‘Listening’ and the New Missal – Editors, Daily Register

No Mere Book: New Missal & Renewal for the U.S. Church – Fr. Tucker Cordani, Cthlc Lane

Teacher Preparation in Catholic Colleges – Kenneth M. Weinig, New Oxford Review

Rome Economist Explains Vatican Financial Reform Note – Michael Severance, Actn Inst

Vatican’s Financial Proposals deserve More from its Friends & Foes – Russell Shaw, OSV

There should be a Catholic Supreme Governor of the Church of England – Wm Oddie, CH

The Changing face of Christianity in the Holy Land – Dc. Greg Kandra, The Deacon’s Bench

Statutory Rape, Corruption & Planned Parenthood – Royce, VirtuousPla.net

The Book of Revelation: Key Themes in Apocalyptic Literature – Len Urso, DPS Journal

Egypt: Copt’s Murder a Test of New Anti-Discrimination Law – Kurt Werthmuller, Hdsn Inst

The Hazards of Grandma’s House – Marissa Nichols, The Theology of Laundry

“Women Need to Watch Something Other Than the Mass Media” – Carl Olson, Ign Ins Scp

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