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st benedict of nursiaSeven Simple Ways to Grow

in Holiness Before Noon

via Mountain Catholic


New Catholic Health Initiative Provides Alternative to Obamacare Insurance  Read more:  New Catholic Health Initiative Provides

  Alternative to Obamacare Insurance

  by Peter Jesserer Smith of


Patriarch Kirill  How the Russian Orthodox Church

  Answers Putin’s Prayers in Ukraine

  by Gabriela Baczynska & Tom Heneghan


Why Is Caritas Involved with Pro-Aborts? – Steve Skojec
The Defense of Marriage Isn’t Over – Ryan T. Anderson
Connecticut Targets Homeschoolers – Matthew Archbold, CMR
Debunking the Myth of the Invisible Church – Dave Armstrong
Why the Rosary Is Not “Vain Repetition” – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Prayer: Keep The Lights On – Julianne McCullagh, Catholic Stand
Shock: A Catholic Bishop Who Speaks Like a Catholic Bishop! – Z
The Perfect Relationship – Leticia Adams, Catholic Stand
Armed Guards Protect Cameroon Missionaries f/Boko Haram – NCRg


Homes for Those Without a Place, the HomelessHomes for Those Without a Place

by Zachary Gappa of Catholic Lane


Transparent Doctor  When Your Child’s Doctor

  Becomes Your Enemy

  by Dns. J. Hunnell MD of Catholic Stand


The Top Catholic Colleges in America – Catholic Education Daily
Movement Secularists Fears Most: Homeschooling – D. R. McClarey JD
Praying Rosary Is Our Secret Weapon Against ISIS – Fr. A. Lucie-Smith
10 Ways to Fall In Love With the Bible – Fr. Ed Broom OMV, Cth Exc
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Answers – Kth. M. Berchelmann MD
Cardinal Maradiaga’s “Sloganeering” – The Motley Monk, TACatholic
Satan and Blogging – Donald R. McClarey JD, Catholic Stand
Supreme Court Advances Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ – J. Frawley Desmond
Ryan Anderson on Supreme Court’s Gay ‘Marriage’ Decision – Strchrz
Synod on the Family: October 7 Update – (10-7-14)

Synod on the Family: October 7 Update

Pope FrancisPope Francis: ‘Speak Clearly &

Don’t be Afraid to Offend Me’

by John Thavis


Cardinal Kasper  Cardinal Kasper’s “Mercy”: No Communion

  for Church Tax Dodgers in Germany

  by Amy Welborn of Charlotte Was Both


Synod on the Family  The Synod & the Unnecessary Crisis

  by Brian Williams of One Peter 5


What The Germans Want & Why – Beverly De Soto, Regina Magazine
Crd Marx, German Bps back Kasper on Divorced, Remarried – J Thavis
Crd. Kasper’s Challenge Distracts from Real Problem – Stp. Baskerville
Jesuit Journal Created Deception to Favor Crd Kasper – Rb. de Mattei
Is Reception of Communion Doctrinal or Disciplinary? – Dr. Ed Peters
Ratzinger Responds to Cardinal Kasper – Brian Williams, One Peter 5
Couple Tells Pope Francis of Welcoming Homosexual ‘Couples’ – Fr. Z
Marriage & Family Synod Day 1: Framing the Discussion – E. Pentin
Let’s Be Realistic About the Synod – Kevin Tierney, Cthlc Exchange


Our Lady of the Rosary: Freedom and JoyThe Hope of Lepanto:

The Feast of the Holy Rosary

by Christopher Check

of The Standard Bearers


Miriam Teresa Demjanovich  New Jersey Nun Beatified

  in Newark’s Cathedral:

  by Jos. Pronechen of


  Born Into SlaveryBorn Into Slavery, Fr. Augustus Tolton May Become a Saint  Read more:

  Fr. Augustus Tolton May Become a Saint

  by Kathy Schiffer of Seasons of Grace

The Powerful Sign of the Cross – Connie Rossin
Dr. Death Opens an Office in London – Daniel Blackman
Immorality & Radical Secularism are Great Threats to Our Sec. – Souta
CA Bps Contest State Ruling on Abortion Coverage – Mark Stricherz
India Under Modi Sees Increase in Attacks on Christians – A. Akkara
When Inculturation Is Wrong – Fr. Z’s Blog
Employment Challenges & a Closer Walk with Christ – Randy Hain
Why Is There No God in Science Fiction – Brad Miner, The Cthlc Thng
Does Complaining Rob Us of Joy? – Emily Molitor, Seton Magazine
Synod on the Family: October 5 Update – (10-5-14)


The Trailer for Exodus with

Christian Bale as Moses Is Totally Epic

Courtesy ChurchPOP


Pope Francis Smiling  When I Met Pope Francis

  & Saw Him Burn with Joy

  by Austen Ivereigh


Hong Kong Logo  Hong Kong’s Christian Revolutionaries

  by Christian Caryl

  of Foreign Policy


How Sinners Became Saints through Spiritual Reading – Lor. Espenhair
Saint Francis and the Imitation of Christ – Ivan Gobry, Ign Ins Scp
The Dominican Option – C. C. Pecknold, First Things
Evil vs. Good: Time for Everyone to Choose Sides – Larry Peterson
Push for Paperless & Revisiting Used Book Stores – Fr. J. V. Schall SJ
Making Confirmation Engaging – Sarah Reinhard,
Season of the Doubtful Heart; the Autumn of Emotion – Susan Anne
It Isn’t Mine – Amanda Sloan, Ignitum Today
Ghostly Visions in the Early Church – Thomas L. McDonald
Synod on the Family: October 5 Update – (10-5-14)


ISIS Terror Thugs Kidnap Young Girls for Sex Slavery. The Despicable Way They Mark Them for SaleIslamists Kidnap Young Christian Girls

for Sex Slavery, the Despicable Way

They Mark Them for Sale

by Justen Charters of IJReview


Pope Francis Thumbs Up  The So-Called “Francis Problem”

  by Fr. Mark Pilon of The Catholic Thing



Dorothy Day  The Challenge of the

  Church’s Social Magisterium

  by Randall Smith, PhD, of The Catholic Thing


Caring for the Elderly – Luis Daniel Gonzalez,
My Autistic Son Ryan Was Worth It All – Mary Ellen Barrett, Seton
The Crusades: EWTN to Separate Myth f/History in Docudrama – TACth
Pope Francis the “Pastoral” on the Synod & on the SSPX – Pio Pace
Digital Missionaries’ Must Bring Faith to Facebook & Beyond – Lawson
10 Things That Would Not Exist if Atheists Were Right – Tom Hoopes
Health Care Workers Urge Giant Increase to Ebola Pandemic  – Ferrisi
The Sinner Marching Next to Me – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand
What the Pope can do for Middle East Christians – John L. Allen Jr.
Synod on the Family: October 5 Update – (10-5-14)

Synod on the Family: October 5 Update

Cardinal KasperCrd. Kasper Over the Top

in Most Recent Interview

via Fr. Z’s Blog


RNS-SYNOD-SURVEY  Is the Lack of Transparency

  a Problem at the Synod?

  via Fr. Z’s Blog


Pope Francis with Crucifix  Full Text of Pope Francis’s

  Homily at Opening Mass

  by Kathy Schiffer of Seasons of Grace


Crd Burke: Should Take Communion Proposal Off the Table – F. Rocca
Burke: Kasper’s Proposal Is Disobedience to Jesus Himself – Schiffer
The Troubling Case of Crd. Kasper – Steve Skojec, One Peter 5
Synod Will Be a Farce if Kasperites Attempt to Muzzle It – Rorate Cæli
Ratzinger-Kasper Rivalry Revisited – Fr. Raymond J. De Souza
The Equivalent of a No-Fault Divorce Is on the Table – Nc. Frankovich
‘Gay Catholic’ Gps. Converge on Rome – Hilary White, Life Sit
Pope Francis Faces Key Test of Papacy at Family Debate – N. Squires
4 Suggestions For Following the Synod – Bill Maguire, The Ct Wr Rp
Morality and Same-Sex Attraction – (9-30-14)
Everything You Want to Know About Angels – (10-2-14)
Synod on the Family: October 5 Update – (10-5-14)
Synod on the Family: October 7 Update – (10-7-14)
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