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professor-jordan-b-peterson-ph-d-university-of-torontoCanada’s Boldest Professor Defies the Gender Police

by Scott Ventureyra,

of Crisis Magazine

Quæriture: Book Recommendations for Young Men Discerning Priesthood – Fr. Z’s Blog
Cause of 15-year-old “Computer Geek” Carlo Acutis has Taken a Step Forward – Phi. Kosloski
Disappointment as Senate Republicans Drop Religious Freedom Amendment – Mat. Hadro, CNA
19 Little-Remembered Facts About St. Nicholas – Joseph Pronechen, N.C. Register
No Matter What Anyone Says, Clarity on Amoris Lætitia Remains Elusive – John L. Allen Jr., Crx
Is It a Sin to Ask for Death? – Fr. John Bartunek L.C., Catholic Spiritual Direction
Three Things the Pope Can’t Say – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Instead of Choosing Hell, Why Not Annihilation? – Edward Feser Ph.D.
Four Cardinals have Taken the ‘Correct Road’, Says Leading German Philosopher – Cthlc Herald
St. JP2 Truly Understood the Importance of Absolute Values – Fr. Ale. Lucie-Smith Ph.D., CH
Syriac Catholic Patriarch ‘Horrified’ after Seeing Iraqi ‘Ghost Towns’ – Cthlc News Srvc via CH
Upheaval in French Politics: A Catholic Contender Rises – Fr. Terry Tastard Ph.D., Providence


pope-francis-and-raymond-cardinal-burke-laughing-joking-jovialityThe Dangerous Road of Papal Silence

by Father Mark A. Philon,

of The Catholic Thing

The Providence College Mob Comes for Anthony Esolen – Emmett McGroarty & Jane Robbins
The Rise of Iceland’s Heathens – Fiona Zublin, Ozy
Cardinal Wuerl Apologizes to Man Who Brought Abuse Claim in ’88 – Associated Press via Crux
Anti-Christian Violence is Now Too Common to Attract the Headlines – Fr. Ale. Lucie-Smith
Understanding Dreams – Fr. John Bartunek L.C., Catholic Spiritual Direction
Euthanasia of Alcoholic Father Sends ‘Dangerous’ Message – Mary Rezac, Cthlc News Agency
The Basilica of St., in Bologna: A Church Built on Astronomical Science – Daniel Esparza, Alt
Ireland’s Happy Pro-Life Warriors – Cora Sherlock, Catholic Herald
Father Stanley Rother: The First U.S.-Born Martyr – Catholic News Agency
Advent and the Gift of the Divine Reply – Sarah Huntzinger, Catholic Stand
Young Catholics Campaign for a London World Youth Day – Filip Mazurczak, The Cth Wor Rep


fundraising-for-catholic-charityFundraising Workshop: How to Raise Money for Your Catholic Entity

by Brice Sokolowski,


My Brown Scapular and Me – Mattias A. Caro, Ethika Politika
Pray As You Can, Not As You Can’t – David Torkington, Catholic Stand
Reflections on Catholic Institutions in America: Part I & Part II– Timothy Kirchoff, Ethika Pltk
It’s Time to Rehabilitate St. Aloysius – Thomas J. Craughwell, The Standard Bearers
Confirmations in the Traditional Form of the Roman Rite – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
I Love You, Man – Benedictine Augustine, Maccabee Society
Have an Old Fashioned, Blessed, Wonderful Christmas – Teresa A. Thomas, Intgrtd Cth Life™
Could Black Catholic Saints Be U.S. Church’s Hidden Key for Peace in Society – Peter J. Smith
Christmas According to Kids is Amazing! – Jessica McAfee, epicPew
Mary’s Emptiness in the Immaculate Conception – Stephanie H. To, Catholic Stand
Mary, Mary, Quite Necessary – Ray Sullivan, Catholic Stand


providence-college-picThe Church is Not Putty in the Hands of “History”

by Anthony Esolen, Ph.D.,

of The Catholic Thing

The Irish Forest That Secretly Grew a Celtic Cross – Catholic News Agency
Double Standards on Abortion & Animal Rights – Ligia De Jesus Castaldi J.D., Pblc Discourse
Richard Dawkins Misrepresents Science – Amy McCaig, Rice University
The Strange Politics of the World Chess Championship – Carol Matlack, Bloomberg Pursuits
New Mass, Old Mass: Savor the Fullness – James Hooper, Catholic Stand
Just War Theory & Terrorism – Eric Patterson, Providence
Formation in Faery – Jean Elizabeth Seah, Ignitum Today
Lessons All Catholic Parents Can Learn from Mrs. Kim of Gilmore Girls – Theresa Williams, eP
Waiting To Give Birth With Mary – Melanie Jean Juneau, Catholic Stand
Humanitarian Needs Going Unmet in Iraq, Catholic Leaders Tell Congress – Cthlc News Agency
Several Sources Shelters: Where There’s Always Hope – Patty Knap, National Cthlc Register


president-obama-smilingGlobal Elites Put Christianity in the Crosshairs

by Robert F. Gorman, Ph.D.,

of Acton Commentary

This Lord of the Rings Christmas Mashup Will Make You ROFL – Shaun McAfee O.P., epicPew
Put Not Your Trust in Princes—or in Princesses – Karl Keating, Catholic Answers
Charity the Essence of Sanctity – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
The Sin-Eaters and the Lost Sacraments – David Mills, Aleteia
The Exorcist: Theology of the Possessed Body – Patrick Malone, Catholic Stand
Mother Teresa’s 15 Tips to Help You Become More Humble – Patti Maguire Armstrong, NCReg
Carolyn Woo Reflects on Her Tenure at Catholic Relief Services – Peter Jesserer Smith, NCRg
The Profit to Be Gained from Praying for Holy Souls – K.V. Turley, Crisis Magazine
Our Lady of Guadalupe Will End the Bloodshed of the Culture of Death – Donal Anthony Foley
What the Anointing of the Sick Is & Isn’t: Countering Kevin T. DiCamillo – Joseph Arias, Crisis
Georgetown Hosts Abortion Advocates to Discuss ‘Reproductive Injustices’ – Adam Cassandra


(Photo Credit: Fr Dwight Longenecker)

(Photo Credit: Fr. Dwight Longenecker)

How Beauty Saves in Our Little Corner of South Carolina

by Father Dwight Longenecker,

of Crux

FAQ on Divorce, Pope Francis and the Bishops Questioning Him – John Zmirak Ph.D.
Brick by Brick: More Ad Orientem News – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
The Worst Nativity Sets. Ever. – Matthew Archbold, National Catholic Register
Damned by Association: BuzzFeed ‘News’ Story Goes After the Fixer Upper Couple – Julia Duin
Pope Taps Tallahassee Bishop to Lead St. Petersburg Diocese – Elise Harris, Cthlc News Agncy
Where Have All the Great Composers Gone? – Webster Young, TIC
Some Wage Sanity – Jack Quirk, The Distributist Review
Writers, Keep Writing – Julie Machado, Ignitum Today
Love Word on Fire? Here’s Your Perfect Christmas Shopping List – Shaun McAfee O.P., epcPw
A New Advent, A New Beginning – Karen Reep, Catholic Stand
Advent and Christmas Meditation on Art & Scripture – David Clayton, New Liturgical Mvmnt


catholic-stand-editorial-picEditorial: The Father Pavone Controversy

by Diane McKelva,

of Catholic Stand

Two Hints Something’s Stirring on Anti-Christian Persecution – John L. Allen Jr., Crux
The Slippery Slope Effect of Amoris Lætitia – David Carlin, The Catholic Thing
Florence Henderson’s Deep and Formative Catholic Faith – Justin McClain, epicPew
Fr. Z’s Annual Rant On Blue Vestments – Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, Fr. Z’s Blog
Why Famed Atheist Stephen Hawking is on a Pontifical Academy – Andrea Gagliarducci, CNA
An Online Advent Calendar – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts
French National Assembly Approves Bill Outlawing Some Pro-Life Websites – Catholic Herald
Christmas 2016’s ‘Naughty and Nice’ Lists – Joseph Pronechen, National Catholic Register
Not Alone: At the House of Mary Near Ephesus – Cristina Montes, Ignitum Today
The Second Sunday in Advent: The Mass Readings Explained (Video) – Brant Pitre, The Scrd Pg
An Innovative Approach to Selling Goods Online for Charities – Brice Sokolowski, Cthlc Fndrsr

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