American Football Game Day (Photo Credit: Community in Mission)

On the Loss of Common Spaces in a Politicized World

by Msgr. Charles Pope,

of Community in Mission

Taking the Knee Cuts Both Ways – Patrick Coffin, National Catholic Register
The New York Times Tries to Put a Good Spin on Communism – John Zmirak Ph.D., The Strm
What if the NFL Players Were Protesting Abortion Instead? – Steven Ertelt,
Is Nietzsche the Antidote to the Snowflake Generation? – Francis Phillips, Catholic Herald
Nothing Angelic About the NFL Fiasco – Brian O’Neal, National Catholic Register
10 Reasons Kneeling During the Anthem is a Bad Idea – Patti Maguire Armstrong, NC Rgstr
A Love Letter to Chairman Mao from the Gray Lady – Dave Griffey, Daffey Thoughts
CNN Covers Corruption Trials of Senators, Unless the Senator’s a Democrat – The Federalist
Sports Illustrated Is Wrong, National Anthem Protests Not Sign of Unity – B. McHenry, Fdrlst
Explainer: What You Should Know about Trump’s Tax Reform Framework – Joe Carter, Pwrblg

(Too) Much Ado About Germany’s Far-Right? – Teri Schulz, Atlantic Council
An Introduction to CanaVox: What We (Invite You to) Cheer For – Public Discourse
The Spirit of American Constitutionalism – Gregory S. Ahern Ph.D., The Imaginative. . .
The Party’s ‘Hurdles’: the Internet, Propaganda, and Power – Elsa B. Kania, The Diplomat
Euthanasia Movement is Weaker Than It Seems, Expert Says – Elise Harris, CNA/EWTN News
The Islamic State’s Support Base in Pakistan Continues to Grow – Umair Jamal, The Diplomat

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