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Islam and Their Problems

Return Our Churches: Murder, Theft and DenialReturn Our Churches: Murder, Theft, and Denial

by Tania C. Mastrapa

of Crisis Magazine

(link above repaired)

The Myth of Islam’s Diversity – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
Surrendering to Islam in America – Andrew Bieszad, One Peter 5
Islam Minus Muhammed? – William Kilpatrick, Crisis Magazine
Fool’s Paradise: The Appeal of Jihad – William Kilpatrick, Crisis
Islam’s Central Problem – Fr. Z’s Blog
The Appeal of Islam in a Poorly Catechized World – Big Blue Wave
Five Points: The Catholic Church & Islam – Sr. Theresa A. Noble
Austria’s Troubling Quran Law – Jennifer S. Bryson
What Makes ISIS Appealing? – Ayman S. Ibrahim, First Things
Celebrating Lepanto in the Age of ISIS – Joe Heschmeyer, Shml Ppry
What Do Muslim Scholars Have to Say to ISIS? – Aleteia∝
Issues Arising form the Synod on the Family – (11-18-14)
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Issues Arising form the Synod on the Family

Pope Francis Smiling and LaughingPope Francis and the Synod on the Family

by Father David Vincent Meconi, SJ

of Homiletic & Pastoral Review

Kasper Says No Intention of Changing Doctrine – Carl E. Olson
What Is The Art of Accompaniment – Msgr. Charles Pope
Theological Dissent and the Final Synod Report – Bill Maguire, Crisis
CDF: No Communion for Remarried Divorcees Living as Married – RCæli
. . .CDF Is Even More Correct than People Realize – Dr. Ed Peters
Crd. Newman’s Theory of Development of Doctrine – D.R. McClarey JD
Why Did Synod Fail to Address Cohabitation? – Rick Fitzgibbons MD
Another Serious Omission in the Translation – Steve Skojec, 1P5
Crd. Burke Addresses Relationship with Pope Francis – Carl E. Olson
Six Reasons the Synod Shouldn’t Worry Us – Stephanie Pacheco
Holy Hypocrisy? – Fr. William Moser, Courageous Priest
Islam and Their Problems – (11-18-14)
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Conversion of Saint PaulHow Well Do You Know Saint Paul?

by Shaun McAfee

of Epic Pew


Fr McBrian Notre Dame Notre Shame  Vatican Communications and a Jesuit Lens

  by Patrick Archbold

  of The National Catholic Register


Latin Mass Pic  Restoring a Sense of the Sacred to the Mass

  by Brian Williams

  of One Peter 5


Five Books for Advent & Christmas – Michael J. Lichens, Epic Pew
Waiting: A Concept Applied to the Divorced & Remarried – M. Meaney
God’s Encouragement of Despairing True Believers – Msgr Ch. Pope
Prayer, Science & the Existence of God – Trent Horn, Strng Notions
How I Pray: Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester – Thomas L. McDonald, G&tM
Catholic Identity & Our Moral Life: Two Ways – Mk. S. Latkovic STD
Revisiting the Argument f/Desire – Fr. Robert Barron, Strng Notions
Civil Disobedience & Afflicting the Comfortable – Elaine Krewer, TACt
Why Is Ukip Growing Among Catholics – Ed West, The Cthlc Herald
Issues Arising form the Synod on the Family – (11-18-14)
Islam and Their Problems – (11-18-14)


Full Movie: The Gospel of John

via ChurchPOP


What's the Status of the Vatican's Final Report on Women Religious?  Read more:  What Is the Status of the Vatican’s

  Final Report on Women Religious?

  by Ann Carey of The Reg


We respectfully disagree  We Respectfully Disagree with

  the U. S. Bishops on Immigration

  by Brian Burch of Catholic Vote

How Sinful Is It to Disregard the Rubrics? – Peter Kwasniewski PhD
Science Is Not Infallible – Tod Worner MD, The Catholic Thing
Social Media & the Sacrament of the Present Moment – Tyler Blanski
Catholic Identity Means Nothing to Jesuit Univ. – The Motley Monk
Crd. O’Malley: Women Religious Investigation a ‘Disaster’ – The CH
11 Things to Do in St. Peter’s Square – Ryan Mayer, Epic Pew
Groveling Before the World: Self-Respect – Jonathan Cariveau, 1P5
Crawling to Heaven – Abigail C. Reimel, Ignitum Today
I’d Rather Go to Jail than Break Seal of Confession – Fr. A Lucie-Smith


Joe Miller Interviews

Catholic Author, Tom Perna

by Fiat Ministry Network


Nashville Dominicans  ‘Sisterhood’ Lets Viewers

  Go Behind Convent Doors

  by Emily Stimpson of OSV Newsweekly


Catholic Bishops  Emasculated Bishops & Church Presence

  by Fr. Bevil Bramwell OMI

  of The Catholic Thing


Georgetown University  Why a Bishops’ Accreditation

  Process Could Be the Best Thing

  for Catholic Higher Education

  by Randall B. Smith PhD of Aleteia∝


Without Contemplatives, There Can Be No Action – Etheldreda’s Place
Distributism Isn’t Outdated – James Mumford
Streamlining Annulments – Fr. Mark A. Pilon, Homiletic & Pstrl Rvw
Prosecution of TLM Franciscans Reaches Insanity Levels – Rorate Cæli
The Road to Hell Is Paved with Indifference – Msgr. Charles Pope
Making Your Home Parish “Home” – Lauren Meyers, Ignitum Today
An American Family: The Carrolls – James Carmody,
Film Shows Courage of Living Chastely – Maryann Gogniat Eidemiller
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The Trappist

via Rorate Cæli


How to Fight the Prosperity Gospel  Did Christ Confirm the Protestant Canon?

  by Joe Heschmeyer

  of Shameless Popery


How To Comment On The Pope, If At All  Front Row With Francis:

  On the Role of the Bishop

  by Allison Gingras of Catholic Lane


Sacred Heart Icon  The Origins of the Devotion

  to the Sacred Heart

  by Meghan Ferrara of Regina Magazine

Our Bodies are Living Cathedrals – Anna Rose Meeds, Catholic Stand
Have You Been Saved? – Deacon Michael Bickerstaff, Intg Cth Life™
Keeping Christ in Advent – Debbie, Saints 365
The Holy Law Is Not an End in Itself – Eduardo Echeverria, H&PR
Does God Answer Our Prayers or Not? – Lorraine Espenhain, Seton
Advent Music – Veronica Brandt, Views from the Choir Loft
Inside a Medieval Catholic Hospital for the Sick Poor – Harry Stevens
Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”: A Magnificent Horror – Sn. Fitzpatrick
The Real Synod & the Synod of the Media – (11-10-14)


Experience the Eternal City from Above

via ChurchPOP


10 Revealing Maps of Religion in Europe  Ten Revealing Maps of Religion in Europe

  via ChurchPOP


Stigmatics Today  Introduction to Christian Mysticism

  by Jeannie Ewing



U.S. Bishops Elect Delegates to Synod: Kurtz, Chaput, DiNardo, Gomez  Read more:   U. S. Bishops Elect Delegates to Synod:

  Kurtz, Chaput, DiNardo, Gomez

  via The National Catholic Register


On Antiphons & Music in Mass – Jenni Groft, Catholic Stand
NYC Church With Major Artwork Merges – Joseph Pronechen
Five Catholic Things to Listen to on Spotify – Thomas L. McDonald
Seeking Accessible Saint Movies for Less Arty Viewers – SD Greydanus
The Astonishing True Story of St. Joan of Arc – Meghan Ferrara
Pro-Life Catholic Fought Father’s Path to Assisted Suicide – Desmond
Brett Baier on Faith, Family and a Special Heart – Carlos EspinosaThe Real Synod & the Synod of the Media – (11-10-14)
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