Quæritur: Wearing a Veil While Distributing Communion – Fr. Z’s Blog

Iconography: Why Do Christ & Mary Wear Red & Blue Clothing – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Cnt Tls

Pakistan Remembers Shahbaz Bhatti, One Year After Assassination – Anto Akkara, Dly Reg

Making Good Decisions, Part 1 – Stu Walker, Catholic Lane

Abp. Nichols Reaffirms “Gay” Masses (the Soho Mass) – Hilary White, Life Site News

Eureka Street: Flatten the Church, Level It to the Ground – Kate Edwards, Oz Incognita

Marriage: It’s Time to Clear Away the Fog – Christopher West, Catholic Herald

Ukrainian Archbishop: Moscow Patriarchate Incapable of Asking Forgiveness – Epnyms Flwr

Confessions of an Ob-Gyn – Beverly McMillan MD, New Oxford Review

Lent And The Battlefield – Mariella Hunt, Ignitum Today

New York Times Flagrant Anti-Catholic Ads – Jeffrey, The Curt Jester

A Chunk of Paganized Christianity – Mark Shea, National Catholic Register

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