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Vegetative State WrongDoctor Said She Would Never Walk or Talk and Would Die in a “Vegetative State”, He Was Wrong

by Micaiah Bilger


Robert Micken’s Lutheran Conversion may be Complete – Fr. Z’s Blog
Holy Intercessors: Patron Saints for Relationships – Angelo Stagnaro, Ntnl Catholic Register
The Home and Our Children’s Need for Beauty – Elizabeth Pham, The Christian Review
Trading Anger for Love – Leticia Adams, Catholic Stand
God Created Science – Fr. C. John McCloskey, The National Catholic Register
Are Your Headed For A Breakthrough Or A Breakdown? – Christina Weber, Catholic Stand
Olympics Changes Rules on Transgender Athletes, Women Lose – Rebecca Taylor, Cthlc Lane
The Most Holy Rosary: Our Simple Breviary (Part 1) – Cynthia Millen, Catholic Stand
The Episcopal Ordination of Steven J. Lopes – Tom Perna
Making A Murderer, Loving the Guilty – Nic Davidson, Ignitum Today
Social Justice According to Michael Novak – Elliot Milco, First Things
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Adult Stem Cells Reverses MSAdult Stem Cells Yield “Miraculous Results” as They Reverse Condition of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis

by David Prentice, M.D.,


Millions Show Love for the Eucharist in Philippines Procession – The Ntnl Catholic Register
The German Church Suffers from an“Überlegenheitskomplex” – Fr. Z’s Blog
Mercy & Movies: Lenten Viewing for the Year of Mercy – Steven D. Greydanus, N.C. Register
School Choice Crucial in Making Catholic Education Possible for All Families – K Scharfenberger
Books Blog: Accompanying Someone on Their Final Journey can be Rich & Rewarding – Phillips
Your 2016 Handy-Dandy List of Lenten Resources
– Misty, Catholic Lane
Catholics and America’s Changing Face of Drug Addiction – Joan Frawley Desmond, Register
Your Vocation Is To Love – Amy Atkinson, Ignitum Today
The Evolution of Mercy in the Pro-Life Movement – Denise J. Hunnell M.D., Catholic Stand
Popular Pornography Website Released Shocking 2015 Stats – Jonathan Van Marn, Life Site
Confessions of a Woman Recovering from Same-Sex Attraction – Dawn Wilde, Life Site
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Cardinal Robert SarahMeet the Cardinal who ‘Recharges for Battle’ by Fasting from Food & Water

by Jack Carrigan

of the Catholic Herald

What Pope Francis Should have Said to the Chinese Gov’t – Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith, C.H.
Incorrupt Bodies of Sts. Pio & Leopold Arrive in Rome for Jubilee of Mercy – Natl Cth Register
Lourdes: Bittersweet and Beautiful – Colleen McCrum, Catholic Stand
On Family Day, Catholic Majority Spoke in Italy, Despite Pope Francis’s Silence – Rb. de Mattei
Do You Know the Mysteries of the Rosary – David Rummelhoff, Epic Pew
Former Vatican Doctrinal Official Installed as First Ever Bishop to Lead the Ordinariate – Ct Hd
Fake Priest Arrested in Los Angeles – National Catholic Register
Atlanta Falcon Reveals Secret to Beating the Carolina Panthers – Trent Beattie, N.C. Register
A Hope Filled Look at New Year’s Resolutions – Bernard Toutounji, Ignitum Today
Lent, Conversion, and Vocation – Russell Shaw, The Dispatch
On Mercy and Mercilessness – Fr. James V. Schall S.J., The Catholic Thing
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Yoga India Hinduism Paganism Dead EndYoga: A Road with a Dead End

by Karlo Broussard

of Catholic Answers

European Resistance to Cultural Suicide – Luca Volantè, Public Discourse
The Left and the Parable of the Two Sons – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts
Bioethics Centre says Britain Moving Toward Genetically Modified Babies – Simon Caldwell
Common Core’s Conundrum Continues – Charlotte Hays, National Catholic Register
Divine Mercy as The Perfect Antidote to The Self-Hate of Sin – Gabriel Garnica, Cthlc Stand
Can a Business Leader Understand a Catholic University? – Anne Hendershott, Crisis Mgzn
Mercy Is God’s I.D. Card: Reflections on Francis’ The Name of God is Mercy – A. Rovati Ph.D
On the Family and Love Unveiled (Ignatius Press) – Stuart Dunn, Stuart’s Study
Downton Abbey’s Own Year of Mercy (Spoiler Alert) – Joan Frawley Desmond, N.C. Rgstr
U.N. Report: “There Is No Definition of the Family” – Stefano Gennarini J.D., Catholic Lane
Woman Describes Horrible Abortion: I Was Sobbing & Yelling as Nurse Held Me Down – S. Terzo
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Bishop LopesFirst Anglican Ordinariate Bishop in the Catholic Church, Steven Lopes, Ordained: It Means We’re Here to Stay

by Kathleen Naab

of National Catholic Register

We Cannot Ignore This Genocide of Christians – David Alton, The Catholic Herald
Trends in Male Religious Life – Fr. Bevil Bramwell O.M.I., The Catholic Thing
Is There Room for Radical Religion? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, National Catholic Register
New Leaven of Pharisees: Judging Another’s Love; Decline of Online Discourse – Dcn J Russell
What’s so Dangerous about this Book about the Church of England? – Damian Thompson
Catholic Schools: A Complete Education – David Roney, Catholic Stand
Scientists, Govts Re-Engineer Language to Sell Public on Embryo Re-Engineering – Reb. Taylor
50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders & Too Many Suicides – Walt Heyer, Pblc Discourse
Ettore Gotti Tedeschi Not Surprised Neo-Malthusian Asked to Work on Laudato Si’ – S Magister
Mark Shea and the Catholic Left – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts
Pope Francis Hinted to German Bishops that He May End Latin-Rite Priestly Celibacy – Magister
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Lucifer LucipherSilly and Blasphemous T.V. Devil Show, Wherein Fr. Z Rants

by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

via Fr. Z’s Blog

High-profile Homosexual Activist Charged with Sexually Abusing Boy in 1970s – Pete Baklinski
Catholic Identity Imbues Lay-Operated School – Jerri Donohue, National Catholic Register
Amnesty International Clubs Pose Moral Conundrum on Catholic Campuses – Peter J. Smith
Planned Parenthood Clinic Injures 30th Woman in Botched Abortion – Cheryl Sullenger, L.N.
How to Do Lent: One Practical Thing to Do During Lent – Steffani Jacobs, Catholic Stand
Technology and Faith – Foxfier, The American Catholic
Pope Francis to Play Himself in a Movie. . . Maybe. . . Uh Huh, Poll – Fr. Z’s Blog
Georgetown Students Drive Pro-Life Efforts Without University Support – Justin Petrisek
Jesus Isn’t Enough-Part 1 – Laura Hensley, Epic Pew
In Defense of Chocolate – Liesl Bee, Ignitum Today
In Defense of the Crusader Mascot – Steve Weidenkopf, Catholic Answers
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