Zero Hour for Generation X

by Matthew Hennessey

of City Journal

KLM Takes Pride in Disordered Seat Belts as Ad Backfires – Matthew Archbold, NC Register
No One Expects The Google Inquisition, But It’s Coming – Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
The Future of America Could Be Totalitarian – Jim Tonkowich, The Stream
How to Expose Bad Arguments That Lead to Crazy Conclusions – Jn. Zmirak Ph.D., The Strm
The Once & Future Liberal – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Google’s Hypocrisy On Gender – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Googling Moral Purity – R.R. Reno, First Things
On Harvard, Blacks & Affirmative Action – Howard Husock, City Journal
Rucker’s Mindscape – Edward Feser Ph.D.
James Damore, Diversity Martyr – Rod Dreher, TAC Blogger
Atheists Don’t Even Trust Other Atheists – Benjamin Wiker, National Catholic Register
The Science Says Google Guy Right About Sex Differences – Glenn T. Stanton, The Federalist
Jerusalem’s Security Visionary – Judith Miller, City Journal
Wilhelm Röpke’s Conundrums Over the Natural Family – Allan Carlson Ph.D., The Imagin. . .
The Ancient Incas and the Collectivist State – Richard M. Ebeling, Mises Institute
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