Christmas, Pagan Romans, & Frodo Baggins – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Crisis Magazine

English Propers for the Mass for Christmas Day – Jeffrey A. Tucker, New Liturgical Mvmnt

‘I Can See God is Working Through This’ – Ed West, Catholic Herald

The Truth of Fairy Tales – Ink and Quill, Ignitum Today

8 Frequently Asked Questions for making a Daily Examen – Dc. Mike Bickerstaff, ICL™

Former Episcopal Bp. Jef. Steenson to be Named the 1st U.S. Ordinary – M.A. Mueller, VO

The God-Haunted Atheism of Christopher Hitchens – Francis J. Beckwith, The Cthlc Thng

Reverent Rebellion – Marc Barnes, Patheos/Bad Catholic

Smut Baron Buy-Up of Rumor Exploded – Kevin Murphy, The Register

HuffPo is Having a Spittle-Flecked Nutty about Card. George of Chicago – Fr. Z, WDTPRS?

Thirty Years Ago: Reagan Christmas Address – Donald R. McClarey, The American Cthlc

Michael Voris not Catholic, What’s Wrong with this Picture – Jay Boyd PhD, Phlth on Phr

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