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Sisters fill their convent to the seams Sisters Fill Their Convent to the Seams – Thomas L. McDonald

Booming Reform Group Is Still an Enigma – Mark Greaves, The Cth Hrld
Is there a Rational Legal Basis for Traditional Marriage? – Rob. Kraynak
Archdiocese of St. Louis Settles ‘False’ Abuse Claim –
Winning at Supreme Court, Losing in Court of Public Opinion – P. S.
Patricia Ireland Blasted Over NOWs Attack on Little Sisters of the Poor
On Hobby Lobby: Where Ginsburg & Alito Go Astray – Joshua Schulz
Pain, Hope & Schisms in the Long Anglican Wars – Terry Mattingly
Justice Sotomayor: Religious Non-Profits Should Prevail – Vin. P. Muñoz
Turkey: Secularist Siege Against Orthodox Church – Victor Gaetan
Do You Want This Guy to Teach Your Kids Theology – New Emanglztn
How Sex Is Derailing Lutheran-Orthodox Dialogue – Mathew Block, FT


Study offers strategies for increasing vocationsStudy Offers Strategies for Increasing Vocations – Brian Fraga, OSV

Teaching by Word & Example: St. Norbert of Xanten – Brian Fitzgerald,
Passing Along All that Is Noble & Worthwhile – Randy Hain, In Ct Lf™
Healing After Miscarriage – Katie Warner,
Haven of Peace for Sick Threatened in Pakistan – Kamran Chaudhry
My Rules for Discourse on the Internet – Rebecca Taylor, Catholic Lane
A Look at Lord Patten, the Vatican’s New Media Czar – Edward Pentin
Alice von Hildebrand: A Life of Teaching, Scholarship & Prayer – Graves
A Doctor Balances Her Faith & Career – Patti Maguire Armstrong
Mercy on Life Support – Editorial Board, OSV Newsweekly
Common Complaint: Mass Is Boring – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
The Religious Penumbra Revisited – Ross Douthat, New York Times


Learn to Preserve Inner PeaceLearn to Preserve Inner Peace – Lorenzo Scupoli, Catholic Exchange

The Beauty of Basilicas – Denis McNamara, OSV Newsweekly
“Glory of the Preachers”: St. Peter of Verona – Donald S. Prudlo
The Feeding of the Four Thousand – Jimmy Akin, Catholic Answers
The Catholic Church’s Best-Kept Secret – Damian Thompson, The CH
Ven. Prosper Guéranger & the Refounding of Solesmes – R. Jar. Staudt
The Saint With an Unusual Family Life – The Catholic Herald
Confession & Culture – Fr. C. John McCloskey, The Catholic Thing
When Untruth & Violence are Confronted by Truth & Peace – M. Pickup
A Higher Power – Randall Smith PhD, The Catholic Thing
Religious Freedom Comes to Missouri Schools – Shane Schaetzel, CITO
Judges Should Tell Atheists to Stand Down – Gerald Russello, TCT


Are You Too Busy to Pray?Are You Too Busy to Pray? – St. Frances De Sales, Catholic Exchange

Knock: What the Apparitions Point To – Beverly De Soto, Regina Mgzn
On Church Architecture: Preaching Hall or Temple? – Fr D Longenecker
Why the ‘Gospel of Barnabas’ Is a Medieval Fake – Jon Sorensen, Ct An
Putting into Perspective Our Doubts & Worries About Veiling – Veils. . .
Traditional Catholics in Charlemagne’s Ancient Capital – Bev. De Soto
Pro-Life Leader Believes Tide Is Turning in Europe – Edward Pentin
A Vindication of Tradition – James Kalb, Crisis Magazine
The Little Ones, The Hidden Ones, The Saints – Rachana Chhin, Ig Td
The Uses of Monarchy – George Weigel, First Things
The Four Fatal Errors of Sedevacantism – David L. Gray
Cardinal Kasper & the Church Fathers – Adam G. Cooper, The CWR


From World Cup to Pope Cup From World Cup to Pope Cup – Edward Pentin,

Non-believers Make the Best Saint Movies: Monsieur Vincent - Pt. Coffin
Study: More Education on Down Syndrome to Further Acceptance – Reg
Summorum Pontificum & the Case for Spiritual Renewal – Kevin Tierney
My Ideal Encounter With an Atheist Scientist – Stacy Trasancos PhD
The Devil & Pope Francis – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Aleteia
Moviemaking, Christian Style – Joseph Pronechen,
Would You Embrace a Pedophile Priest? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
The White Rosary – Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today
Salvation: Waiting in the Aqua Room - Jamey Brown, Catholic Stand
U.S. Bishops Wary of Obama’s ENDA Executive Order – Brian Fraga
Punk Rock Jesus: Catholicism Subculture, That Can Be Fun – Mrk. Judge


A Prophecy: The Vocations Crisis is OverA Prophecy: The Vocations Crisis Is Over – Fr. Dwight Longenecker

I’m Making the Jump to Homeschooling – Mat. Archbold (link fixed)
New Book: Science Was Born of Christianity – Stacy Trasancos PhD
Same-Sex Parenting Better for Kids? New Study Fail – Mark Regnerus
Crd. Dolan: NYTimes Contributes to Anti-Catholic Bigotry (link fixed)
Irish Abuse Survivor Asks Pope Francis to Remove Crd Seán Brady – Kelly
Immigration, Patriotism & the Common Good – John Zmirak (link fixed)
‘Church in Iraq in Perhaps Its Darkest Period,’ Says Patriarch – The CH
Hollywood Child Abuse No Big Deal – David F. Pierre Jr., Media Report
Believe in Jesus, or Else. . . – T. J. Burdick, Ignitum Today
Discovering Joy Inspite of Myself - Melanie Jean Juneau, Cthlc Stand
The Sad Case of a “Feminist Father” – The New Emangelization


Prepare Your Heart to PrayPrepare Your Heart to Pray – Dom Augustin Guillerand, Cthlc Exchng

Five Traits of a Good Service Project – Fr. Matthew Schneider LC
Christianity & Islam: A Common Heritage? – William Kilpatrick, Crisis
The Devil in the Details of Everyday Life – William Van Ornum, Aleteia
Time to Abandon Comfort & Defend Essentials – James Kalb, Crisis
On the Devil, Dentistry & Tooth Decay – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Your Vocation Is Not About You – Benjamin Mann, Catholic Exchange
Why St. Thomas Becket was Martyred – Randall B. Smith PhD, Crisis
Plague of Darkness – Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg, Cthlc Exchng
Contraception Fuss – Msgr. Owen F. Campion, OSV Newsweekly
On Thomas, Doubt & Being an Outsider – Olivia Spears, Ignitum Tdy
Escape from Ireland: One Family’s Story – Harry Stevens, Regina


How the Eucharist Ended a Heresy and Restored PeaceHow the Eucharist Ended a Heresy & Restored Peace – Kathleen Pluth

Why We Serve: Religious Freedom & Catholic Service for the Poor – Reg
Good vs. Holy – J. D. Mullane, OSV Newsweekly
Catholic Families, NFP & the Upcoming Synod – Micah Murphy, T&C
Beijing Persecuting The Church, Fearing One Day Being Christian -  CH
Why Virtue Requires an Imperfect World – Fr. Robert Spitzer, Str Ntn
Know Mary, Know Jesus; No Mary, No Jesus – Matthew Tyson, Iggy-T
Michael Voris Is Not Welcome. . . – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
Decoding Vatican II’s Marian Paradigm Shift – Fr. Tim. J. Sauppe STL
More Truth on the So-Called Irish Nun Scandal – Beverly De Soto
Diplomatic Protection: Christianity in Ataturk’s Capital – Victor Gaetan
10 Facts You Probably Should Know about the New Caliphate – SE Wills


VacationOra et Labora . . . & Vacation? – Sr. M. Regina Van Den Berg FSGM

Why I Used to be Pro-Choice & Why I Stopped – Ali Ghaffari, DPS
How to Talk to Non-Catholics About the Faith – Emily Stimpson, OSV
Creation: What Science Can & Cannot Say – Bob Kurland, Cthlc Stand
How Chase Bank & Other Corporations Coerce & Bully Christians – Ruse
Homosexual Dads & Their Mothers – Fr. Dwight Longenecker
On Church Closings & The Loss of Beauty – Megan Twomey, Iggy-T
Talking About Nature in an Unnatural Age – James Kalb, The CWR Blg
Ask & It Will Be Given to You: Vocations & Entitlement Society – Higgins
Exorcist Speaks Out on Planned Oklahoma Black Mass – John Burger
A Hellish Backup Plan – Dan Burke, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Divorce, Fortitude & Standing with Mary – David Heath, M3 Squared


Saint Augustine Bible Tolle LegeSt. Augustine’s Two Rules for Reading the Bible – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Ct Cl

Memory: Wired for God in the Eucharist – Dr. Joseph R. Hollcraft
Update on the Latin Mass in England – Regina Blog
Convert Discusses Finding the Faith, Jen Fulwiler – E. Stimpson
A Model for A Cultural Center for the New Evangelization – Dv. Clayton
Writer Finds His Calling After Swinging for the Fences – John Moylan
The Generosity of Catholic Family Planning – Caitlin Marchand, Ct Ex
Incense in Art & Worship – Peter Kwasniewski PhD, New Ltrg Mvmn
In the Company of My Catholic Brothers – Randy Hain, Intgr Cth Life™
Talk on Sacred Music by Fr. Cassian Folsom, O.S.B. – New Ltrg Mvmn
The Apostle to Northern California: Blessed Junipero Serra – D. Rotty
The Analogy of Liturgy – Brother Innocent Smith OP, Cthlc Exchange

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