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Sede Vacante Begins

In Sede Vacante – Rocco Palmo, Whispers in the Loggia

The See of Rome is Vacant – Dylan Parry, A Reluctant Sinner
Apostolica Sedes Vacans. . . – Fr. Z’s Blog
Strange Goings-On in the Secular Media – Simcha Fisher, Ntnl Cthlc Register
Fr. Barron on MSNBC and NBC to Report on Vatican – Matthew Archbold
Annuntio Vobis Tristitiam Magnam – Dr. Edw. Peters JD JCD, Canon Law Blog
Chairs – Br. Philip Neri Reese OP, Dominicana


Coat-of-Arms of B16 with Tiara – Zephyrinus

Prudential Leadership – Jared Tomanek, Catholic Stand
Ought, and Nature’s Laws – David Bentley Hart, First Things
Let’s Bring Back the Clerihew! – Karl Keating JD, Catholic Answers
Dr. N. S. Topping Shares How the Catechism can Rebuild a Catholic Culture – T. Drake
Running From Hell: Thoughts on Love and Sin – Pete Jermann, Crisis
Seven Things: The Papacy – Micah Murphy, Truth & Charity
A Camp for the Next Generation of Catholic Apologists – Jennifer Fulwiler
Purgatory: Salvation, Sanctification, and Atonement – J. C. Sanders
Do Demons Experience Pleasure? – Fr. Fortea, Cthlc Spiritual Direction
Narcissism, Entertainment, Art – Sardonicus, Sardonic Ex Curia
Bp. Vasa Under Fire for Ordering Cthlc School Teachers to Live as Catholics – Fr. Z
Ethiopia: Matthias is Elected new Patriarch of Orthodox Church – Gio. Bernardelli
Rebellion and Empire – Rod Dreher
Doctors Object to N. Y. Abortion Expansion – Carl Bunderson, CNA
Washington Post Compare Supporters of Traditional Marriage to Racists – CC

Pope Benedict XVI’s Last Moments as Pontifex Maximus

B16’s Final Moments Before Leaving the Vatican – Rocco Palmo

My One Mass with B16; It Brought Me into the Church – Taylor Marshall PhD
A Great Sorrow to See Pope Benedict Actually Leave – William Oddie
Farewell Papa: 5 Graphics to Share in Honor of B16 – Saint Peter’s List
The Theological Wisdom of B16 – Roland Millare, Truth & Charity Forum
One of the Most Important Pontiffs in Catholic History – Damian Thompson
Farewell to a Hugely Unpopular Pope – Richard Collins, Linen. . .
Benedict XVI Pledges Obedience to His Successor – Francis X. Rocca
Resignation Questions – Donald R. McClarey JD, The American Catholic
Benedict’s Final Meeting with Cardinals – Edward Pentin, Daily Register
From the Balcony at Castel Gandolfo – New Catholic, Rorate Cæli
Benedict’s Last Benediction at Castel Gandolfo – Edw. Pentin, Daily Reg
Full Text of Pope’s Farewell Address to Cardinals – Catholic Herald


Pope Benedict: Beware the Secular State – Benjamin Wiker, Human Events

Narcissism, Entertainment, Art – Sardonicus, Sardonic Ex Curia

“Governor Oops”: King of Jobs – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Politics at the Academy Awards – Mike Rappaport, Liberty Law Blog

Unfunded – Daniel DiSalvo, City Journal

Refineries Choking US Shale Boom – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

Undoing the Minimization of Wages – Run Unz, American Conservative

Homeless: Please Starve – Todd Starnes, Human Events

Print-a-Car on the Horizon – Walter Mead, Via Meadia

What Brown Can Do for You – Pete Peterson, City Journal

Triple the Sequester – Michael Greve, Liberty Law Blog

Government and Shaping Souls – Greg Sisk, M.o.J.

Little Change in Abortion Attitudes – Michael J. New, First Things


Patriarch Bartholomew: Benedict XVI, Friend of the Orthodox – Vatican Radio

Why I’m Changing Rites – Mindy Goorchenko, MONKROCK (EC)

The Nuns of Shamordino, Prisoners of Solovski – Death to the World (OX)

Infernal University Part 2 – Wake Up and Smell the Incense (EC)

St. Raphael of Brooklyn on Episcopalians – Orthodixie (OX)

Sequestration – Fr. Peter-Michael Preble (OX)

Anonymous God Abuse – Orthodoxy and Recovery (OX)

You’re Homeschooling For the Wrong Reasons – Fear Not Little Flock (EC)

Of Flowers and Hand Grenades – Byzantine, Texas (OX)


EC = Eastern Rite Catholic
OX = Orthodox Church
OR = Oriental Church (Coptics, etc.)
RC = Latin Rite Catholic
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