Why the Vatican Sounds Increasingly Anglican
by Father Dwight Longenecker,
Standing on my Head

Fr. James Martin Appointed to Handle Pope’s Twitter, Vatican Radio, Website & TV – Cal-Cthlc
Fr. James Martin’s Vatican Appointment Will Only Embolden Gay Activists – Doug Mainwaring
Pinkshirts On The Move: Any Opposition Officially Labeled “Hate Group” – Rod Dreher, TAC
Official Rips Critics of Bill that Allows Gov’t to Seize Children f/ Christian Homes – L. Laurence
How Shall We Respond to an Increasingly Hostile, Secular Culture? – Russell Shaw, The CWR
Canada’s Main Catholic Charity has a Dirty Little Secret about Abortion – Pete Baklinski, LSN
How the Hail Mary Pass Got That Name – Angelo Stagnaro, National Catholic Register
N. Carolina Bill: SCOTUS Overstepped Constitution in Legalizing Gay ‘Marriage’ – Fr. M. Hodges
2 Lies the Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Wants You to Believe – Ran. O’Bannon Ph.D.
President Trump-Signed Law Gives States Right to Defund Planned Parenthood – CNA via NCRg
Why Don’t We Care About the Slaughter of Christians? – Michael Brown, The Stream
Are Babies Left to Die When They Survive Abortion? The Horrifying True Stories – Car. Novielli
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