Head of the Jesuits Doubles Down on His “No One had a Tape Recorder” Remarks

by Father John Zuhlsdorf

of Fr. Z’s Blog

Bible Answer Man Embraces Orthodoxy – Rod Dreher, TAC
Catholics Build Intentional Community Of Orthodox Believers – Tom Gjelten, NPR
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Blogger to Pay $6,000 Fine for Protesting Govt Funding of Transgenderists – Steve Weatherbe
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Why Venezuela’s Bishops Believe Time Is Running Out for Their Country – Alejandro Bermudez
N. Carolina Bill to Make ‘Homosexual Marriage’ Illegal – Colin Campbell, Charlotte Observer
“Sacred Art is Always Traditional”: An Interview with Daniel Mitsui – Carl E. Olson, The CWR
Québec Pushes the Euthanasia Boundaries Again – Alex Schadenberg, Life Site News
UK Paying an Abortionist $600K+ to Write Book On Abortion for Children – Fr. Mark Hodges
Four Looming Famines Highlight Need for CRS Rice Bowl – Peter Jesserer Smith, NC Register
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