Promoting Sacred Music – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Catherine of Siena & Leaving the Church – Fr. Thomas McDermott OP, Cthlc World Report

The Oppressed Lives of Stay-at-Home Moms – Dale O’Leary, Crisis Magazine

Quæritur: Same-Sex Godparents for Confirmation – Fr. Z’s Blog

Congressman Ryan & his Catholic (& Media) Critics – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture

Is Rick Santorum the Front-Runner Next Time? – Paul Kengor, Catholic Vote

Van Damme’s Bump & the H.H.S. Mandate – Pat Archbold, National Catholic Register

Father Miscamble Defends Bishop Jenky – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Freedom of Choice – Calah Alexander, Ignitum Today

Death to Churches: Christian Holidays in the Islamic World – R. Ibrahim, Gatestone Inst.

Open Your Heart: You are Never Alone – Barbara Curtis, Arlington Catholic Herald

The HHS Mandate: Is it a Religious Liberty Issue? – Fr. Dylan Schrader, Hmltc & Pstrl Rvw

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