“One is Holy, One is Lord” – Melkite Catholic Hymn (EC)

Syrian Rebels “Beheaded Christian and Fed Him To Dogs” – Australian News

East is Masculine, West is Feminine – Joyful Papist (RC)

No One Buried Alone – The Palm Beach Post

“What sustains our present life” – Kaiserswest (EC)

Fr. Bechara Abou-Mourad: “Venerable” – St. Joseph Melkite Cath. Church (EC)

Transitory – Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering (OX)

A Mother’s Sermon – Momma Renee, Claytonopolis (EC)

Atheism, Not God, is Odd – Mystagogy (OX)

Christ is Born!  God is Revealed! – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman (EC)

Eparchal Bishop Mikael Mouradian’s Christmas Message – Vatican Radio


EC = Eastern Rite Catholic
OX = Orthodox Church
OR = Oriental Church (Coptics, etc.)
RC = Latin Rite Catholic

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