The Church in Indonesia: Vibrant Witness to Christ’s Love – Vatican Radio

How Much Do You Know about the Day the Sun Danced in Fatima? – Mark Shea, Pths/CAEI!

Pelosi: Pro-lifers want Women to “Die on the Floor” – Tom Crowe, Catholic Vote

Muslim Mobs Attack Copts as they were Burying their Dead – AINA

Bloody Sunday in Cairo – Samuel Tadros, Hudson Institute

The Copts Will Fight: But They Won’t Win – Lee Smith, WS/The Blog

Expressing Human Dignity via the Death Penalty – Louie Verrecchio, RA

Apple Censors Christian Ideas – Mauro Pianta, La Stampa/Vatican Insider

Perry: I Support Unborn Life ‘Regardless of the Circumstance’ – Kathleen Gilbert, LSN

Steve Jobs: World’s Most Famous Pro-Life Story? – John Norton, Our Sunday Visitor

Gardasil, Parental Rights, & Homosexual Agenda – Jay Boyd PhD, Philothea on Phire

Vote! Catholic Poll for U.S. President – The American Catholic

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