Russell Kirk’s Battle With Modernity – Gleaves Whitney, TIC

Hey Extraverts: Enough is Enough – Alan Jacobs

My Punditry Self-Audit – Scott Galupo, TAC

Obama Blames Benghazi On ‘Sloppiness’ – Lonely Conservative

Sentimentalizing Serial Murder – Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal

The Superfluity of the HHS Mandate – Joseph Knippenberg, First Thoughts

When does Skyler Capo Get to Interview Obama? – William Jacobson, LI

George Will’s Washington University Address – Richard Reinsch, Liberty Law Blog

The RH Bill Discourse in the Philippines – Celine Socrates, Ethika Politika

A Miserable Misreading of Le Miz – Sven Wilson, Pileus

Russia’s Cruel Adoption Ban – Matthew Hennessey, On the Square

The Perpetual Alibi of Bureaucracy – Theodore Dalrymple, Liberty Law Blog

Sorry, Dude, You Aren’t in the Middle Class – Grover Cleveland, Pileus

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