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Roundup of Links on Christians Suffering in Egypt –
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How Train Cars & Set Theory Prove the Existence of God – J. Heschmeyer
Theology of Women in the Church, a Slow Start – Pia De Solenni, Dly Reg
Marriage, Holy Matrimony & Hylemorphism – J. C. Sanders, Catholic Lane
Test Match Cricket: Profundities That Only Great Literature Has – Oddie
I Sentences 3.4.5. – James Chastek PhL, Just Thomism
Judge Vindicates Crd. Dolan, SNAP Stunt Exposed, NYT Silent – TMR
Gay Panic Over New Russian Laws – Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
Woody Allen & the Secret to Lasting Joy – Fr. Robert Barron, Strange Ntns
1973 Translation, A House of Cards – Richard J. Clark, Choir Loft
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Oprah’s Witch Hunt – God & Caesar
The Lack of Racial Diversity in Mainstream Catholic Media – DLG, Aleteia
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