 2015)
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Historic Meeting of Pope and Russian Orthodox Head Seen Nearer – Philip Pullella, Reuters
Pope Francis on Weapons: 12 Things to Know and Share – Jimmy Akin, The Register
Catholics & Orthodox Should Meet More Often, Pope Francis Exhorts – EWTN News
Helpful Hints Re: Our Persecutors – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
Chaldean Patriarch Suggests Single Unified Patriarchate for Iraqi Christians – Cth Wrld Nws
The Ambiguous Quest for Marriage Equality – Adam J. MacLeod, Public Discourse
An America Without Churches – Brother Dominic Bouck OP, First Things
Laudato Si’ Is a Hard Teaching and We Must Accept It – Scott Eric Alt
The Tragedy of Laudato Si’ – William F. Byrne, Crisis Magazine
Laudato Si’ Will Bring No Justice for the Poor – William Oddie, Catholic Herald Magazine
Four Practical Ways to Implement Laudato Si’ – Philip Kosloski, The Register
U. K. Anglicans are in Serious Decline, say Researchers – Madeleine Davies, Church Times
Cardinal Pell Expects Synod to ‘Massively Endorse’ Church Teaching – Catholic Herald
Breakaway Episcopal Diocese May Move to Anglican Church in North America – M. Gryboski
News from the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham – Kathleen Pluth, The Chant Café
So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and America – Big Pulpit (July 3, 2015)
Synod 2015: The Saga Continues – Big Pulpit (July 4, 2015)

Synod 2015: The Saga Continues

Clearest Explanation Ever: Bp. Gracida On Divorce, Remarriage – J. Ostrowski
Ed Peters on Pope Francis’ Remarks About ‘Separation’ of Spouses – Fr. Z’s Blog
Vatican Sets Stage for Tradition and Controversy at October Synod – Edward Pentin
Secret Study-Day Invitation and Program – Edward Pentin, The Register
Jousting Jesuits, Dueling Dominicans – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
A Layman Responds to Cardinal Kasper’s Proposal – José Durand Mendioroz JD
Synod Journal: The Return of Tired Catholic Lite Euphemisms – Mary Jo Anderson
Pope Francis May Not Want Change After Synod 2014 Fiasco – S. Magister
Bishops Need Science, Not Gay Propaganda – Rick Fitzgibbons, The Catholic Thing
Crd. Kasper Is Not Pope Francis’s Theologian, Says Archbishop – M. Teahan
Synod: The Proposal of a ‘Third Way’ – Sandro Magister, Chiesa
The ‘Orthodox Practice’ on Divorce and Communion – Jim Cole, Catholic Lane
African Bishops: ‘Courageously Uphold Catholic Family Values’ – Diane Montagna, Alt∝
St. JP2 Scholar Hailed as Needed Voice Among Synod Consultors – Pentin & Desmond
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So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and America

The (Roman) Empire Strikes Back – Father Dwight Longenecker, Standing on my Head
So Now Is It ‘Hate Speech’ to Seplore the Obergefell Decision? – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Culture
Archbishop Cupichs Statement Represents Capitulation, Pure & Simple – Rorate Cæli
The Swamp of Subjective Sentimentality – Father Dwight Longenecker, SomH
Gay Marriage and the Hand of God – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Catholic Group’s Star Rises Defending Religious Freedom – Peter Jesserer Smith
My Answers To Questions About Gay ‘Marriage’ – Leila Miller, Catholic Stand
As the Family Goes, So Goes the U.S. & So Goes the World – Katie Sciba, The Cthlc Wife
Will the Protestant House of Cards Come Tumbling Down? – Shane Schaetzel, Flly Chrstn
Are Homosexuals Born That Way? People Say Yes, But Science Says No – Fr. Mark Hodges
Why Did God Destroy Sodom & Gomorrah? – Father Dwight Longenecker, SomH
Five ‘Truth Bombs’ About Marriage from the Catechism – Mountain Catholic
Twitter Shuts Down Catholic Blogger for Defending Marriage – Connecticut Cthlc Corner
So-Called Same-Sex Marriage & the Abolition of Man. . .& Woman – Matthew Kacsmaryk
Remember Lot’s Wife – Scott Eric Alt
So-Called Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom – Big Pulpit (July 6, 2015)
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For the MONDAY EDITION (July 6, 2015) click here.


The Best ‘Christian’ Band You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – Robert Barby II, Epic Pew
The Bipolarism of Catholic Spain – Peter De Trolio of Jerez de la Frontera, Regina Mgzn
The Uneven Coverage by the Mainstream Media – Bro. Dominic Bouck OP, First Things
Media Promotes Junk Science on Fetal Pain – James D. Agresti, Crisis Magazine
How the Cross Led a Starving North Korean to America – John Burger, Aleteia∝
Three Approaches To A Catholic Hymn – Jeff Ostrowski, Views from the Choir Loft
23 Reasons Why A Priest Should Wear His Collar – Msgr Ch.M. Mangan & Fr G.E. Murray
An Introduction to the Theology of Fr. John Navone, S. J.Eric Cunningham PhD, H&PR
On the Gift of Laughter – Father David Vincent Meconi SJ, Homiletic & Pastoral Review
The Tragic Daughters of Isabella – Donna Sue Berry, Regina Magazine
Quæritur: Can Friends of Same-Sex ‘Marry’ to Avoid Deportation? – Fr. Z’s Blog
When We Are Individuals – Saint Etheldreda’s Place
To The Point With Aesop – Maureen Mullarkey, One Peter 5
The Best Novel You’ve Never Heard Of – Thomas L. McDonald, God and the Machine
The Civilization of Love in The Trinity – STM, Saint Etheldreda’s Place
Reactions on SCOTUS Legalizing So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (June 27, 2015)


The Relevance of Saint Paul in the Modern Era – Anna Rose Meeds, Catholic Stand
You are Not Alone – Robert Barby II, Epic Pew
Jordan’s Devotion to Our Lady – Marge Fenelon, The National Catholic Register
10 Ways to Grow in Prayer – Father Ed Broom OMV, The Catholic Gentleman
Quæritur: Who Is a Member of the Church? – Father John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Is Social Engineering the Salient Evil of Our Time? – The Five Beasts
A Musical Diet – Lucas Tappan, Views from the Choir Loft
Persecution, Past & Present: Candida Moss’s Unintentional Gift to Christians – Gln. Moots
Quæritur: Electric, Battery Powered . . . Candles? – Fr. Z’s Blog
Enthronement of the Sacred Heart – Matthew Karmel, One Peter 5
Today’s ‘Soft Despotism’ and Saint Hildegard’s Futuristic Visions – RJT, The Five Beasts
Riches, Religion, and the New Atheism – Robert T. Miller, Public Discourse
Spain’s Catholic Chess Queen – Meghan Ferrara, Regina Magazine
Dear Catholics: Unsolicited Advice from an Evangelical Convert – K. Albert Little, TCC
The Women Whose Voices the Pro-Choice Lobby Doesn’t Want to Hear – Francis Phillips
Reactions on SCOTUS Legalizing So-Called Same-Sex Marriage – Big Pulpit (June 27, 2015)

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