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City of Blood: St. Paul in Arabia, A Lenten/Desert Journey – Fr. Tucker Cordani, Cthlc Lane

Bossuet’s Carême du Louvre at 350 – Christopher Blum, Crisis Magazine

Long Awaited and Now Here – Shawn Tribe, New Liturgical Movement

Catholic Families and Holiness – Super Trad Mum, Etheldredasplace

Only With The Heart Can One See Rightly – Thomas J. Neal PhD, Neal Obstat Thlgcl Opnng

When Do Demons First Show Up in Scripture? & a Follow Up – Mark Shea, Ntnl Cthlc Rgstr

Boys Town Founder to Be Declared ‘Servant of God’ – EWTN News/CNA



Catholic Vote Trending – EWTN News

Undercover Sting: UK Abortion Clinics Performing Illegal Abortions – Hilary White, LSN

The Enemy of My Enemy – Christopher Johnson, The MCJ

Peter Shrugged – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Santorum: JFK’s Faith Speech Makes Me Wanna Throw Up – Matt Archbold, Crtv Mnrt Rprt

On Contraception, Framing of the Debate Is Key – Gerald Seib, Wall Street Journal

Cardinal George: No Catholic Hospitals in 2 Years Unless Mandate Rescinded – Cth Culture


3 Biblical Reasons for Fasting and Self-Denial – Dr. Taylor Marshall, Canterbury Tales

Did Christ Erase the Need for Purgatory? – Joe Heschmeyer, Shameless Popery

The Strict Passionist Once Known as ‘The Dancer’: St. Gabriel Possenti – Catholic Herald

The Baltimore Catechism and Blue-Collar Catholicism – Mark Stricherz, Catholic Vote

Film review: “October Baby” – Michael J. Miller, Catholic World Report

Alaska 40 Days for Life: Volunteers Brave 8 Foot Snowdrifts – Shawn Carney, Life Site Nws

Jesuitical 12: America and the Bishops – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Congregation: Don’t Sing So Much! – Jeffrey A. Tucker, The Chant Café

Ethicists Argue for Post Birth Abortions – Matthew Archbold, National Catholic Register

Because Water Washes, Baptism Forgives Sins – Fr. Ryan Erlenbush, New Thlgcl Mvmnt

Quæritur: Are Sundays Part of Lent? – Fr. Z’s Blog

Lessons from the Front Pew – Matt Swaim, Integrated Catholic Life™


Something New at the Sacred Music Colloquium – Jeffrey A. Tucker, New Liturgical Mvmnt

Sanctifying the World: The Augustinian Life & Mind of Christopher Dawson – B. Birzer, TIC

Cardinal Wuerl Launches a Blog – Msgr. Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington

Video: Mother Dolores at the Oscars! – Chelsea Zimmerman, Reflections of a Paralytic

Reflection: Meaning Of Forty Days Of Lent – Vanessa Barnes, Gulf Coast Catholic

AP Discovers a New faith: “Southern Baptism” – Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Swiss Bishop Creates Two Traditional Parishes – Tancred, The Eponymous Flower


Obama’s Support of Infanticide Takes Center Stage – Jill Stanek,

Huffington Post Suggests Santorum Should be Assassinated – Fr. Z’s Blog

Should the Government be Involved in Marriage? – Thomas Patrick Burke, Crisis Magazine

Media Shirk Debate on Religious Liberty – Mollie Ziegler, Get Religion

Santorum Makes Case for Religion in Public Sphere – Michael Barbaro, New York Times

A Consideration of the Church’s Role in the Public Square – Msgr. Charles Pope, AOW

It’s Not Just Santorum Who Believes In Satan – David Kuo & Patton Dodd, Washington Post


The Mommy Rhythm – Karen J. Rinehart, Catholic Lane

Rick & Bella Shake Secularist Foundations – Daria Sockey, Cthlc Exchng/Coffee & Canticles

The Necessity of Miracles – Howard Kainz, Crisis Magazine

Think Like a Catholic: 7 Questions on the Four Laws – H. H. Ambrose, Saint Peter’s List

Does B16 Favor Admitting Divorced-&-Remarried to Communion? – Dr. Ed Peters, ITLOTL

What’s at Stake in the “Same-Sex Marriage” Debate? – Melanie Baker, Public Discourse

Glimpse of Hackers Tactics on Attack of Vatican Website – John Markoff, New York Times

Secularist Attacks on Catholics Get Worse on Both Sides of the Atlantic – Wil. Oddie, CH

Piggyback – Brad Miner, The Catholic Thing

Eating Bitterness: Catholics in China – Anthony E. Clark PhD, Catholic World Report

Did Jesus Say 2nd Coming Would Happen in Apostles’ Lifetime? – Mark Shea, Pths/CAEI!

Spiritual Strength Training: How to Tone Flabby Self-Discipline – Lori H. Chaplin, Dly Rgstr


Canada’s New Tyranny: The State’s Takeover of the Family – John Jalsevac, Catholic Lane

May 2009 Media Ignored US Burning Bibles to Appease Afghans – Ken Shepherd, NwsBstrs

President Obama Owes You and Me an Apology! – Fr. Z’s Blog

Canada: Homeschooling Families Can’t Teach Homosexual Acts Sinful – P. B. Craine, LSN

We Need Reforms to Protect the Rights of Christians – Jim Dobbin & Gary Streeter, Tlgrph

Romney Did Allow Emergency Contraception in RomneyCare – Boston Catholic Insider

Santorum Has a Woman Problem? No, He Has a Woman Advantage! – Richard Collins, Linen


Feasts and Fasts – Sean Lewis, Cowboys-Philosophers-Poets

A Sea Change – Fr. Bevil Bramwell OMI, The Catholic Thing

Is the Pope About to Bring the Hammer down on the SSPX? – David Werling, Ars Orandi

How I Came To Have A Personal Relationship With Jesus – Leticia, Catholic Sistas

BBC “Catholics”, Count Me Out – Richard Collins, Linen on the Hedgerow

Deeper into Lent: Living in the Kingdom of God – Dc. Mike Bickerstaff, Intgrtd Cthlc Life™

Why is Andrea Tornielli Sympathetic to the Austrian Dissidents? – The Eponymous Flower

Revenge of the Lent Police – Pursued by Truth

The Evil of Contraception: The Vortex – Jay Boyd PhD, Philothea on Phire

Vatican Gives Ultimatum to Wayward Catholic University – Matthew C. Hoffman, LSN

Father Barron and Edmund Burke on Atheism – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

The Lent of the Church: Either Supremacy or the Cross – Sandro Magister, Chiesa

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