Vatican Arrest Pope’s Butler on Suspicion of Vatileaks – Edward Pentin, Daily Register

Vatican’s Condescending Attitude To Eastern Catholics – Tim Kelleher, First Things

A Crack in Bishops’ Front against Mandate – Phil Lawler, Cthlc Culture/On the News

Bp. Blaire, Mandate, & Common Good – Dr. Jeff Mirus, Cthlc Culture/On the Culture

Bp. Blaire Rejects Claims of Division over Mandate Lawsuits – Michelle Bauman, CNA

Georgetown Jesuit: Medieval Universities Not Really Catholic – Charlotte Hays, CNS Blog

Supreme Court: No Benefits for IVF Children After Parent Dies – Rebecca Taylor, Cth Ln

Canada to Force Catholic Schools to Have Gay Clubs – Patrick B. Craine, LifeSiteNews

On Using the Pulpit – Fr. Tim Finigan, The Hermeneutic of Continuity

Pro-LCWR Protests: Not a Person Under 70 – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower

Does E.J. Dionne Even Pretend to be Catholic Anymore? – Paul Zummo, The Amrcn Cth

Bishop Mark Davies, Defensor Fidei – Dylan Parry, A Reluctant Sinner

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