Investment and the Common Good – Christopher Bloom, Crisis Magazine

8 Themes of the LCWR Worldview – Fr. Philip Neri Powell OP PhD, Domine!

NFP, Providentialism, & Future-You – Simcha Fisher, National Catholic Register

Black and White for the Shades of Grey – Bonnie Engstrom, Ignitum Today

Queen of the Sciences: 4 Questions to Understand the Throne of the Theology – SPL

My Post-Conversion Story – Francis J. Beckwith, The Catholic Thing

What Does the Book of James Say About Justification? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shmlss Ppry

The Healing of a Football Player’s Wounded Heart – Trent Beattie, Daily Register

Greg & Jennifer Willits: The Normal Catholics Next Door – Peggey Bowes, Intg Cth Life™

In Defense of Trinitarian Baptism: Part 1 – Nicholas Hardesty, Phat Catholic Apologetics

Unity of Word & Sacrament: The Problem with Lay Lectors – Kate Edwards, Oz Incognita

On the Recent LCWR Reactions & the Virtue of Obedience – Etheldreda’s Place

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