Sympathy for the Devil & Mercy for the Damned – Christopher Manion, Crisis Magazine

On Academic Humility by Thomas à Kempis – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Noursat: The Catholic Answer to Al Jazeera (Middle East) – Grg. Bernardelli, La Stampa

Why the Church Is Right About Life & Love – CNA/EWTN News

Cardinal Bertone on Pope’s Wisdom, Serenity & Coherence – Edward Pentin, NCRegister

Seven Years Ago, & Today – Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture/On the News

The Scandal of Catholic Teachers’ Pay – Rupert J. Ederer, New Oxford Review

How Much Should Stay-at-Home Moms like Ann Romney be Paid? – Kathleen Gilbert, LSN

3 Biblical Questions on the Sacrament of Confirmation – H. H. Ambrose, St. Peter’s Lst

Lessons in the Chinook – Ryan Kraeger, Ignitum Today

Why Journalists Love “Mad Men” & Not Religion News – Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Grace Before Meals – The German Egyptian, Over the Rhine and Into the Tiber

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