5th Sunday of Easter, Simple English Propers – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Rare Art Nouveau Influenced Vestments – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

The Proper Care and Feeding of a Choir: Part 2 – Wendi, Cradle Stories

Abp. Chaput Announces Fate of 8 Accused Priests – Joan Frawley Desmond, Daily Reg

What Would Your Family Say If You Became Catholic – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Cntrbry Tales

Knowing Death & Judgment are Near Puts Relationships into Perspective – F. Phillips, CH

Georgetown Invites Sebelius to Deliver Commencement – Paul Zummo, The Amrcn Cthlc

Why We Need Work – Rachel Howell, Ignitum Today

USCCB Mixed Signals are Harming Religious Freedom – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

At Home with the Mexicans – Devin Rose, St. Joseph’s Vanguard

Time Running Out for Obama to Fix Scandalous Handling of Chen Situation – K. Gilbert

Calling People “Vegetables”: Where Did it Come From? – Dr. Dianne Irving, Catholic Lane

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