Kirsten PowersFormer Atheist, Kirsten Powers, Converts to the Catholic Church

by Bob Smietana

of Christianity Today


The Impractical Catholic’s Guide to Infallibility – Anthony S. Layne, Catholic Stand
10 Most Theologically Accurate AltRock Songs – Brooke Gregory, Epic Pew
Truth Can Be Dangerous – Charlotte Ostermann, Catholic Spiritual Direction
Great Men and Losers – Fr. Jerry J. Pokorsky, The Catholic Thing
Proving the First Cause Is Real. . .and Still Exists Today – Michael Augros Ph. D., SN
The Greek Mass of Saint Denys of Paris – Gregory DiPippo, New Liturgical Movement
Tidbits from St. Therese: Anecdotes, Books, and Prayer – Kasia I., Ignitum Today
Denis McNamara on the Theology of Sacred Architecture – David Clayton, New Lit Mov
The Household of God: The Church Imaged As Family – Steven Meyer S. T. D., TaCF
St. Maria Goretti’s ‘Pilgrimage of Mercy’ – Joseph Pronechen, The Ntnl Cthlc Register
Taking B. Y. O. G. Beyond the Gridiron – Justin Bell, The National Catholic Register
Priest-Friend of St. Maximilian Kolbe: ‘You Wanted to Imitate Him’ – Jim Graves, The Reg
40 Days for Life Is ‘Witnessing to Hope’ – Edward Pentin, The National Catholic Register
Questions and a Poll About How You Recite the Holy Rosary – Fr. Z’s Blog
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