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Crisis of Civilizations April Update

The De-Christianization and Gradual Islamization of FranceThe De-Christianization and Gradual Islamization of France

by Charles Adhémar

of The Catholic World Report


Pope Francis Praying  Pope Francis Recalls Slaughter of Armenians in

  ‘First Genocide of the 20th Century’

  by Elise Harris

  of The National Catholic Register



early-world-map  The Mystery of Extraordinarily Accurate Medieval Maps

  by Julie Rehmeyer

  of Discover Magazine



Are Vested Interests to Blame for Failure to Save Mid-East Christians? – Fr. Lucie-Smith
Secret Archives Show Vatican Tried to Stop Armenian Genocide – Diane Montagna, Alt∝
How the Ottomans Ruined the 20th Century – Jame A. Warren, Watershed
Remembering the Armenian Genocide – Victor Gaetan, The National Catholic Register
Europe Faces a Real Threat from Russia, Warns U.S. Army Commander – Justin Huggler
Christian Tragedy in Middle East Didn’t Begin with I. S. I. S. – Robert Fist, Independent
Buyer’s Remorse on N. A. T. O. Enlargement – Andrew A. Michta, The Amrcn Interest
Let’s Stop Expecting Islam to be Christian – Joe Carter, PowerBlog
Weeping for Argentina – Samuel Gregg, Acton Commentary
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Cardinal Francis George: ‘A Man of Peace, Tenacity and Courage’  Read more: Cardinal George: ‘A Man of Peace,

Tenacity and Courage’

by Joan Frawley Desmond

of The National Catholic Register


Feast of the Holy Family  How to Respond to Size-of-Family Smears

  by Patti Maguire Armstrong

  of Epic Pew



Little Boy Movie Poster  ‘Little Boy': A Movie You Must See!

  by Tim Staples

  of Catholic Answers



Rejecting the Swoon Theory: Why Jesus Didn’t Faint on the Cross – Dr. Peter Kreeft
Why You’re Probably Getting Wrong about Praying to the Saints – Joe Heschmeyer
Book Review: Why Evelyn Waugh wanted Thomas Merton to Be Quiet – Matt Thorne, CH
Cardinal Burke Responds to Recent Criticisms – Riccardo Cascioli, The Register
Contemplating The Mystery of Mercy – Todd Nolan, Catholic Stand
What Is the World? – Jordan Haddad, Ignitum Today
How Pope Benedict XVI Vanquished the New Atheists – Mary O’Regan, Catholic Herald
Cardinal George: The Myth and Reality of ‘I’ll Die in My Bed’ – Tim Drake, The Register
Can Our Elites & Journalists Still Deny Persecution of Christians? – Terry Mattingly, GR


10 Tips for Managing Closely Spaced Babies 10 Tips for Managing Closely Spaced Babies

by Chelsea Houghton

of Restless Press

Why Religious Liberty Arguments Aren’t Working – Jennifer Roback Morse, Crisis Mgzn
When Couples Have Mismatched Sexual Desire – Dr. Sebastian Mahfood OP, Epic Pew
Depression: Down, But Not Out – Victor Ajluni MD, Catholic Stand
Finally the B. B. C. has Woken Up to the War on Middle Eastern Christians – Ed West, CH
The New Sex Ed: Have Babies Before It’s Too Late! – Shannon Roberts, Aleteia∝
Cohabitation: A Couch Is Not a Promise – Siobhan Benitez, Ignitum Today
Hillary Clinton Calls Education A ‘Non-Family Enterprise’ – Matthew Archbold, CMR
Washington Post Blatant Double Standard on Religious Freedom Law – Bobby Ross Jr.
L. C. W. R. Agrees to Abide by Vatican’s Corrections – Ann Carey, The Register
SF’s Bad Catholics Publish Letter to Pope Francis to Dismiss Crd. Cordileone – K Schiffer
France’s Vatican Envoy Is a Devout Catholic & May Not be ‘Gay’ – Jeanne Smits, Life Site
Giveaway: Seeds of the Word by Fr. Robert Barron – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew


Typical Comments A Single Catholic Hears Typical Comments A Single Catholic Hears

by Doug Johnson

of Epic Pew

From San Francisco’s ‘Gay Mecca’ to Healing in Christ – Jim Graves, The Cth Wrld Rprt
There’s One Thing That We’ll Never Be Able to Do Online: the Sacraments – Dar. Sockey
Mary’s Simple and Amazing Guide to Discipleship – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand
Spiritual Deep Cleaning – Megan Twomey, Ignitum Today
Christian Chaplain ‘Intolerant’ for Encouraging Virtue? – Brian Fraga, The Register
Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Marriage – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Pope Francis Rejects Unrepentant Homosexual as French Ambassador – D. McClarey JD
Don’t call Patricia Jannuzzi’s Reinstatement a Victory – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
13 Reasons Jesus’ Disciples Didn’t Hallucinate After the Resurrection – Dr. Peter Kreeft
Practical Lessons from Death’s Defeat – Dcn. Michael Bickerstaff, Intgaed Cthlc Life™
Venerable Traditions & Radical Ideologies – Mitchell Kalpakgian PhD, Trth & Chrty Frm
Giveaway: Seeds of the Word by Fr. Robert Barron – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew


The Law of Human Nature Still ExistsThe Law of Human Nature Still Exists

by Mark Davis Pickup

of Catholic Lane


25 Martyrs Younger Than You – Ryan Mayer, Epic Pew
The Goal of Classical Education Is Truth – Tom Jay, Crisis Magazine
Carrying Out Works of Mercy – Father John Bartunek LC, Catholic Spiritual Direction
When the USCCB Accepts Federal Money, Not Good – The Motley Monk, TACatholic
Answering Five More Common Objections to the Resurrection – Dr. Peter Kreeft, St Nt
Reflections of a Sidewalk Counselor – Mary Proffit Kimmel, Ignitum Today
Walking Our Own Journey to God – Tammy Ruiz, Catholic Stand
Fr. Tho. Byles: Gave Up Spot on Titanic Lifeboat, Possible Sainthood - Joseph Pronechen
Aussie Churches Burn While Media Rejoices – Laura McAlister, Catholic Cravings
The Stillbirths of Science in Ancient Cultures – Stacy Trasancos PhD, Intgd Cth Life™
Argentina Formally Recognizes S. S. P. X. – Augustinus, Rorate Cæli
Giveaway: Seeds of the Word by Fr. Robert Barron – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew


Three-Year-Old Boy With Cancer Plays Mass, Wants to Be Pope Someday

via Catholic News Agency


Syria Civil War Square Pic  Without Action from the West the Catastrophe

  in Syria Could Carry on for a Decade

  by Father Alexander Lucie-Smith

  of Catholic Herald Magazine



2629cardarinzev_00000001836  Francis Cardinal Arinze on Radical Discipleship

  and the Consecrated Life

  via The Catholic World Report



Of Catholic Schools, Down Syndrome, and Hospitality – God-Haunted Lunatic
A Special and Courageous Young Man – Randy Hain, The Integrated Catholic Life™
An Important Addition to Catholic Intellectual Life – Joanna Bogle, The CWR Blog
Who Is Deserving of Life and Love? – Birgit Jones, Catholic Stand
Quæritur: Father Says that Rubrics are Only Suggestions – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Socially Awkward Person’s Guide to the Sign of Peace – Jennifer Fulwiler
Pope, Heresy, Marxist, Yawn – Patrick Archbold, The National Catholic Register
Dumbing Down Cardinal Burke – Nicholas Frankovich
Apologetics, Evangelism, and Prophetic Visions – The Five Beasts
Lynch Mobs, Moral Bullies, and Homosexuals  – (4-6-15)
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Meet the Oriental Orthodox Christians & Their Controversial Christology – Marshall PhD
Pope Francis & the Eastern Orthodox Talks – Donald R. McClarey JD, TheAmCatholic
Cry of the Persecuted Syriac Christians: ‘What Is Our Future Here?’ – Doreen Abi Raad
The Betrayal of the Greek Catholics in the Ukraine – Donald R. McClarey JD, TACthlc
Hungarian Greek-Catholic Church Elevated to Metropolitan Sui Juris Status – G. DiPippo
Islamic State Group Inflicts Heavy Damage to 10th Century Monastery – John Burger, A∝
What Russia’s Military Options Are in Ukraine – Stratfor
Greece & Russia: The Myths & the Reality – Emmanuel Karagiannis, Moscow Times
Assyrian Patriarch Passes Away – Assyrian International News Agency
Lives of the Martyrs: Heroes ISIS Gave Us – Tom Hoopes, Catholic Vote
David Bertaina Reviews The Orthodox Church in the Arab World, 700-1700 – Arb Ortdxy
Orthodox Christianity in Slavophilic Thought – Peter Strzelecki Rieth
Giveaway: Filling Our Father’s House – Shaun McAfee, Epic Pew (Ends April 10)
Lynch Mobs, Moral Bullies, and Homosexuals  – (4-6-15)
For the MONDAY GOD & CAESAR EDITION (4-6-15) click here.

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