A Father to the Fatherless – Barbara Curtis, Arlington Catholic Herald

Five Lessons from Saint Joseph – Randy Hain, Integrated Catholic Life™

Lifting the Veil onto my Head – Birgit J., Catholic Sistas

The D Word: Discernment De-Mystified – Michelle Burns, Ignitum Today

Aquinas Upswing in Catholic Colleges? – Charlotte Hays, CNS Blog

Abraham and the Two Kings – Feliz, Platonic Monkey

On Celibacy: Jesus Is Not A Consolation Prize – Anastasia Kenney, Let Not Your. . .

Moving the Goalposts on the Defense of Marriage Act  – James S. Cole, Crisis Magazine

Good Govt, Bad Govt, & Demands of Catholic Citizenship – Stephen White, Cthlc Vote

Bestiality “Rights” Tie Themselves to Gay “Rights” – Thomas Francis, New Times

Pope: Renounce Culture That Disguises Falsehood as Truth – Edward Pentin, NCReg

More Proof that Gay “Marriage” Harms Children – Mark Shea, Catholic and Enjoying It!

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