The End of Canterbury – Joseph Bottum, Weekly Standard

The English Bishops are Smothering the Ordinariate – Damian Thompson, Daily Telegraph

Lessons from the Book of Exodus: Centrality of the Liturgy & Orthopraxis – Sh. Tribe, NLM

Advocating Same-Sex Marriage: Consistency Is Another Victim – Matthew J. Franck, Pub Dis

Incredible Shrinking Protestant Churches – New Oxford Review

Gifts of the Spirit: What’s the Return Policy? – John Zmirak, Crisis Magazine

The Economist‘s Bilious Anti-Catholic Rant – George Conger, Get Religion

Why Can’t Politico Leave the Little Old Nuns Alone? – Jeremy Lott, American Spectator

We Cannot Follow Christ without Sharing in His Cross – Chelsea Zimmerman, Ignitum Today

Messianic Prophecies: Daniel 7:13-14 – Donald R. McClarey, The American Catholic

Fathers Landry, Pavone on ‘Tebow phenomenon’ – Matt C. Abbott, RA

The Triumphs and Failures of Feminism – Dale Ahlquist, Catholic Lane

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