Evelyn Waugh Preferred a Priest’s Humble Absorption in a Low Mass. . . – F. Phillips, CH

How Could Mr. Right Turn Out to be So Wrong? – Dr. Edward Sri, Integrated Cthlc Life™

The Vanishing Western Tradition – Herbert I. London, Hudson New York

The Cross from the Creche – Sr. Lisa Marie Doty FDCC, Ignitum Today

When Seconds Count – Daniel Allott, Catholic World Report

Just How ‘Tolerable’ is Prostitution? – Andrew Haines, Ethika Politika

Yes, There Are Christmas Haters – L. Brent Bozell III, Crisis Magazine

Sodom & Gomorrah Excavated, Guess How They were Wiped Out – Fr. Zuhlsdorf, WDTPRS?

Catholic Bloggers Christmas Wish List – LarryD, Acts of the Apostasy (link fixed)

Lots of Little Churches in the First Two Centuries? – Fr. Dwight Longenecker, SOMH

Assisted Suicide OK in Switzerland if Not Done Under “Selfish Motives” – L. Correnti, TBAB

Defending the Rights of Religious Expression for Everyone – Thomas L. McDonald, Dly Rgstr

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